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  1. timing marks look in right with in reason
  2. Ok am swapping over a center diff on my wrx !! do I have buy new seals that goes between gear box and center diff or can I just siclone seal it etc cheers
  3. Never mind to much effort pick a part Is picking it up tomoro
  4. It's not wired in That's y am on here
  5. Ok car was auto b4 so I swapped it into manual the manual box has a simple 3 wire speedo drive and the auto box has 3 magnet type speedo sensors I have to rewire to make it work but not as simple as plugging it in
  6. Ok i have a wrx wagon v5 that I have swaped into manual just need help to get speedo to go
  7. Help make my speedo work on my manual swaped v5 wrx wagon