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Personalised number plates

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hey guys,


This could be a dumb question but I thought it is worth asking if any one knows.


I have an idea for a personalised number plate however it was used on a WRC car back in the day, for what looks like the 10 days it was in the country. It is showing that the plate was registered in the country then 10 days later has been de registered due to the vehicle leaving the country permanently. 


Is there anyway I could use that plate again? Or does that mean it is officially used and can't be used again.



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6 minutes ago, Gripless said:

I’m guessing NZTA not VTNZ 



you could also try to get the old owner to do a personalised plate transfer form if you can find out who registered it. 



haha yeah sorry... NZTA... Sorry getting them confused.. Been dealing with both quite a bit lately trying to reregister an old motorcycle and get approval to reuse the black plates on it..


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On 16/10/2020 at 9:30 PM, Gripless said:

That sounds like a nightmare. VTNZ are great at not knowing WTF they are talking about. Been to one that didn’t even know what LVVTA cert plate was. 


They are a pain in the ass to get hold of.. But once  you do get a human they are okay.

took me 2 weeks to get approval to reuse my black numberplates on a bike i was putting through recertification.


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