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  1. Repco etc sell plugs that go from original Subaru radio to new head units so yeah plug and play
  2. bford


    2 extra wires and wired them into existing horn,I have SAAS version of those supertones from Ebay as they were cheap as.There is a high and low horn so low goes on curbside,real easy to install and louder than factory.
  3. Painted the beast black and added double red horns
  4. just had serviced,apparently I was loosing oil from spacer ring for gauges etc so removed
  5. busy week,had new bumper bar installed and inter-cooler shortened by some guy that works out in Taita.Foz lifted another 2cm so i'm now set for cert
  6. Bumper on bumper off,bumper on bumper off lol been sorting out quotes for bumper support to be installed and majority of panel beaters saying easier to go back to top mount. have considered going for smaller front mount but pipes would need modifying and some sort of extra support bracket and majority off bumper to chop into,Have been given many cheap skate ways around it like put 3" pipe across (no bar/inter-cooler) till I pass cert etc but I want car legal for insurance not just for CERT pass
  7. man I managed to weld a spark plug on way home lol sorted and was good last min show up at park mabe next time ill get to park with the rest
  8. How do you install FMIC without cutting bumper support on a FOZ?mine has been over hacked lol but in searching for proper install etc it seems common for people to cut bumper support to make fit.
  9. FAILED CERT for adjustables,need to raise 2cm as hitting bumper stops or something and previous Muppet cut bumper support in half to fit FMIC. well happy email sent to car seller to fix support and i'm thinking off going aftermarket top mount. Worse thing is i'll have to get yet another wheel alignment as can't be more than 2 weeks old during cert check,It's had 2 alignments in a month already,The joys of trying to stay legal
  10. installed multi colored LED strips,I know most people here don't like neons etc but idc I do and can always switch them off
  11. sponsor as well
  12. at least with springs you can put the old ones back on if you don't like riding low