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  1. I'll defo pop along!
  2. Shot, thanks man! Will follow the RomRaider route since it's known to work. Only thought it was the older LV program as it looks super similar Cheers for confirming that Andy, glad to know I'm not missing a step here. I'll need to get my RomRaider functioning this weekend and give this another go
  3. Are you just reading these with a Tactrix and Learning View software? I could pull my tune today but was unable to view my Learning View which was annoying. Learning View apparently wouldn't find my Tactrix cable to use to read, yet ECUFlash worked fine to read the tune. I assume you don't need to bridge any pins anywhere for a diagnostic mode before you can read anything aye? I've got a 2008 JDM GT, unsure if it's diff to the ADM 3.0R that you have for reading things, I'd think not but I could be wrong.
  4. What are "good" figures? Might pull mine soon just as a health check
  5. Title says it all, managed to suss the wiring side of it for now but struggling to find a good way to run the vac line for connecting the gauge up. I know to tee it off from the BPV, but unsure how to get my ~6ft of vac hose from the BPV to the drivers A pillar. Anyone got any good pictures and description of how they set theirs up? Cheers!
  6. I'd bet you could clip along quite quick on the new TG with the right motivation! Pan left a little bit and you'd have snapped me in the line of cars on the pavement haha Damn, that's mad! I came around the last corner (blind corner) before the roundabout right near the entrance and had to stomp the brakes to not rear end someone so I could get in line. Was kinda sketchy that there was no "hidden queue" sign lol
  7. Is this the last meet of the season tomorrow? I'll be at the meet in my Legacy, sadly don't think I'll be able to catch you at the Tawa Countdown before you leave. Will keep an eye out for your STI at the meet tho!
  8. Was it an aftermarket, uprated swaybar? The BL/BP is known to bend the mounts with an aftermarket RSB (without reinforcement), unsure if they actually break through.. car must have been pushed a lot
  9. Gave the car a cut, polish and wax - was my first time doing it. Didn't realize paint could feel like glass! Won't last long sitting on the street but that's fine. Got to installing a dechromed grille center piece I did as a while sorting the DIY mesh grille as I've run into fitment issues with the adaptive cruise control sensor and my mesh grille setup. May need to notch the mesh for it, unsure yet. Tried to tint the fogs while they were still in the car, not ideal but the end result looks a lot better. Will see how long it lasts and if I need to put more time into it sometime soon. Already starting to look more like how I want it to look. Within the next couple months I'd like to: Get a black banner across the top of the front windscreen; Try seeing how dechroming the headlight sprayers would look; Get the mesh grille sorted and installed; and Install Aliexpress eyelids when they get here (if they are for the facelift like some of the pictures suggested).
  10. Stopped procrastinating and started doing. Got the headlights tidied up: And finally made solid progress on the mesh grille I'm working on. Tried painting the chrome a couple times, plastic drop sheet caught in the wind and hit the chrome trim when I wasn't looking, so ruined this time. Paint chips off super easy, just as it did the first time I tried to paint the trim and decided to re-do it, so ignore that. Will swap the chrome over to the mesh grille, and swap the grille in next weekend. Any tips on painting this bloody chrome and having it stick? Have tried a few layers of black gloss, then clear - no luck. This time was satin black, no clear, still no luck. It doesn't appear to be hardening well. Next weekend I'll put the grille on, and will pick up a DA to give the car a full cut and polish - time permitting I'll add some clear yellow wrap to the fogs (also assuming that I can cut in a consistent circle). Want to get the car looking good for April Cars and Coffee at Southward Car Museum. Hope to see some of the ClubSub members there too!
  11. I've always heard that you can swap out the brake pedal during a AT/MT swap, but as soon as you cut the auto pedal, you get a fail? Unsure if this is correct or not, but what I've always heard
  12. Should be able to find what you need here for instructions, and here for Win 10 ISO to download. Follow your nose (and the instructions) and you should be able to sort it out pretty easily. All first party support here, so relatively straight forward and simple to get up and going.
  13. With your macbook, did you dual boot Windows for using the applications required to read and flash roms? I had to set up a dual boot setup on my macbook to be able to read roms via tactrix, assume I could write but never got that far
  14. Yeah fully agree go with a legit Tactrix, don't waste your time with the knock off ones. I went through this a couple years ago, bought a knock off one and the dongle died during early setup process. Very glad it died then and not when I tried to read or flash the car. Ended up buying Andy_Mac's Taxtrix lol, used it fine on my last GT, and will use it on the next GT. Also to note, in the picture of the Tactrix on TM, the "1234" serial is a dead giveaway it's fake. Went through that with Tactrix support too. The seller thought they had a legit version, at least that's what they said.
  15. Regarding to the oil supply issue, have you removed or checked for the banjo bolt filters? I *think* that there are a couple of spots you may want to check to make sure that they either a) have been removed or b) aren't blocked up by small debris (it's fine mesh). You will want to then remove them if you do have them. There are various conflicting reports of the later Gen 4 models only having one, or none. I *think* they should have at least one, if not two. Try start here and see how you get on. There have been stories of turbos dying, people replacing them and then they die again due to the same issue - oil starvation. Oil starvation issue still persists due to the problem not being with the turbo, but in some other system that the turbo depends on (oil lubrication system). You may be able to check oil pressure if you datalog the car, or definitely if you add a oil pressure sensor and gauge via the likes of a sandwich plate. All of my information is coming from about a year ago when I had my GT. Fell out of the scene for a while so information gets a bit spotty. Hope this helps!
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