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    Thanks to the power of Instagram I've actually found where she works, so I'll be adding an attachment order to her pay once this whole lockdown thing is done with Sent from my SM-G980F using Tapatalk
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    Hi guys, I recently added a new car to my collection. A blue type R coupe. Apparently it has 300kw with a gtx3076r and a 6 speed. Hoping to find some more info on it! Generated from my Apple iPhone using tools.sportscard.trade
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    Go gettem'. CSI:ClubSub strikes again?
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    Do you mean the wagon? I don't think there would be too much different about checking one out with the TT system, main thing would be to check both turbos do produce boost and check the change over to the second turbo. If you do get one and need any parts I have a nice pair of turbos sitting right behind me now currently being paper weights. and a few other things I can dig out if you do buy one. The good thing is the suspension struts/springs can be directly swapped out of an Impreza , depending on year might just need to swap out the top hat, but not a big deal, can open up more options for aftermarket stuff. I love the look of a nicely done BG5, Im a big wagon fan.
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    Here's a Forum UPDATE for 2020 the Image hosting has been turned ON for low res images! you can now upload directly to the forum rather than 3rd party hosting! Just click the "Choose File" below in reply box (not sure on mobile) and if you;re using Tapatalk you already had the feature
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    I have figured out how to set the time on circa 2004 Outback/Legacy. Set the time: The Japanese Navi system sets the time via GPS settings to Japanese time. There is a setting in the GPS menu to turn off allowing GPS to set the time. Turn off this setting, then disconnect the battery and you will be able to set the time when you reconnect the battery and turn the car on. 1. Go into the Navi menu 2. Press the button on the far right – Configuration 3. Press the System button, highlighted on the bottom: 4. Scroll through three screens, then toggle the bottom option, Clock Settings, to off. I believe this is the option that turns off GPS from setting the clock: 5. Disconnect and reconnect the car battery so you can get the option to set the time: 6. You will now need to turn off the annoying voice assistant. Go to Media and press the AV settings button, bottom left: 7. Select the second tab at the top of this screen: 8. Select the Audio output settings button in the middle of this screen: 9. Set the Voice Assistant to Off
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    The wobble is what finally convinced me that they are taking the piss.
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    Once I get court rulings I just send all my s***e to a debt collector and let them deal with it. The firm I use only charges me if they collect so I don't have to worry about it.
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    never thought you could get eye cancer from a video : well.......
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    Yeah hella expensive, with that and with the rear X-force cat back and another set of mufflers that I have already brought it would nearly be half of what I paid for it. Fitment should be no problem, as long as you order the right one for MT or AT. Would so love these, heart says yes, brain and wallet say hell no.
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    Just a casual 3.5k + shipping...... Can buy another car for that
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    Looks bloody nice man! Congrats
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    Congrats! Heard awesome things about the GR chassis. Looking forward to following
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    Just go back to court and say I have this ruling and they haven't paid me. Make it the bailiff's problem. Any additional costs just get added to the amount due; the courts take a very dim view of people just dodging their rulings. If they're on the benefit you can even get an "attachment" where you get paid directly before they even receive the money; when they're a deadbeat that really stings, especially if you can get an aggressive payment schedule going on. Leads to fun stuff where they rip someone off so they can pay their court-ordered dues (happened on here once) and nek minnit they're going to jail, it's a fun process dealing to s***bags.
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    Hey guys I'm thinking of buying doer-uppers relatively cheap, fixing them and respraying (a more of a refresh than a full on resto) and I'm interested in a gt bg legacy. I understand the code is BG5? They are probably more one of my favourite generations of legacy having that "svelte" look before Subaru went all boxy/angular. I have a bit of experience troubleshooting with my ej20g 95 wrx, but I'm guessing with the tt leggies there's less engine room and more Hoses and such, and there are Hoses from hell on the bg5s? Facelift/kouki bumpers look sweet imo, are they sought after/any other special bits that legacy people love? I am completely ignorant to legacies being completely gc/gf focused but how well will they go being 276hp/1400kg compared to the wrx of the time being 220hp/1200kg?
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    Im not the best person to ask about those details, theres a few guys on here who have twins who might be able to give you help. Search the hose 10 mod as well, that helps with....something or rather, but helps anyway, have a read. For me its white, black or if you can find one the lemon? yellow ones. I think they are more rare or of course Subaru blue
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    Ask this guy if he still has the one's in this car. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/subaru/accessories/listing/2571871173
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    Might be the mythical stand alone 52mm Subaru branded one https://www.croooober.com/item/cparts/00000008/Meters/7299295
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    That is crazy !! never seen a brumby this clean O_O
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    Actually, I don't think it is. I've been searching some of those photos and they look to be from what I can find, a gauge with SUBARU written on them. It might be a defi gauge, but with subaru branding however.
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    I'm 99% sure they're just a Defi 2-bar gauge.
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    Sounds like a plan! As long as they can find her Sent from my SM-G980F using Tapatalk
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    the wobble for extra fail πŸ˜‚
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    It's a piss take.
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    Damn... that channel posts some complete s*** but that takes the cake.
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    Good god wtf.
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    It's instantly a very different beast to the Legacy. The shorter gears really help keep it alive.
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    Might have sorted some V3 WRX heads, so not quite as nice, but it'll do the job. Unsure if the engine will be going back into this car though, may re-shell into a road car, as I'm not getting a lot of use out of it as a rally car.
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    That thing looks like an abortion of a car. I saw this when looking for Legacys, its so wrong and should never be sold or shown to the public again, its been up for a while and not sure if it will ever sell, unless the price drops by about $5500
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    Yea I'm very much a 16bit ECU man so I can't really confidently comment on the 32bit side of things. This is a good source of truth though https://www.romraider.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=37 looks like there are a number of 32bit speed density ROMs out there. If you go with the MAF just make sure you have a good bend 90-degree preferably but just something and basically just get the MAF as far away from the turbo as possible. If I ran a MAF on a twisted setup "which I wouldn't" I would run the intake pipe down into the wheel arch and locate the MAF down in there somewhere. Remembering that you ideally want the MAF 300ish mm away from your pod filter for the same reason as keeping it away from the turbo. It needs clean unturbulent flow to work nicely at low flow / idle. And as mentioned, going to a 3inch MAF housing will require a MAF rescale which is easy enough on the stock ECU
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    How the f*ck is it legal with no wing mirrors? Thought you had to have at least 2 out of 3 mirrors? Also man that's a lot of effort gone into building something, erm, pretty unique. The lines around the rear fender flares look like at least 3L of bog was used on each side
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    Leave it all plugged in but with bolts removed and lean the seat back against the rear seats and try operate the different buttons and you'll quickly see if anything isn't working
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    Sorry, totally forgot reading that you had new ones, Im getting old and my memory is not so good these days, when it never was great. Hopefully someone else has a better answer
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    $5k for front pads and discs on these
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    Cheers @swamp ! The RS4 is an amazing machine. I mean the crazy thing is, its a $160k car that has depreciated so much, just about the average Joe can buy one now. Albeit hopefully not having to encounter any crazy maintenance costs! In the car with windows down, revving to 8000rpm, hearing the angry v8 sing. Its pretty dam amazing! Still i'm too scared of RS4 maintenance costs, and can't afford both cars, so will be selling it before my 800hp build is done sadly. Glad to have experienced such a cool car though!
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    After 2 years without a subie finally back in a leggy. Love the rumble
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    Tunnel run Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/freshnchips/
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    I got a N/a ej25 rwd bg9 and i can say your axles will last you alot longer if you slide it rather than dropping the clutch from a standstill. Shock loading is what kills axles real quick. Mine felt alot more responsive going from awd auto to rwd manual so would probably be worth your time and effort to give it a go. Just remember if you snap an axle and your rear diff isnt welded, then you wont be going anywhere haha
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    I know this is an old thread and sorry for digging it up but I dont have the factory and I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work.. I read somewhere that if you dont have the factory key fob then just earth the disarm wire which is in the drivers kick panel. I have googled and everything and cant for the life of me figure out (noob) what the kick panel is and I definitely cant find the wire. I really do want to get this going its such a sweet feature! Thanks for any help guys! All else fails I just borrow someones fob then reset the system to remove that fob ???
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    I actually don’t have many! It’s locked away collecting dust! Generated from my Apple iPhone using tools.sportscard.trade
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    PartsOuq have this one not sure if it would fit tho https://partsouq.com/en/search/all?q=57253AA010 This might help too https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2787220
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    on those wheels it's a car crime ! stancenation πŸ˜‚
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    In the end she was told she owes me $3350 and she has done a runner, I'm at the point where its really worn me out and I don't know whether its worth continuing to fight for it, its been months now and nothing Sent from my SM-G980F using Tapatalk
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    Pulled the heads last night, and found the full extent of the damage: Block will need sleeved, and I'd say 4 new pistons, hoping the rods and crank are salvageable...