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    • pretty sure its a stuck actuator rod on the primary turbo. I checked all my solenoids they all click.. ill admit I cant exactly tell if their working due to not knowing their inspec multimeter numbers. but all seem to click and allow air to pass thru including the one in the passenger fender. replaced all my check valves (boost filters) and I was still getting code 66. So I tried articulating each arm on the turbo and took her out for a test drive. I was able to get about 8 psi. Was like sweet tried one more pull and she went limp. digging online people say thats popular in turbo cars so the over pressure doesn't blow the engine. (I.E. actuator rod isn't opening to allow release in pressure.) Tried one more time on primary and now I believe its stuck open as there is no top end turbo at all. its all engine but I can hear my bottom end turbo spool and feel the torque. So pulled the turbo and ordered a new one a VF25 its a primary from a 98 auto GTB so like 2 or 3 less psi but it works so theres that.
    • I will put that myth to rest : I'm not as clever as I appear : just a bit Silly (can confirm Male too FYI)   yeeaaaah my Mechanic at the time rues the day I took that combo in & said never do that again   as they had to find a Intake pipe to match as they were different Diameters on the intake side, stretching the job out   as your can imagine "yeah sweet they should bolt up" went to "oh s*** we need to get more parts"   there are way more clever people than me Still playing with these and some that have swapped Housings & Exhaust sides to make things work   I have never got my hands that dirty (I have swapped motors "Like for like" & even then things never went straight forward)   there's always a dumb piece of intake plastic to split or sensor to break   "Some" will say go Single while you have the chance   "others" (me) will say try & stay stock / OEM for as long as possible as they become a money pit Quick!   & yeah both tracks are easier said than done, as you mention VF's are Dinosaurs now & yep that's kinda why I thought the 27 would be good   My car ended up in Wgtn SO the old owner might still have parts if he's not had a clean up in the past 7-5 years?   (sad to say it but try the Subaru Gen 2 and TT Groups hah)   I am doing my best to keep the forums active, for things like that ❤️ 
    • ACTUALLY YOUR JUST THE MAN I NEED! (or woman idk)   So, I've deduced its most likely a blown turbo (my vf18 the one with the small can thingy sorry I'm a NA guy) I've leaked tested my entire system as well as checked for clogs. the solenoids all click on like normal. I grabbed pillars and tried to move my actuator rod up and down on the bigger turbo (driver side JDM) it moved no issue my other side now i know the spring is stiffer here but it wouldn't move finally I got it to break free and kinda heard a pop every time I opened it. so I'm pretty sure its a blown turbo. now here's where YOU come in, i cant find a VF18 turbo for the life of me. But through searching for conversions I found this thread!   Posted July 19, 2018 you have a BG5 GTB yeah?   (more details = better answers)   So did I   I went from a 18/19 to a 33/27 odd pair or something like that, ye it worked hardest part was the change in turbo inlet size that meant different intake runner from the air box & such   pretty much same turbo's otherwise just newer     I need to do this conversion any tips?
    • Cant say I ever dug in there, but with some dedication & determination I know it can be done (encouraging useless words)
    • Correct 100% they came from Japan like that, disconnected or disabled, rather rare to see one still connected with the Butterfly in the System still   mine was still plugged in and if you drove with the seats down & Cover off you could hear & see it activate at certain RPM's (I owned a BG5 Rev C GTB)   Basically a "quiet" mode for street & LOUD for Fast @ WOT   I'm not entirely sure of the Trigger or signal source   & yeah, 'stock' exhaust' but unlikely the OEM rear section that made use of this (Twin Pipes?)
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