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    Saturday, Well, engine came back out! Fixed the misaligned clutch. Put the oil drain on, with heat shielding. Deleted the GDB clutch bleed setup in favour of single braided line. Got that around the wrong way. Fixed that. Engine in, wastegates off to check spring pressures. Now both have 7psi springs. Flumbled around trying to figure out how to get it all to fit in there. Turns out, turbo on first, then engine in, then downpipe, then wastegate dump pipe on wastegate, then wastegates in place. She's a little tooooight Also fiddled with fuel lines. Plumbed the -8 AN lines to the stock body for the time being. Then today! Get under the car to install exhaust manifold on engine. Promptly get it half on, drop it on my face, break my nose. Mint. Hospital check because recently had surgery on my nose and would rather sort that now lol. Reattempt getting manifold on without breaking nose again, am successful. Yuss. Replace the fittings in the wastegates, because old and cruddy. Cut heat shielding to size for boost lines. Run vac lines for wastegates. #goodenuff Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone, I'm new to Sub's, I use to be a Nissan/Toyota man, but then kids happened, life happened and money was dry. However finally had an opportunity to have a play. Brook my best mate has been a sub fan all life and knows the EJ's like the back of his hand, he is an aircraft engineer. However I'm the noob and on a fast learning curve. Anyway if you interested in following our build, follow us on our youtube channel. Here is a good intro vid, Possum Borne Motorsport is doing the block work, we just letting them free rein on the flat 6. p.s. Excuse the armature quality camera skill, I'm new to doing this kind of thing, these are raw videos.
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    Got a tune on the Forester today (bone stock) 133.8kw > 162.5kw A nice increase in torque Car feels completely different 😁
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    Cleaned the GC8 and got it all ready for the Flatnats track day tomorrow!
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    Also, a side note to the above. As much as I wish to support local businesses (subaru NZ or a dealership), their pricing is absolutely pathetic and makes it economically unviable to even do headgaskets for an engine in a older or stock car. For example, at a discounted price, I was quoted just over $960 Want an example of price differences. 11044AA483 (headgasket) - NZ: $109.71ea Partsouq: $43.08ea 806933010 (o-ring) - NZ: $5.45ea Partsouq: $1.59ea 13293AA051 (Spark plug seal) - NZ: $13.41ea Partsouq: $5.45ea 13270AA162 (r cover gasket) - NZ: $24.38ea Partsouq: $10.18ea 13272AA094 (R cover gasket) - NZ: $24.38 Partsouq: $10.18ea 11095AA042 (cylinder head bolts) - NZ: $25.30ea Partsouq (revised part 11095AA123): $5.16 11051AA070 (half moon seals) - NZ: $17.71ea Partsouq: $3.49ea 806733030 (oil seal) - NZ: $18.98ea Partsouq: $4.05ea 14038AA000 (exhaust gasket) - NZ: $22ea Partsouq: $4.33 and the absolute best for last. This is an absolute piss take for pricing. 14035AA421 (intake manifold gasket) - NZ: $32.91ea Partsouq: $3.90ea Want the biggest kicker? Before you jump in saying 'Well that's before GST and shipping!" Shipping is a total of $37.61 NZD on FedEx 2-5 day courier. And all those prices for the gaskets in NZ.... Yeah those are plus GST....
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    As a meta-thing, this video showcases f***ing everything that is wrong with America right now. A bunch of people flying cross-country in the middle of a pandemic so they can make some w**ky marketing video for the social media likes. People wearing masks around their chin, half of them not wearing them at all. GG USA, this is why you're f***ed.
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    Quite a nice all round build by @PBMS! 315kw on stock location too! @boon haha
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    Thanks everyone for your help. Turned out to be #3 coil. Running smooth as silk now.
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    Returned back to Auckland after a South Island road trip including FlatNats with a few other CS members. Heading North from Akaroa I noticed my rad fans running loudly whilst sitting still. Was a hot day (29°C) and had just had a spirted drive over the Akaroa hills so didn't think much of it. No temp gauge in the car meant I relied on Cold/Hot temp warning lights. After taking it easy for a while I and still hearing the fans I became a tad more concerned. Plugged in my trusty OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and ran Torque... coolant temp was sitting between 102-108°C. Stopped in Kaikoura and checked coolant... overflow was empty. After topping up temps returned to a more comfortable 84-90°C. @Firenza grabbed a radiator cap for me in Wellington and checked everything in Palmy this morning... rad cap was busted. New cap on and happy days. For those with newer Subarus that lack a proper temp gauge, I highly recommend grabbing a cheap OBD2 Bluetooth adapter so you can quickly check temps etc.
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    Only required a completely built motor and head work to get there Stock location still sucks. Why would you spend all that money and not go twisted? I mean they even went for an Emtron, it's not like budget was a consideration.
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    I just test drove both of these cars, each was stock... I was blown away by the difference! The V6 was from 2000 and had an EJ207 in it, not sure if that has been swapped at some point or they did actually offer that from factor? I drove the S-GT first, thought it was nice and civilised.. had a bit of pull which was fun, but nothing amazing. Then I test drove the V6 WRX, it blew my mind, really put you back in the seat. I can't even describe how different it was, but I loved it so much more in almost every way. Has anyone else had a similar experience with this, would love peoples thoughts on the difference between Hatch WRX's and the earlier generations! Cheers
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    Bought this thing sight unseen. It turned out having extensive service history back to when it was new, previous owner had it for 10 years and bought it for approx 3200 iirc. 4AFE 5MT 4AGE 20V, just kidding 4AFE 1600, with 267000km on the clock. I paid 1200 for it. A few small dents here and there, really minor rust issues from stone chips etc, some paint fade, and a slightly bad valve cover gasket but no really bad issues. Took a midnight intercity bus down to Wellington, driver was a 0/10 and they catfished me with nice pics of a $$$ luxury upgrade, all I got was a seat upstairs. Drove it back through the desert road midwinter and the tyres while wofable were a little crackly in places and being skinny chinese 175/65r14s were a little sketchy.. so the first thing I did was replace them with 195/65r14s from the prelude that had mint chinese tyres. With the rather tall tyres it does fill the wheel arch nice but yeah that ride height. I've only given it a wash once and a quick cut/polish before these pics. I think some panels have been resprayed at some stage Only mods I've done to it are the wheels and a few shirtstuckedin / mightycarmods stickers lol, and put in a more widely used style fuel filter after damaging the hard lines. I've done all 3 filters, oil and coolant change and replaced the spark plugs and valve cover gasket. I actually used 3 of one type and 1 that had -11 as the suffix, 11 being a 1.1mm gap. Due to repco/supercheap guys being unable to find them out the back I simply gapped the plugs. The plugs and fuel filter were all original 1996 spec.
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    I know, I realize that now, but who cares, meh, this utube channel is not about making revenue it's about documenting our build so we have somewhere safe to keep it. Anyway, now thats out of the way. This is the plan thats looking like it's about to set in stone:- -Possum Borne Motorsport built EZ30 block with forged internals and Darton sleeves, capable of over 1000+hp -Stoked to 3.4L -Twin Holster H22 turbos, rated to hit the aim of 700whp -We collecting prices on parts, so the rest is a bit up in the air. So basically it's a flat 6 3.4L twin turbo. Good hard-on material. Years away from that sadly, money is always an issue. Sure we were hooning around on Sat night in my mates Hawkeye STI trolling the young boyracers, s*** it was a laugh. We were too busy road tuning to care that much. Me and my mate were brought back to the chch boy racer scene pre-quakes, we were 18 again, even though now we late 30's with kids, jobs and a house. Hard to afford cars when you got kids, so all you young guys, make the most of it, because bro kids are expensive as hell..... Dont rush into it.
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    ya exactly, don't want a $3.5k car crapping out and dying becasue i didnt wanna spend 1.2k on a cambelt and waterpump.
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    please turn the phone sideways next time so the video is the correct way around.
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    Hey guys, I thought I would revive this thread instead of making a new as the new season has started. I think the next one is this Sunday. It would be a good chance for a drive and a catch up if people are keen.
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    https://www.topgear.com/car-news/travis-pastranas-new-gymkhana-livery-wild Now with a paint job Interesting to see it's a stroked EJ20 vs the 25 they've been stuck with in the US
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    Entered ruapuna track attack, lots of fun but was the only subaru there out of 40 odd cars!
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    Hey guys, Hope everyone is well! I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out. I'm looking for some spotlights for my TSR-Limited. Bust sadly haven't found some replacements (mine are missing, but have the mounts). They came on BG5-C TSR and GTB Limited. Is anyone aware of some other replacements that might fit these cars? Or perhaps have a pair they might be willing to sell? Cheers Mitch
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    I mean you'd probably want to compare a 08-14 Hatchback STI to one not an SGT for a more fair comparison if it had a EJ207 but yes in my experience they're more engaging and 'feel' faster than the later cars. But they're less sophisticated in the suspension department, brake department, engine department, monocoque department, safety department, drivetrain department and more. ...but they are heaps of fun V5/6 STI's came with a 207, WRX's came with a 205
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    Yup, sure is Apet. Nik is a super friendly, easy to deal with person.
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    Update!!! I’ve managed to track down the issues! Well multiple issues. The fix in the end was resetting the ECU after ensuring that the car was running the correct boost. It was hitting 14 psi which I suspect was causing knock, this was due to some race lab EEPROM. Then letting the car learn again on the stock map. you can really feel the more aggressive timing after the ECU learn and reset process. It now pulls harder throughout the rev range and doesn’t fall flat at high RPM.
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    His was an STI I think, so still run the EJ motor I believe.
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    Nice result! Apet by the looks of it? Nik's always been a good yarn there, really need to get my WRX finished and over to him... Speaking of, I'm one step closer now, finally got a new up pipe for the WRX, the old one had a cut in it from removing the heat shield, found a stainless steel one brand new on trademe for $80. So that should get me a step closer to running.
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    Loser of the show and shine: DSCF0553 by Mitchell Lindsay, on Flickr An awesome GF8 won, won't deny that
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    I wouldn't do it personally... the sock on the pump is all you have between the crap floating around in your tank... and the injectors.
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    Seem to be quite popular with the towing crowd. I've gone diesel now too, love the torque so much after 18 years of none turbo Legacys with no bloody torque or power to speak of.
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    Sooo with a second sprog on the way we need to replace the trusty Axela with something bigger and the missus has caught the subie bug and wants an Exiga. Are there any specific things we should look out for that don’t apply to the rest of the Subaru range? Also does anyone know if the Exiga’s have the same auto transmission as the BP/BL Legacies? (I’m having no end of trouble with mine). Thanks in advance 😅
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    The website said they did, and every time I ordered, a couple of days later I would get a notification saying it wasn't in stock, and then the next day after that another notification would come through to say it was back in stock. It was quite confusing so I emailed to ask them to confirm if it was available/in stock? And if it was, how do I order it because every time I do it doesnt work. I think i eventually ordered it and the person I was dealing with said to email them the order number. They looked after it from there.
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    You generally should replace them at 80k to 100k, but you can inspect them to get an idea of how f***ed they are and if it’s way past due. removing the cover and look for the same things as worn or old tires. Cracking on the side where it turns around pulleys surface cracks chipped or missing teeth threads coming out from the middle cuts or strips tearing off press your fingernail into it and it should bounce back and not leave a mark. It’s make of rubber so if it’s not bouncing back it’s rotted. id you don’t have receipts for the last replacement then plan to do everything including pump tensioner and pulleys (the smooth ones not the cam gears)
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    Just a regular stock GTB twin turbo engine bay... stock BOV, stock airbox (K&N panel), everything clean a tidy, replaced intake pipe 3 months ago, and all vacuum lines. Was running very nicely after that.... smooth and 11/15psi boost. Yeah, all subaru's I've owned have had that slightly irregular idle, where it shakes ever so slightly every so often. But this is not that. It shakes constantly, changes exhaust tone, and misfires/stumbles on partial throttle anywhere between idle and 0psi. Then under boost it takes off and has no noticeable problems. I'm wondering now if it has some headgasket or valve issue. Leakdown will reveal that I'm hoping. Doesn't seem to be knocking. Data for "Knock Correction Advance (degrees)" and "Knocking Signal #1 (On/Off)" was all zero's for the time I logged it on cold idle the other day. Gotta find time to swap out the coils and plugs and injectors systematically, to rule them out. And fuel pump. Hoping it's one of those!
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    Yeah there is a hard and fast rule, replace every 100K km Doing the water pump at the same time is an excellent idea, sending your car back to the workshop a week after you've had a cam belt replaced is annoying, been there done that Schrodinger's cam belt... I'd make getting it replaced a priority
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    Update: installed it yesterday. Fits and works perfectly without any modifying
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    What exactly is wrong with the idle? looks stable to me.
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    makes sense... the torsion bars on mine are brutal... when i first got it, it had no spoiler and I had to disconnect the boot release because it would fly open so fast I though it would smash the rear window one day.
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    Expensive yea, but we splitting the cost and when you have two people sharing the cost of a race car, doing all the work, wielding, fab, engine assembly, wiring, etc. It's actually not that expensive. We are cheap asses, so dont really wanna be fancy. Just want it to be reliable because broken cars are no fun.
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    You'd be hard pressed to find an Outback with an 'honest' owner using 95 :( I'd just try find one that is tidy, good service history and go from there
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    The V5/6 did have a factory immobilizer option... it's in the wiring diagrams... and my plugin motec ecu has a pcb switch for selecting immobilizer present or not.
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    Booked the Forester in for a Dyno tune. Will be interesting to see what I get out of a completely stock car.
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    He’s been having a rough time on FB trying to sell it aye. I really don't get why he thinks it is worth that much more than every other 3rd gen out there.
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    Since you own a modern(ish) model it almost certainly has a very capable factory immobiliser. No key, no start the engine, end of conversation. Would be worth confirming that if it's a japanese import, though. Only way you're pinching a modern one is either with the keys or with a towtruck.
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    Replaced boot struts on the 95 SVX with second hand ones; gave them a clean repaint. Will send the old pair off for refurb/gas and swap out when they come back. Good quick job.
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    My shameless link to the Subaru stuff I hold - https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZxKxr7ZQyYuh3GXAOFsYfAgPy2WYffoLwL7 Full Service Manuals (FSM) for most models pre early 2010s
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    I got a manual 1.6 Corolla for my daily (1997 model) lots of fun, surprisingly nippy, drives at 110kph no probs, comfortable as, cheap to run and costs almost nothing to buy. There are1.3's also. Fuel economy is more than just cc's. A light car will use a whole lot less as well as driving style and gearing. You could get a 660cc thing that you have to thrash to get to 100 and then its sitting at high rpms when you get there due to probably having only 4 gears. Keen to hear what you get
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    I got mine tuned for 95 and it could\'ve picked up a lot more power with 98. 91 is a shit spec fuel and has been discontinued in most countries. NZ should do the same. Replace all the 91 pumps with 95 and all the 95 pumps with 98....then fancy servos can start selling us 100 like in Europe.
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    My mate has just had his STi stolen. It is a v3 1996, really smart car with aftermarket spoiler and bodykit. The numberplate is "NZ1WRX". The car was stolen from Palmerston North Hospital Carpark on the 20th October.
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    Rumor has it Subaru NZ buy prices are worse than partsouq. Makes you wonder how/why it's like that and how many middle men are clicking the ticket along the way to see a 200-400% difference in pricing. They do some competitive pricing on cam belts though!
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    Well, I placed my largest order off partsouq to date so far. Ordered just over 82 individual gaskets. Some for the RA with it's upcoming sleeved 2.35L build, but mostly for the legacy which has decided to blow a headgasket unfortunately.
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    Well, the engine is back in my Type RA. Sort of. All in all, that turbo looks reaaaal at home. excuse the mess that is the engine bay. Should maybe have it running next weekend. We'll see how motivated I am haha. It'll need to come out again as the darn clutch didn't line up properly, and when I went to pull the engine back out to fix it, the hoist decided today was the day it blew it's seals.