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  1. Yeah probably looking to go genuine, are there any other turbos you'd recommend? Ok will look into the ID1000 injectors, And yeah will probably end up getting a custom exhaust set up, I've been chatting to Patrick at PBMS but am open to suggestions, will look into @Subirex Automotive Thanks guys for the help!
  2. Threw a check engine light today, got the code read and it's an o2 sensor, I don't understand why the buggers are so expensive... Mechanic reckoned it was $550, I've found a few cheaper ones but nothing under $450, except AliExpress for $50 but don't think I want to go down that route
  3. Hey, I've been looking into a rotated gtx3076r setup, Not sure on injectors yet but was thinking just going with Bosch 1000cc E85 compatible injectors (probably going to stay on 98 pump for a while) And HDi hybrid FMIC, Suggestions for the exhaust?, It's just a cheap Ebay Turbo back setup at the mo. Thanks
  4. Ok I'll have a look into them, And in regards to the control arms not sure at all was wondering if you could help me out
  5. Evening, Looking at doing adjusties for my v7 STi however not 100% sure on the best product to go with. Seems BC's are a solid entry level and am pretty tempted to go straight for them, however wondering if it would be better to fork out some more money and go with something more quality... What are your thoughts? Also is it a good idea to replace the control arms/tie rod ends at the same time? Thanks in advance
  6. Wow that's great! which tuner is this by the way?
  7. Hey, I'm on the North Shore of Auckland which mods did you do it with? Thanks
  8. Anyone know who owns a v8 STi with the number plate '03 STi' I see him parked up everywhere and never met the owner!! Auckland, North shore area Thanks
  9. Hey, we just took it off, The two digit number is E3 22611 AE800 A18-000 D97
  10. Thank you for the offer! However, I don't really want to rush into thing and am just gauging my options. Really appreciate it Wow, that was really comprehensive, thank you I'll definitely consider those options, I'm located in Auckland, do you have any recommendations for tuners? . . . Thanks to everyone else, really appreciate it
  11. Ok Thanks, How reliable is E85 and the $$$ of conversion?
  12. At the moment she's my daily but that isn't an issue can sort a daily out, I'm looking for somewhere 250-260 kw region, Budget would be somewhere around 5-6k, not looking to do immediately or all at once.. Just gauging my options Thanks
  13. Evening, Just a food for thought question, currently own a v7 STi Stock Motor, Turbo Mods: 40mm TurboSmart Wastegate Mac 3port Boost Solenoid DW200 Fuel Pump 3'' Turbo Back Stock Intake silencer Delete GFB Respons Blow off 21psi. Around 210 kw atw So, what I am wondering is where to next? Looking at turbos Td0520g would be a good start, or should I jump into something like a td06sl2 I'm also still on the stock top mount, probably about time to go front mount? Anyway, what are your thoughts? Thanks have a good night P.S I like Uelh, I don't really want to go down the road of eqlh
  14. Hey, I haven't been introduced to Jeff!! Or have I just forgotten who he is? Either way could you tell me 😂
  15. Hey again, Looking for a triple gauge pod that fits a v7 STi I bought this one after being told it does fit only to find out this: https://gyazo.com/da7cba80b70a2dadc6b1d80b62512a76 So, anyone have experience with it or know where to find one that fits? Thanks!
  16. I'm still considering it, and I would give them 7-8/10, Auckland Offer? Yeah I'm trying to avoid that at the mo haha, One at a time please!
  17. Yeah, Not a fan of the offsetted horns, Not too sure what to do. Will probably just collect dust for a few months till I make up my mind Thank you anyway! Have a great night
  18. Oh thank you! Is there any easy way of relocating Pete?
  19. Hey guys! Thanks alot for your comments So, I went with: Rota Grids 18x9.5 38p - Toyo T1R Proxes 235/40/18 5mm Spacer on the front (clear brembos) I had to get the Guards rolled and when I was heading home with my old wheels+tyres in the back it rubbed whenever I went over a bump However, taking the wheels out it's great! No rub at all, went round alot of roundabouts no sweat, I have stock suspension but with Tein springs, planning on doing bc coils but not too sure if it's worth the money+cert etc and how much of a difference it will make to my stock suspension as I know the STi suspension is great. What are your thoughts? Before: https://gyazo.com/516936891492e28998121743a503c55d After: https://gyazo.com/aeba7601386c2c7eaf80ad623f16857f Thanks!
  20. Hi, Sorry I couldn't get a photo of my actual car but, I'm trying to mount Hella Horns and this: https://gyazo.com/a3342388e0de755a8f62c105dae208fa Is blocking my fitment, can someone tell me what it is? Thank you!
  21. Just wondering if anyone can list off the differences, Thanks!
  22. Ok, thanks I'm looking at 18x9.5 Rota Grids with 35p offset, With Toyo 245x40x18 T1R Prxes, What do you think of that? I'm thinking I'm going to have to roll the guards, And yeah I've heard about that with the brembos so i'm just gonna go through hyper drive and get a refund if they don't fit as they offer it! Thanks
  23. Hey, I own an '01 STi and am looking to upgrade my currently stock wheels, Was wondering what the best fitment and sizing is for a '01 STi, looking for something aggressive and to protrude outside of my flares as the current setup are extremely far inside my flares, Thanks alot! P.S don't want to go down the road of spacers
  24. Hi, I own a N/A 2007 Subaru legacy sedan, with an EJ20 I am wondering if a N/A EJ20 engine can sound the same as a turbo'd EJ20? For example if i installed a full exhaust kit (INVIDIA) or along those lines if I could achieve the same sound? Thanks a bunch
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