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  1. I've got a v5/6 but I assume it's in the same pipe as the 3/4 that you've linked? There's a part of the loom right under that by one of the injectors that looks like it's been messed with and electrical taped again so when I have time I'll try pull it apart and have a proper look as I assume it would have come off of that as it looks like it traces back to the brake booster. Sorry for sounding like a muppet, I've only ever worked on diesels before this
  2. I tried that and saw quite a few different ones and it definitely didn't have the actual location of it Thanks @evowrx I'll have a look when I'm done with work
  3. Just had a look and I cant see anything like that at all, does anyone have a picture of what it should look like and location?
  4. thought as much.. although the previous owner put a pod filter on so I have no idea what they've done. everything that I can see looks to be plugged in. What does it look like?
  5. This is reading negative 40 not plus 40 with a stock turbo and not sure what fmic but it's a decent size. Where is the intake temp sensor on a 99 GC8? Also not sure if I said but it's reading -40deg c right from the start even with the car sitting around not running
  6. Bump?
  7. Asking lifes most difficult questions there
  8. I'm hoping it's the Takanini one Hopefully someone will figure this one a bit easier to keep this going
  9. Hi guys, been looking through my ECU logs after having both the MAF and IAC die on me a while ago and trying to troubleshoot. I've noticed that the intake air temp is almost always at -40degC but can go occasionally up to -36degC. Anyone else had a problem like this and what could I try to do to fix it?