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    Got this cool custom pulley cover and chucked it on Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Holy crap, i'm sitting on a goldmine! !
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    Right, so a little update for those who care. I've finally filed an attachment order to be put onto her pay and its been approved. The business shes works for has been ordered to deduct $50 a week from her pay and send it to me. From my calculations thats 72 weeks if the payments are all made and on time which means I might have some spending money for Christmas next year. The attachment order states that its up to me to make sure payments are coming in so a few calls to her place of work might be made. And while $3580 might not be a whole hell of a lot to be fighting over for the time its taken and will continue to take. i think an example needs to be made so the next person doesn't get let off so easily. Sent from my SM-G980F using Tapatalk
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    Considering you had basically written the money off, that's like.... a dozen free beers and a couple of free good steaks every week for 18 months. Bloody result.
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    Got the cert plate mounted on my GC8 today and a fresh clean sheet WOF. Finally road legal again!
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    as long as the ratio is the same you will be fine
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    Nice. Well done. I've gone to court for WAY less - it's the principal not the money I care about more.
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    Actually, I just figured it out. I was squatting down contemplating setting the car on fire and I realised that the power steering cooling sits significantly higher than the res so I unbolted it, dropped it down, sawed the wheel from lock to lock a few times and viola some of the fluid level dropped, topped it up and fired it up and problem solved. No more bubbles or foaming.
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    I have one delayed an extra week in Hong Kong from Partsouq, still worth the wait after the price i was given from Subaru NZ. seems to be world is still falling apart outside our borders
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    If you download the g4 software under legacy software and go to help file there is all the pinout in there
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    I ran 3 120mm server fans in mine. 4 wire one have PWM so you can control speed. The 3 were the same size as the original heater box vent so they cable tied over the hole exactly. for ecu I kept as much stock as possible to allow the diagnostic just moved it up to behind glovebox. have you tried reaching out to link directly they used to be a friendly bunch, likely still are.
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    Does it change with RPM? Might have drowned the idler bearing on the pulley thing on one of the accessory belts. You'll know the one when you look at the front of the motor. You can get a replacement for the complete pulley, including the bearing, for like $40 at Repco off the top of my head. I'd give you the part number but I literally got rid of the box last week after doing mine several years ago. EDIT: It's actually pretty hard to drown a stock one of these motors... the snorkus thing has a couple of strategically placed holes that are there to stop it slurping water up. If you keep RPM low and therefore airflow low you would have to be most of the way up the headlights before it took a big ol drink.
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    Finally found the boost leak in the legacy coming from the tps
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    Car is now running on stock ez3.0 automatic ecu..the build only took me 1 month and was not difficult at all the hardest thing was getting engine running an came down to 1 piece of wire..if anyone out there needs questions asked please ask....Sivahn16@gmail.com
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    & PS : there is a NA > Turbo build going here
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    Finally found the cause of my burnt oil smell, after replacing the rocker cover gasket to no improvement dug in further and found... a leak from the Cam Cap. So a bit more difficult then the rocker cover then Got it finished, and put a new Timing Kit and Water Pump I had as I was in there (taking the AVCS cam pulleys were a c*nt even with the proper subaru tool don't believe the videos on youtube!) Then drove it to Whangarei as a test. So far so good it seems, no more leak onto the exhaust manifold. Also finally managed to complete my Genome gauge install, as the supplied sandwich plate wouldn't fit. So went to pick a part to grab an adaptor to install it into the engine block. Then had to steal the pressure off my WRX as it turned out the supplied pressure sensor didn't work Still, theyre up and running now, and they look good and allow me to track how the car is going which is what I want.
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    Doubtful. Both will be Bilsteins so much of the same for OEM spec stuff.
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    Custom AdrenalinR is going to be my option. Current one is LOUD but it is titanium so it has that going for it.
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    Top stuff Joker, thanks very much! Not worried about comfort as it will be on the track. But damn semi slick in that size will be $$$. Cheers man.
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    215/45/17"s you can get away with 205 - 245's but would not go under 45 % profile (for comfort) or you'll also bust beads fairly easy too could go hungus 50% Balloons
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    FYI the issue is a fuse on the BACK of the drivers side normal fuse box. FU Mr Subaru why a fuse on the back of a fuse box?
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    I had one of these. Ran it in the race car until someone offered me $1000 for it.
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    I'd love to see those pics fbssub1
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    IAM 0.0 is the ECU needing more data to make up it's mind but somethings definitely wrong here, as you know! FLKC protects the engine up to 7 or 8 degrees which did get touched on albeit spiked very briefly. Could be so many things but airflow is interesting. After you let off the pedal the throttle closes appropriately but it's taking three or four seconds for the mass airflow reading to reduce. - is that intake chamber crack fixed ? - the pipe between the the air filter and intake chamber has a tab that must line up on the chamber kinda underneath and towards the driver - the pipe on the air filter box & where the chamber hooks onto the throttle body has rubber ends which can get kinked or tear causing leaks ? - is the MAF sensor dirty, loose or wiring damaged ? - is the MAP sensor (front of intake manifold) loose and have it's small rubber hoses to the filter connected (should be able to blow air gently thru filter & hoses) - are the 2 knock sensors (under the intake manifold, blue connectors) loose or corroded, cabling ok ? - any loose debris rattling around under the intake manifold ? - any gunk around the fuel injector seals ? - the orange gaskets under each side of the manifold and on the throttle body have tabs do they look perished ? - is the throttle body clean ? (added with edit)
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    @RepNZ @GreenEggsAndCam Ive been in touch with Ultrex and have the opportunity to get a group buy, although it would total approx $350 each. Whats your guys thoughts on this?
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    Just one more ; fbkc (feedback knock correction) I've thought of others that may help, not all available on all vehicles; gear (could be calculated gear) fuel tank pressure (if available) cpc (canister purge) egr steps (exhaust gas re circulation) You don't need these; Engine Load (Relative) (%) Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage (V) Main Accelerator Sensor (V) Sub Throttle Sensor (V) Sub Accelerator Sensor (V) Main Throttle Sensor (V)
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    Ha, what a joke. In my GF8 I actually biffed that wheel for the (IMO) much nicer Momo one from a Legacy of a similar age.
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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/subaru/steering/listing/2669211019?member_hash=1c062105aafd6066b75377335fe791ae135a2d3e26c94aae83&tm=email&et=46&mt=986A3F3B-CB07-4950-9DD2-B99CAB03372C FYI when link expires, Jap Spares selling a tatty nardi gc/gf steering wheel for $345. Knew it was their listing before I even checked.
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    Cheers for the advice, worked out at $40ish as I guessed 10-15kg to be safe Yep much cheaper and easier than finding prices through the couriers themselves. Woulda used this much earlier if I knew it was a thing
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    Might be worth a Romraider test run but prolly don't collect a heap of data until the intake is sealed as that's a vac leak. Please inc. both air fuel ratio sensors, both oxygen sensors and the others mentioned above.
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    Feedback Knock Correction = FBKC (aka FKC) changes Fine Learning Knock Correction = FLKC changes Rough Correction = IAM changes If FBKC happens often it is stored to FLKC. To calc total timing base timing, (KCA*IAM), FBKC and FLKC are combined. The knock control strategy doc posted previously explains this properly but each of the three correction modes are applied within preset load/rpm ranges. A log file after the intake crack is fixed from normal driving, cruise and harder acceleration (joining the highway) might show us more around the conditions at accel/cruise/decel (load, rpm, pedal,throttle sensors) and airflow (VVT,MAF,AF,O2 sensors). The logs show how the params are increasing or decreasing rather than the freeze frame btssm is triggered to collect.
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    $1500 max dont pay anymore than that. that being said most wreckers such as (subie doo spares) will have a bare longblock in stock... for around 1k give or take. I've seen v7 ej205 avcs motors go for as little as $600 with proof of working order (as was still in car to test drive) on facebook. Bloody great motors my last V7 wrx I had went very well. With minor bolt ons, it pulled well haha and never let me down. Get the same motor for the chassis. Less messing around. Plug in and go. Good luck
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    why do I want one of those to put in one of these? Not that a H12 would fit, but you can get EJ20 tube frame replicas 10/90 weight balance would need wheelie bars now I want one even more, wheelie bas on a daily Mmm
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    all I ever see is "oh it was a flop" / a failed F1 prototype (Here's some Wiki links & references) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaru_1235 BUT Did you know it was in the Prototype Koenigsegg AND went into a production Supercar called the Jiotto Caspita http://koenigsegg.com/ama1-with-cvk-early-years-and-process/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Chiti http://koenigsegg.com/ama1-with-cvk-part-3-racing-and-technology/ http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/koenigsegg-cc-v-8-the-swedish-super-egg-road-test-a-supercar-in-the-making-page-2 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jiotto-Caspita/106230496075672 so yea not such a 'Failed engine' after all eh?
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    If you're willing to spend a few grand, I believe subaru will sell you a brand new short block too.
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    Lots of engines will fit, but if it's not the same engine you might be up for some extra work, the 205 is a good motor and common as, I'd be on the look out for a lowish km second hand long block ej205 if I were you
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    Ive had the same thing happen in icy conditions too heading up Mt Ruapehu. Has happened to me two or three times (nowhere near the 2 hour drive time) so im convinced its a warning about the temperature/ road
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    They shouldve made the SVX with a turbo manual option. Kinda like an NSX-R, or who knows SVX RA / GT-B
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    Not sure about rears don't think any fit but v7 seats fit be5 Sent from my STK-L22 using Tapatalk
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    what! No one listens to you either?!?!? LOL / Not LOL
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    Hi, could be a number of issues causing this such as a fault/short with the ignition switch, sticking ignition immobiliser relay or a faulty after market turbo timer -if fitted. Best bet would be to have an AVS reseller or you local Auto Electrician check it over. https://avscarsecurity.com/installers/
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    Don’t bother with intake it big money for not much gain and full retune. Get better tires over an intake. they all make 300whp without a cat about 21-22psi down low and 14-15psi up top. they have no rumble in the 2.0L and rear muffler is the thing you want to replace. you’ll be surprised how big a leap the GRB is from any previous model.
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    Here's a Forum UPDATE for 2020 the Image hosting has been turned ON for low res images! you can now upload directly to the forum rather than 3rd party hosting! Just click the "Choose File" below in reply box (not sure on mobile) and if you;re using Tapatalk you already had the feature
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    in a ferrari testrossa with flat 12, the drivetrain is on a subframe designed to make engine removal relatively easy for maintenance. using a flat 12 does present compromises in packaging , suspension design and underbody aero.
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    +1 for coil pack, hesitation and back firing is almost always coil pack related IME. You can test resistance in coil packs and sometimes it will find a dud but isn't always that accurate. I wouldn't bother changing pod filter if it's installed properly, won't be hurting anything and doesn't hurt the tune.. I'd be checking that bov isn't leaking. If it's hunting it's most likely a vacuum leak somewhere. Common places are the plastic turbo pipes on intake and intercooler. p.s sounds like you need to find a subaru mechanic that is confident with the early model stuff, they're pretty simple so if they can't work it out don't go back.
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    If you are after more info on the car I would suggest calling Crowesport directly. Trevor is usually around and would probably be keen to talk about this car. Depending on how much he can remember about it. Hes a great guy to talk to and very helpful.
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    Ah well at the end of the day it ended up being like a $3500 lemon. No need to mention how much money has been spent on it since though lol.
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    never thought you could get eye cancer from a video : well.......