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Help! I cant see any forum boards


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10 minutes ago, BattleSnayke said:


I imagine your old posts have been deleted so your post count is now 0. I think you need a minimum of 10 to have access to all threads.


Shows up fine for me, 44 total posts with them all being around 2012-2013

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36 minutes ago, Andy_Mac said:

@NGHTY Has been resolved now, your membership permissions were set to a regional group only and not as a general member. It was a common glitch when we moved to the new forum a few years back. 


Thank you!

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1 hour ago, markw336 said:

Been MIA from forums for about 5 years now can't see any of the forums once logged in


Admin team trying to sort right now, we've 'upped' security so even logging in as admin is a trick LOL

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