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  3. Been mia for a few years, cant see forums or classifieds etc
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  5. Hi Everyone, (posted this in the wrong section before, how do i delete?) First time Subaru owner here, have just purchased a 2007 WRX STI, I am just wondering what fuel i should use at the pump? I have read on forums you can get your car tuned to use 100 octane? Also any recommendations to improve power slightly but improve reliability also? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -Lucas
  6. I have a 3rd generation subaru blitzen legacy b4 orange & black interior , we converted it from a triptonic gear box to a 6speed manuel out of the wrx sti 6speed models. Its twin turbo and ligit th roof lining interior is a black pearl its deffs a one of a kind
  7. @itsmitchlowe I’m interested in all 4 axles if you are happy to ship them to the South Island.
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  9. Driveline from Version 7 WRX STI.This includes:- TY856WB1CA 6 speed gearbox with LSD front diff- Shifter linkage- V7 STI driveshaft- R180 front hubs and axles- R180 complete rear sub-frame including diff, axles, hubsPerfect for a 6 speed conversion in a GC8 or Legacy.Happy to sell parts semi-separately.Pick up in Auckland.*does not include the rear suspension, brembos or spacers in pics.
  10. I recently installed a link plugin ecu in my sg9 sti. The ecu was a wrx104+ and had to change the jumpers to 05-06 in order for the ecu to work correctly communicate with the ink software. Didn’t end up needing to change any pins on the ecu side. Thought I would make a post to hopefully save others some time and potentially encourage a link ecu purchase. I spent a few hours trying to find a wiring diagram for the fsti ecu but had no luck, maybe this post will help a few people out. I had my car tuned at mattchanics in Auckland, very knowledgeable dude and wouldn’t have been able to get the car running without them. If anyone has any issues I’d recommend contacting Matt at mattchanics in East Tamaki . Cheers lads hope this helps, Harrison
  11. using firefox, no crash, just can't see or access those facebook ? links. edit - it did indeed funkup my browser, had to reload page
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  13. sorted thankyou though
  14. tow on trailer? when you need to do it?>
  15. Good to hear it’s sorted.
  16. Anyone willing to help me tow subie for cash
  17. yeah is it crashing your browser too? (try Mozilla) or it is a public hosted Facebook vid (no account needed to view) lil F badge usually in lower right will also make it a little bit more viewable which a cant see right now for some reason! click it to play (and I beleive it was not Mr R himself on the Pad in the drivers seat
  18. joker-man, are there links in those posts ?
  19. Biggest crime is that he forgot how to drive and just parked it up against the wall
  20. Thinking about that, wasn't there someone on here recently with some similar issues which turned out to be the alternator playing up?
  21. If the car has IAT and MAF issues, wouldn't it be sensible to start there and test a known working MAF? I'd ensure the MAF is OK before going anywhere near a dyno.
  22. The software looks nice. The base maps they have loaded in are super informative and it looks like they have the twin turbo system and definitions all figured out. Any competent tuner could work with this.
  23. I forgot it was USD, so price ended up being $600. So that set me back a bit. Gotta fix a few bits and pieces on the car first, then will probably do it. Can't see any other way to easily retune a BH5 RevC.
  24. Joker

    Flat Nats 2020


    thanks for adding these to the calender!
  25. Its pretty dam amazing. The Miltek exhaust has built in valve flaps hooked up to the sports button. So cruising on the motorway is pretty quiet! Even with it on and windows up, the euro isolation is very good. Its not anywhere near as loud as my STI was though
  26. until
    "This is Day 1 of the National Subaru meet Flat Nats 2020 being held in Chch Labour weekend 24 & 25 Oct 2020 Join us for a track day at Ruapuna Sat 24 Oct 2020. Hosted by Christchurch Trackdays. $120 per car register here Follow the Flat Nats 2020 page for more Day 1 and Day 2 events!" For more information, check out the event on Facebook
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