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  1. Should be able to find what you need here for instructions, and here for Win 10 ISO to download. Follow your nose (and the instructions) and you should be able to sort it out pretty easily. All first party support here, so relatively straight forward and simple to get up and going.
  2. With your macbook, did you dual boot Windows for using the applications required to read and flash roms? I had to set up a dual boot setup on my macbook to be able to read roms via tactrix, assume I could write but never got that far
  3. Yeah fully agree go with a legit Tactrix, don't waste your time with the knock off ones. I went through this a couple years ago, bought a knock off one and the dongle died during early setup process. Very glad it died then and not when I tried to read or flash the car. Ended up buying Andy_Mac's Taxtrix lol, used it fine on my last GT, and will use it on the next GT. Also to note, in the picture of the Tactrix on TM, the "1234" serial is a dead giveaway it's fake. Went through that with Tactrix support too. The seller thought they had a legit version, at least that's what they said.
  4. Regarding to the oil supply issue, have you removed or checked for the banjo bolt filters? I *think* that there are a couple of spots you may want to check to make sure that they either a) have been removed or b) aren't blocked up by small debris (it's fine mesh). You will want to then remove them if you do have them. There are various conflicting reports of the later Gen 4 models only having one, or none. I *think* they should have at least one, if not two. Try start here and see how you get on. There have been stories of turbos dying, people replacing them and then they die again due to the same issue - oil starvation. Oil starvation issue still persists due to the problem not being with the turbo, but in some other system that the turbo depends on (oil lubrication system). You may be able to check oil pressure if you datalog the car, or definitely if you add a oil pressure sensor and gauge via the likes of a sandwich plate. All of my information is coming from about a year ago when I had my GT. Fell out of the scene for a while so information gets a bit spotty. Hope this helps!
  5. I'd be keen to make an appearance! Wouldn't be in a Subie (yet) but would be good to meet some members of the club
  6. I swear that I've seen people changing the transmission shift patterns, maybe changing some kind of pressure tables or something? so I guess it could be possible to do, if I'm remembering correctly. I had a bit of a google for the control unit, and it is apparently plug and play with Si drive cars, only needing the boost pressure fed into it. Now that could be a slick investment! I was dead-set on a BG5 for the longest time, a twin-sunroof limited would be wicked. Saw a couple of the BG5 limited scoobs over the weekend, almost thought of it as a sign haha. Not a fan of not being able to tune them yourself like you can with the Rev D BH, and the BP of course. Also highly respect the GF8, I'm all about the wagons and by the sounds of it you are too haha. The face-lift looks so much sportier, curvier, but in a good way compared to the PFL. Why'd you switch to the auto BP after those two? Ever looked into what Cryotune do with their e-tunes? For the price I reckon I'd be keen to give that a crack, after I got sick of the stock response that is! Definitely leaning towards the BP, as it seem like they are more reliable car and given I can only have 1 car in the city, I don't have the luxury of having my car down or parked off the street for weeks waiting until I can afford to fix any issues. For some reason I've gotten it in my head that soon after I got a BH I'd spin a bearing and that'd be it, rip my only vehicle.
  7. Ah, really? I hate how my 02' Galant shifts so slow, gets to me big time sometimes haha. I mean I wouldn't expect DSG speeds from the GT but I'd still like it to be quick. The Blitz Si drive controller I did not know about. Would you recommend something like this? I'm also gathering you've had it tuned? I'd defs get some kind of exhaust, most likely axle-back, maybe some blasties or something silly haha. Real shame the USDM GTs got the UEL headers and we didn't. Bit of a shame you have to pay that much for a potential no at the end of it, but if you do end up going for it, do keep me in the loop. I feel like I'll be looking around for a bit, saving so I can throw more cash at it. Have you had a BH yourself? If it was manual, how did you find going to an auto BP?
  8. Sweet, wasn't just me missing things haha Yeah I'd like the convinience for the city but getting out of the city I'd be worried the auto would get a bit boring after 15 - 20 minutes, even with over double the HP of my current car on tap To me, the interior of the BH seems more "driver focused" for some reason, when it really isn't when comparing the two, not sure why. Logically the BP seems the way to go, with the oil filters in the banjo bolts being one of the biggest problems for the engine, which isn't actually a big problem in the scheme of things. As for trim level, no clue what I'd get. The prices for the BP seem all over the place to me based on what I've seen, so it seems like a lot could be fair game. That firmware update from Subaru, is that free or does one have to pay for it? And I've heard of "tuning" the trans, which would (based off of what I've read) just be changing line pressures so that the trans knows when to shift a bit better based on current torque and it might have been throttle position? Can't quite remember, and I haven't looked into it too much either. Sadly it's not tuning like different boost levels on different modes of the Si-Drive system - that'd be sick!
  9. Have got that on a portable hard drive somewhere, on my google drive (I think) and on both my Mac and Windows partitions on my Macbook haha. Thanks for linking it though, now I know a place on the forums I can go straight to for them, as opposed to digging through Marky's OG post. Are there any more tunes lying around for them? Or is this the whole collection? I don't think I've seen any others in my forum hunts
  10. Got me a tactrix and for the Rev D I know there are tunes lurking around, plus it would be pretty cool to actually learn and understand what my car is doing with it's tune if I was to start mucking with it myself. I know there are tuners who do e-tunes for the Gen 4, Cryotune is a name I've seen around a bit, and their tunes are actually pretty reasonable for what you get from them so it would be the cost range of of free to a few hundred to get a tune sorted, so that isn't much of a price factor. I know the smart move is to get the Gen 4, but something about the Gen 3 just keeps grabbing at me haha
  11. Hey all, I've been debating this with myself over the past few months now and I keep flipping on what I would want, so I'm looking for some opinions on the gens (compared if possible). By Gen 3 Legacy, this would be a Rev. D GTB Manual, and the Gen 4 would be an auto (pref face-lift) GT. This may sound a bit weird comparing an auto a manual in different gens, but I can't justify the manual Gen 4 prices due to how infrequently I'd use the car, but when I want to use it, I want the fun of a turbo. This car would definitely weekend driver, I don't drive to work so I don't have to worry about a daily commute. I know the fuel economy of the Gen 4s are a lot better than the 3s, but I also know that the 3s have a the rumble due to the UELs that the 4s don't have, and by gosh who doesn't love the boxer rumble. I know that the Gen 3s are known to spin bearings and I'd get into sorting out the tune ASAP, and living in Welly the thought of throwing myself into the deep end with a manual when I've only driven manual a handful of times is a bit scary, but I'm up to the challenge. I would worry that the fun of a new car would wear off a bit quicker if it was an auto, but I wouldn't worry about traffic lights on hills or trying to park in the city because autos are basically cheating in the city lol. So, what would everyone's thoughts be on the comfort for long-haul trips, short quick rips through twisties, general fit and finish of the interior etc of the two? Thanks!
  12. Hey all, Am still on the hunt for a manual BH5 and I'm looking at one, but it needs the big service (cambelt, w/pump and tensioners). I was wondering about how much would I be looking at to have this done? Any change from 1k or am I thinking a bit too low? At the moment I'm trying to figure if I can fit the car and the job into my budget and into an offer that they would accept, and figured while I waited to hear back from a shop I would see what everyone else has paid for theirs. Work would be done in Tauranga, so any recommendations for shops there would be good also!
  13. That would be great! How much are you wanting for it??
  14. Nah sadly this was second hand. I didn't realise it was (probably) fake either which is a bit annoying, as I was under the assumption that it was legitimate. Will try it on my car tonight and see what happens. If it can still somehow work with the computer while plugged into the car then that will be fine I guess
  15. I grabbed it off TradeMe and it came with setup DVDs, but I thought to grab the latest drivers and software as one should. The fact it isn't detected by the computer anymore is a bit of a worry, regardless of light status. I will test it after work on my car to see if it gets power at all because I watched a video last night about how it didn't get power from a computer but did when connected to a car, so maybe the same thing will happen to my car. Guy I bought it off said no offers for a refund when I was asking questions on the auction, so I am not sure if I can get a refund or not.
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