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    Those taillights are nice! Picked up a new car for my Dad on the weekend, 2011 STI. Drove it back to Dunedin from Christchurch via Mt Cook, so had to get some photos of what I could in the crummy weather! Such a nice car to drive, and totally different to the A-Line STI we used to have!
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    Yes had a but to do with it as local npd which is 5 mins away has it and cheaper than 98. Definitely more knock resistance. Would highly recommend for anyone with a sgt, bp turbo or rev d legacy
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    There's no getting around it, you need pn 20216FA000
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    I was chatting to @1randomkiwi a while ago, and we had a good idea for a Summer Meet and cruise, if anyone is keen. There's a few of us in Whangarei, and further north, that aren't able to regularly attend the meets due to distance, and time of day/week etc. I'm always one for being social, and enjoy meeting you guys! It's good to put (forum) names to faces! We were thinking of cruising up (or down) to Mangawhai, or somewhere out Matakana way, and then meeting up for food & drink, and chats & bants. I was thinking of a weekend during January of 2019. Just wanting to gauge peoples interest at the moment, so something can be organised closer to the time. Made 2 strawpolls, so we can see what everyone wants to do. - Destination... - Date(s)... As far as places to go, and eat & drink, I don't know those areas at all. So open to suggestions...
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    Basically what @calebwrx said you need the little cone piece. I called it 😛 Yeah that shorter front LCA bush is for the earlier models. I have slowly learned to double and triple check parts since things are always wrong
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    haha yep i got caught out on the same thing see if Subaru have them in stock (assume $$$ tho) otherwise get them in from partsouq/whatever you like
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    hmm, I'll do some more research, would rather do it myself. My alignment guy is 25 mins away.
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    Technically loctite isn’t necessary if the locking washer is used correctly. (No loctite is used at the Subaru factory) I’m sure you will get opinions both for and against using it from different people, so up to you really. As long as it is nice and tight and the washer is bent over, it should be fine.
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    Have to agree, volunteered in 2015 and it was great. got to drive up the hill climb, around the property, see the whole collection. you will be tired afterwards though!
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    For anyone interested, this is what they look like installed on my WRX:
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    NPD are opening here in Dunedin soon too, confirmed to have 100RON there as well, so I'll be looking to retune the rally car on it, since that won't be leaving the island any time soon. Getting a fresh 98 tune this week, so once we have 100 here, I'll do a comparison