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  1. Good call on normal cars but mine has a 5 bar upgrade and aftermarket ecu, I was always told it's not safe above 25psi on 98. You are on water/meth which may give a bit of security, I don't know much about water meth setups.
  2. I only have 0.63 turbo housing on my car and got decent power, but I agree would be a lot easier to make power with 0.82 housing just have to way up the lag aspect.
  3. I put money on the fact the 272 Cams if from Franklin are not what they say they are if regrinds. probably stock lift. I got rid of mine as they were called very mild as I had them checked by kelford, mine supposed to be 276 but weren't and basically lift was left stock. How much porting on ur heads? I don't understand why everyone praises v3 heads, I've seen them next to other heads v6 etc and there is no difference in port size, I don't get it. Late model Legacy heads 2004 ish are far bigger ports from factory and when ported more flow a lot more than v3 ever would. I would have thought u hit a higher number than that, one thing that worries me though is that no tuning shop I have used would go above 25 psi on 98 fuel as its too much of a risk.
  4. Aftermarket equal length bought from a rally car in Christchurch, custom made down there by engineering shop but nothing special really 1.5 inch runners I believe, 4-1 style 2.5 inch up-pipe. I have been told to buy a late model legacy twinscroll headers they are cheap and great upgrade for twinscroll setup, I'm still single scroll. Racefab quoted me 3k for headers only, twin scroll type, so didn't bother. I don't think the OEM setup u going for will restrict it that much so depending on turbo can't see why u can't hit ur number. Intercooler and radiator is just cheap type from redline performance still use OEM fans and shroud never had overheating issues, and exhaust is 0.63, yep its a big limiter on power maybe. Who tuned ur car?
  5. In case anyone cares the stuff at gull e85 is only registering as e60 now, no where near 85%.
  6. I've uploaded the dyno chart, only difference between this tune and old tune is head work and a better way of tuning the car for the flexi fuel setup I run. More porting done by Danspeed, to the extent the exhaust side chambers of the heads are like mirrors and that's no exaggeration. I changed cams to have less duration but 1mm more lift on exhaust and intake. Duration changed from 277 reground cams to 268 billet cams. Heads use standard size ferrera iconel valves on exhaust and standard ferrera vales intake with their keepers (far bigger than stock), beehive valves, titanium retainers etc, brass valve guides and shimless buckets. Marsh motorsport 5 angle grind on valve seats. So if you want to know the difference heads make to an already powerful'ish car this shows it. Obviously my old heads had some work done to them and weren't stock but not to the extent these have been built now. Biggest gains are in torque though, I would need to go bigger turbo if I want more hp but waiting on the g series garrett to come out at the size I want, but I will be reducing boost on that and not really going for more power, unless of course someone comes and beats this then maybe I will.
  7. Trying to upload using imgur but won't let me I sent drew the chart.
  8. Username - 403.7wkw safe tune, could do more but turbo absolutely maxed. Model: 00 V6 STI (GC8) - 403.7KW 30 PSI, (350 kw is at 25 psi on pump gas 98). Displacement: 2L Mods: GTX3071R twisted gen 1, Link G4+ wire in, black ops1400cc Injectors, 30 PSI, lots modified, (1000HP capable block, Doweled, cdb, oil gallery mods, ARP headstud conversion). Fully built heads. Fuel: E75 ( read from dash EtOH sensor) Tuner/Dyno: HiTech Motorsport.
  9. They drop the ethanol content in winter usually to get around the difficulty in starting the car in colder conditions. So add 30% 98 instead of the usual 15%. I've seen this on my dash which gives ethanol percentage of fuel.
  10. Yeah metal bits from porting, and also got new valve guides and valve seats cut. I got the right head plugs out with allen key but the left head is not having a bar of it. May have to drill them.
  11. Has anyone removed the oil gallery plugs on Subaru heads. I just had work done and they are full of S***. Really want to be sure everything is clean so want to remove plugs to get in galleries and be 100% they are clean. Also, can you buy new oil gallery plugs from Subaru? In case drill out is only option Churs
  12. Sinco are not the be all, I've seen some things they've done on evo's and its crap, like brand new headers warpped before fitting and they didn't give a S***.
  13. Redline radiator using both factory fans on there, never had an issue with water Temp, never seen it move from 90. Had many other problems but not coolant related.
  14. You may want to check up on this, as the rules for clothing is changing in April for Motorsport/track events. Not sure if it effects something like this event but it may well do.
  15. F*** that I've gone VIP and staying in a mobile home onsite. May as well do it properly, a few subys there this year too, some are pretty rough as I know the cars.