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  1. Hey team, all fixed. The clutch was 'stuck' to the flywheel. With the car off but warmed up I engaged the brakes, pressed down on the clutch pedal, chucked it in 4th and cranked it over. Broke it free no sweat. Went for a short drive and lightly rode the clutch a couple times to get everything back to normal. Cheers for the input dubbedup. Hopefully this thread helps someone in the future.
  2. There are no obvious leaks that I can see, but the fluid is about one third lower than the max. I'll have a closer look tomorrow or I might just cave and call someone out to have a look. I know for a fact that the clutch is near new as I have all the maintenance paperwork for this car from the previous owner. Crazy how something has decided to stop working overnight. Edit: After googling further, I've found a couple of people that have had the exact problem after driving through water or washing their car. Funnily enough, washing my car was the last thing that I did to it. I'll try the various methods for unsticking a clutch tomorrow.
  3. Would the bearing generate any noise? It sounds completely normal at idle. Pressing and depressing the clutch makes a faint clicking noise which it always has.
  4. Hey all So I just went to start my car up and reverse out of the garage, and I found that I was unable to put it into any gear. When the engine is off, I can quite easily move the shifter into each gear position, but when the engine is running there is absolutely no way. The gates feel 'blocked off', and when I push against each gear location the car will very lightly creep forward (or backward if I push against reverse). If I turn it off, put it in gear, hold the clutch pedal down, then turn the engine on the car behaves as if I wasn't holding the clutch pedal down and lurches forward or backward depending on the gear. This has literally happened overnight. A run down of events yesterday: I pushed my car backwards out of the garage to wash it. Once I was finished, I turned the engine on and let it idle for a minute or so before shifting it into 1st and driving forward into the garage before taking it out of gear, applying the handbrake and turning it off. That is where it has sat until tonight.
  5. Oh wicked. I won't have to worry about changing that then. Cheers guys!
  6. Yeah its a V7. Sweet, I've seen a couple of users mentioned on here so I'll get in touch. Any recommendations? [quote name='boon said: There is no cat in an STI up-pipe and it's a bastard of a job if you've never had it off the car before so don't bother. The stock item is actually pretty good.With a free flowing exhaust you will get boost spikes to ~21psi but the car will handle that more or less OK. Get a decent fuel pump and a reflash and you'll get good power, also way way better spool. Is that the same for the V7 too? I swear I read about the V7s having a catted up pipe and it was the later models came without one as they were prone to failure. I'll definitely get a tune/new pump in the future but its a daily driver so the mods will have to be done one at a time. And I'm a poor student so my funds run pretty thin!
  7. So I currently have a 3" Catback installed with the stock up pipe and downpipe but I'm looking to ditch the cats and restrictions and install a catless aftermarket up pipe and downpipe. The intake is stock. I know that it would be stupid not to get a tune with these mods so that I can squeeze some more power out, but is it needed? As in is it safe to drive without a tune for a while? And as for the tune, is it possible on the factory ECU or is an aftermarket/piggyback needed?
  8. Ah right. I'll see if he can take it down to Fastway as judging by their rates it would be $20-$30 for a 20kg 1m3 parcel.
  9. Would that just be with any of the main courier companies like Fastway/NZ Couriers/Post Haste/Courier Post? This guy selling it reckoned $80 with Mainfreight which I thought was a bit high.
  10. Hey does anyone know of a good company to ship a two piece catback from Auckland to the Wairarapa/Wellington region? Or know of the rough price to do so? I haven't organised shipping myself for an item of this size before so I'm not sure if my usual courier companies will have a good price for items of this size. Cheers