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    Fark me... I take stuff like that very personally as someone who's been in two fairly serious crashes less than a year apart. Glad you/others are all good though, that's the most important part.
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    😉 https://uk.motorsport.tv/motorsporttv/video/sydney-qualifying/22748
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    I know LED retrofit bulbs in places like headlights and that where the socket/projector/reflector is designed for a Halogen/HID bulb are illegal. But I couldn't find anything regarding to park lights and that in the VIRMs myself. Still won't stop me from putting LEDs in pretty much any socket I can
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    I think it may be time to tell the community. Be aware however that insurance hasn't told me anything so I'm not going to speculate on anything. However, this happened yesterday. It's a weird relationship that people like us have with cars and some of us see them as tools, others as family members. My car was the latter. She was the only thing that made me happy no matter what and while she was relatively stock and the most reliable car I've ever had she was fun. Hopefully I will get another one day. No one was seriously hurt, and it was not my fault. But hey, these things do happen. Goodbye Legacy. Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
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    Took car for WOF. Failed for the first time ever in the legacy. Failed for LED fog light bulbs, LED park lights and I removed the rear lower bumper reflectors and replaced them with rear light for brake and rear driving light. Guy was pretty good and said LED changed in Jan this year so that’s why hasn’t been a problem before and said the rear light set up I had is actually better in his opinion than just a reflector but the law is the law and they under so much pressure they can’t pass stuff like they used too. Said what I do after I leave is my choice of course [emoji23]
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    v-band outlet length is about 5mm longer on the SS. The TS 0.61 and 1.01 housing are miles apart in size, yet the distance from the inlet to the outlet is the same and they both bolt up to the same exhaust. There is no reason that I can see for the SS to longer either.
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    Source @ 6:55 https://motorsport.tv/motorsporttv/video/sydney-qualifying/22749
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    kiwi driver andre heimgartner sideways in a fwd sti !
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    This is my opinion..... you brought the car, like it but really think you shouldn't of brought it and now looking for an excuse to get rid of it. 5k difference between what you were told and what was written down is nothing to complain about. If you were told it had been done and never had, then you would have an issue I would worry about. I can tell you that the belt can do wayyyyyyy more than a few thousand ks past their replaement date. It sounds like you are still not 100% what car you want, wagon,sedan or coupe.