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  1. no way it could be a ej20k block? Weird because the rods weren't marked or anything showing signs they had been out. And Pistons changed.. are the cranks not interchangeable ? Rear thrust?
  2. My v6 STI started to knock so I pulled the engine apart and apparently it's been rebuilt before. When I bought the car a while ago he told me it had been rebuilt with a v4 short block. As I was removing the engine I noticed the engine number has been grounded off... Great! so I have no idea what engine it is. Crank has rear thrust and the block is a ej20 open deck. I'm guessing it's ej207?? it has R20 stamped on the side. Also checked the pistons and they have HF marked on the inside and the top has square tops. And are 92mm. The crank is stuffed! And number 3 rod! But I have a spare crank and rods that came out of my version 4 type r So I'll just use that. And should be able to use the Pistons that came out of this block?... So im wondering if any one can let me know, if this is an original ej207 block. Might be a long shot .. Just so I can order some parts, I have tried researching but coming up empty handed. Cheers
  3. Check vvt solenoids aren't jammed banjo filter could be broken, remove it and don't put one in
  4. I wouldn't use nac they aren't good to deal with if anything bad happens to your car They ripped me off when my car got stolen and recovered I changed to youi and I pay $88 a month for full cover and I'm 22 and own a pretty modified sti and before I was paying waaay over $100 a month with nac,
  5. Trying to find what aftermarket fuel rails would be good to use tried looking on trade me but not sure what to get as they are all different brands, does anybody know what ones are the best to use, car is a version 4. So I can use braided fuel lines as well,as everything is getting a bit tight and messy in the engine bay haha
  6. Hopefully fix all the bits on my type r gc8 after it got stolen gearbox has been the biggie Then can actually drive the thing only drove it 1000kms last year
  7. Can someone delete this thread cant find how to do it anywhere Not much options on this site ....
  8. I used nac and would never use them again, they are assholes and took nearlly a month and half to get a claim sorted out, pretty much told me it was my fault my car got stolen
  9. For a special interest vehicle uou have to own the car for 4 years without selling it
  10. Two remotes but inly cary one with my keys Yeah thats exactly what happend the the brain has all been cut, a while ago my car got broken into but they got spooked off they took the alarm siren and thats it, but took it back to abtec amd they put it under the strut brace and put two bonnet pins in.. how do I go about starting the car? All the lights are going but think the imobilser needs to be deactivated or something ... not sure?
  11. I had a avs 5 star alarm with all the goodies on it, and I had a seperate imobilser you have to push some buttons and do stuff with, so yeah that would be cool how they got through it, because I seems like it was someone that knows my car, like a tyre shop place or something
  12. Nah my excess is to high so think I have to sort it my self which is stupid and the cops think it was professionals taking it to a chop shop but got spooked when they saw the cops on them, but who knows ,
  13. Thanks guys, cars been found !! I rang the police at like 430am and said they will send some patrol cars around wellington, got a call this morning around 9am saying my car has been found, and has been in high pursuit the cops said he was going 200+ ks and said they couldn't catch him haha, they found the car parked up in stokes valley abandoned near a random house and they flead the place, went down to the station and had a look and its just some panel damage and ignition and alarm is stuuuuffed, also they took the grill and dipstick hahaa but havent turned her over yet so not sure how the engine will be But another win!