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  1. I'd be keen to make an appearance! Wouldn't be in a Subie (yet) but would be good to meet some members of the club
  2. I swear that I've seen people changing the transmission shift patterns, maybe changing some kind of pressure tables or something? so I guess it could be possible to do, if I'm remembering correctly. I had a bit of a google for the control unit, and it is apparently plug and play with Si drive cars, only needing the boost pressure fed into it. Now that could be a slick investment! I was dead-set on a BG5 for the longest time, a twin-sunroof limited would be wicked. Saw a couple of the BG5 limited scoobs over the weekend, almost thought of it as a sign haha. Not a fan of not being ab
  3. Ah, really? I hate how my 02' Galant shifts so slow, gets to me big time sometimes haha. I mean I wouldn't expect DSG speeds from the GT but I'd still like it to be quick. The Blitz Si drive controller I did not know about. Would you recommend something like this? I'm also gathering you've had it tuned? I'd defs get some kind of exhaust, most likely axle-back, maybe some blasties or something silly haha. Real shame the USDM GTs got the UEL headers and we didn't. Bit of a shame you have to pay that much for a potential no at the end of it, but if you do end up going for
  4. Sweet, wasn't just me missing things haha Yeah I'd like the convinience for the city but getting out of the city I'd be worried the auto would get a bit boring after 15 - 20 minutes, even with over double the HP of my current car on tap To me, the interior of the BH seems more "driver focused" for some reason, when it really isn't when comparing the two, not sure why. Logically the BP seems the way to go, with the oil filters in the banjo bolts being one of the biggest problems for the engine, which isn't actually a big problem in the scheme of things
  5. Have got that on a portable hard drive somewhere, on my google drive (I think) and on both my Mac and Windows partitions on my Macbook haha. Thanks for linking it though, now I know a place on the forums I can go straight to for them, as opposed to digging through Marky's OG post. Are there any more tunes lying around for them? Or is this the whole collection? I don't think I've seen any others in my forum hunts
  6. Got me a tactrix and for the Rev D I know there are tunes lurking around, plus it would be pretty cool to actually learn and understand what my car is doing with it's tune if I was to start mucking with it myself. I know there are tuners who do e-tunes for the Gen 4, Cryotune is a name I've seen around a bit, and their tunes are actually pretty reasonable for what you get from them so it would be the cost range of of free to a few hundred to get a tune sorted, so that isn't much of a price factor. I know the smart move is to get the Gen 4, but something about the Gen 3
  7. Hey all, I've been debating this with myself over the past few months now and I keep flipping on what I would want, so I'm looking for some opinions on the gens (compared if possible). By Gen 3 Legacy, this would be a Rev. D GTB Manual, and the Gen 4 would be an auto (pref face-lift) GT. This may sound a bit weird comparing an auto a manual in different gens, but I can't justify the manual Gen 4 prices due to how infrequently I'd use the car, but when I want to use it, I want the fun of a turbo. This car would definitely weekend driver, I don't drive to wor
  8. Hey all, Am still on the hunt for a manual BH5 and I'm looking at one, but it needs the big service (cambelt, w/pump and tensioners). I was wondering about how much would I be looking at to have this done? Any change from 1k or am I thinking a bit too low? At the moment I'm trying to figure if I can fit the car and the job into my budget and into an offer that they would accept, and figured while I waited to hear back from a shop I would see what everyone else has paid for theirs. Work would be done in Tauranga, so any recommendations for shops there would be good also!
  9. That would be great! How much are you wanting for it??
  10. Nah sadly this was second hand. I didn't realise it was (probably) fake either which is a bit annoying, as I was under the assumption that it was legitimate. Will try it on my car tonight and see what happens. If it can still somehow work with the computer while plugged into the car then that will be fine I guess
  11. I grabbed it off TradeMe and it came with setup DVDs, but I thought to grab the latest drivers and software as one should. The fact it isn't detected by the computer anymore is a bit of a worry, regardless of light status. I will test it after work on my car to see if it gets power at all because I watched a video last night about how it didn't get power from a computer but did when connected to a car, so maybe the same thing will happen to my car. Guy I bought it off said no offers for a refund when I was asking questions on the auction, so I am not sure if I can get a refund or not.
  12. I recently purchased what I assumed to be a Tactrix 2.0, but upon further research it appears as if it may be a fake. On the barcode for the serial it has "1234", not a legit serial code. Anyways, I plugged it in to my macbook at home and lights turned on on the device, yay. Took it to work to see what windows sees and it saw it straight away as a COM port, double yay. I installed ECUFlash and it installed the driver required for the Tactrix 2.0, and I saw it change in device manager from COM to some more specific device which was good. I decided to unplug it and replug it in just to make sure
  13. Note to self: grab some octane booster and keep it in the boot for a rainy day. Is stuff like that shifter worth buying or not really?
  14. For the beginning as long as the engine doesn't ping on 95 then I will be happy. Does octane booster do much to 95? How does one data log with the Tactrix or a similar item? Is that just plug in and plug the device into a laptop with some kind of software? I just purchased a Tactrix 2.0 so now I can do stuff! Has anyone had any experience with the short shifters from trademe for the BH? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/body-kits-mouldings/listing-2320411400.htm?rsqid=5239ebce92bd47ae8b25e3a982554558-002 The likes of this. Are they any good?
  15. Yeah I was thinking one of the NZKW ones, saw them last night and looked like they would go alright if it was a good part to upgrade. Yeah the noise was a potential concern for me, but it can't hurt to try it out. Good to know with the AA inspection actually. I am Wellington based, and the car is in Palmy. Is there anywhere around that you would recommend for this to be done? I would love actual PSI readings, not just "Yes, there is compression" lol. Oh that is like 1/3 the price of the one I am looking at at the moment, and it would only have to work for one session so
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