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    I know that some years ago the answer was a resounding no - you could go run a 10 second pass with a super ropey half-cage made of exhaust off-cuts arc-welded together in your mates garage and that was more or less fine, but MSNZ would laugh at you if you tried to get the cage homologated.
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    Yellow injectors,link ecu,maybe a new fuel pump and fuel filter depending on the condition of yours and a tune.
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    What Inked said is the best practice. If you've seen the likes of @RaKid's engine bay, and you want quality work (Not saying the others suggested aren't at all) then BD Motorsport is a place I'd recommend. A close friend of mine who used to work for them, and is now working for Cameron Racing in the states for GT stuff, says their work is top notch and Ben is really good at his stuff.
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    You would need a 6 point at minimum but in your case to keep the car road legal you require a 8 point which goes to the front strut towers. You just go get your MSNZ licence then apply for a authority card no cert required.
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    There is also a place in CHCH called NZ rollcages and they pre bend kits for you, example a half cage kit shipped to wellington is $290.00 incl. Could be good to look at then you just need to find someone who can weld it up
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    If you go forward through the firewall find someone who’s done the Subaru before. Ie go ask the rally guys. The last place I when had templates for all the cuts in the body so it looked great. Rally places may already have something they have planned and ready to bend up fast.
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    From a quick look while I was at a conference today. That nzdra book says you can use it for both provided it is cromolly. And meets both standards. Also has something like sub 9.90 is full cage, 11.00 is half based on a what the chassis is. Msnz cage youll have to do two club level events a year to keep it legal. Youll need to read both books and talk to a couple of shops that do drag and rally as forum world isn’t gospel
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    Hey guys I haven't come across these factory service manuals on this forum yet so below I've got links to FSM for Imprezas. Wiring diagrams included. Also have a few for certain Legacy and Forester models. Should save us the effort of browsing other forums. http://ken-gilbert.com/page/3?s=impreza+manuals&x=18&y=14 http://forum.wrx.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=45443
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    NZDRA cages != MSNZ cages... need to figure out which he needs... can NZDRA cages by made road legal? i.e. do they have an equivalent of the MSNZ authority card? Can NZDRA cages be used at MSNZ events?
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    WIf you need a full cage then you need a Motorsport authority card which makes it road legal and no LVVTA cert required. Ive has both in cars and were done by road rally race, Ralliart. I was lucky and got one done by a guy over here from Ozzie Supercars looking for extra work. Cromolly cost more and can’t be repaired if you bend it. also the handling changes with a full cage and the chassis flex vanishes. https://www.nzdra.co.nz/images/downloads/NZDRA-RuleBook-2018.pdf Section 5.63
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    Do you need a full cage or just the roll bar half cage? if it’s a half cage you can just cert it via LVVTA. Full cage requires licence and money
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    I think Yellow injectors are only phase 2? As it's a V2 WRX, they wouldn't fit. Could be entirely wrong about yellows only being Phase 2. Wouldn't be the first time. Honestly, your biggest and best bang for buck modification on an early generation WRX etc, is 100% the ECU and tune. You're not really going to get a noticeable bump in power by the other small mods, without introducing a lot of risk to the motor due to trying sketchy stuff to get more power.