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Found 7 results

  1. So, we've been trying to sort the clutch change in @bigDnz's BE5, after many a pain in the ass situations, we finally have everything in. But one major problem left, the clutch won't actually disengage. The release bearing has definitely clicked in, and the pedal has been set with full throw. It feels fine, it feels like it's pulling the plate, but not enough to actually release it. Any suggestions on things to try? Somebody said to me to replace the rod in the slave with something longer?
  2. Hi there. Anyone in Dunedin have a spare spigot bearing in Dunedin. Preferably needed ASAP otherwise I'll go to a shop in the morning. Thanks, UPDATE: I GOT ONE!!
  3. Found a link to this on FB which in turn liked back here so this will likely be a repost Some images are 'dying' help improve the forum by adding them if you can Cheers Jimbo : not sure why the shade tho?
  4. Hi all. Because dumb question thread seems to have gone will ask here. I have a fair bit of smoke coming out of bonnet scoop after a bit of hard driving. There are no oil spots on my drive, no signs of leakage anywhere and oil level isn't dropping at all. Seems from what I've looked at that it's not coming from the turbos but more from under the intercooler. Only other thing to add is I think I may have a little too much oil in the car atm. Thanks guys
  5. Hey guys, what would be required to convert my 1999 BE5 sedan to look like a facelift model? Also is there any S401 replica kits available? Best looking kit IMO
  6. Hi Team, I have a 2000 Subaru B4 Twin Turbo that I bought less than 5 days ago. I was told that the clutch needed done, which was fine. The girl I bought it off was quoted $1500 by a garage. I found some standard pull clutches for around $320 delivered. Was pretty stocked cos I payed FA for the car. Turns out I have hydraulic clutch and need a push type clutch. If I have push type, does that mean I will have the Dual Mass Flywheel also? I know that when changing clutch you should skim for flywheel, can this be done with a DMF? Cheers in advance...
  7. Hey Team, Looking for the best place to take my B4. Need a clutch replacement - plan on buying parts myself. I don't have the room or garage (or experience) to do the repair myself - although I'd love to. The clutch is hydraulic (push type?) so I've been told it has Dual Mass Flywheel. Research tells me these can't be machined. Thinking of going for the DMF to SMF conversion like a lot of others have done. Not rich enough to buy new clutch kit and DMF. Any recommendations down south in Invercargill? Or anyone keen to do it for cash moneys??? Cheers.