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  2. Anyone tried or heard about these? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/radiators-cooling-systems/listing/3793887080?bof=FKA7Hhyl
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  4. 4th gens are a more appreciated vehicle in general with it being the first gen that the US got proper turbo’s versions so they’d probably be more inclined to jump on if ever allowed for import. Aussie tbSTI’s still typically go for just under 20k so by that logic 28k for one of these isn’t too steep.
  5. You're not wrong 🥺. I think they're cool but a better investment as you say would be a GC8. I think the S401 & S402 are a niche product.
  6. Still just a TT Leggy to most : very limited resale Market Doubt that'd be an "investment" tbh but if you like it, that's ok too 30k would be better spent on a fairly unmolested V1-6 GC8 or V7 /8 STI I am also out of touch with car world : I drive a Santa Fe' & the Gravel Express is Killing Lawn slowly
  7. Taste aside, I just don't see a market for these anywhere. Could be wrong, I am quite often.
  8. I think the value might be quite subjective. I just see a $20k premium for some plastic badges.
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  10. I came across 2 cars online a couple days ago and was surprised at the prices. Both the S401 and the S402 have very similar k's and are near enough nz$28k all up. I'm tempted to pull the trigger on one but not sure which will appreciate more? I've seen some S401's go for pretty good money, nothing like Nissan GTR's but still good. What do you all think.
  11. I've come across this a couple of times. First time it was a leaking diaphragm in manifold purge canister. Second time it was a poltergeist.
  12. I have a 2009 Outback. It has recently had a new engine put in (ej25). After about a month, the belts started squeeking and when I turn the engine off, after about 10 seconds there is a loud screech coming from the rear of the engine. Sometimes this noise is instant. Im hoping someone could tell me whats causing this. Thanks in advance. Video in link. https://streamable.com/p2tw4b
  13. 😄 https://www.1news.co.nz/2022/09/26/son-of-former-wrc-champ-ready-to-make-his-own-nz-memories/
  14. there's about 7 pages of results for 18x8.5 some with pics aye https://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/search/&q=18x8.5&quick=1 OK not a Bugeye but yeah look ok
  15. Hey everyone I've been in the market for new rims for a LONG while now. My Bugeye still has these awful and ugly 17x7.5 rims since I got the car and I just haven't upgraded yet for various reasons. I decided to go 18x8 as I like the 18 inch look. I'm after a nice concave (not insanely concave), with the smaller spoke design. Kudos Tokyo are my favourite wheel as an example of the style I like. Anyway, I have not upgraded as I: 1. Can't seem to find a wheel I want in the right size, width, offset, stud pattern and color. 2. Am a bit stuck on how big I can go, in regards to rubbing, clearance, etc etc. So, I was wondering if I can go 18x8.5 on a Bugeye without modding, or with minimal modding? I'm on stock ride height currently. Also, I've been adverse to going TOO big or TOO wide because I kept hearing about performance loss due to heavier rims/tyres and a greater rotating mass. How much of a performance difference would 18x8.5 be compared to 17x7.5? Cheers!
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  17. Hey all. I just got a 04 B spec legacy gt with 220,000kms on it, japanese Import. According to previous owner it should have atleast 5,000kms left until belt is due for replacement. However I don't have any proof of this and would like to get it out the way. Just wondering what the difficulty level of this job is, timing belt, water pump and thermostat. Realistically I have minimal mechanical experience (mostly just a "YouTube warrior"), most I have done is a clutch replacement, rear suspension strut replacement, few brake pads and plugs and other small things. Never done anything requiring precision such as a timing belt. I am interested in doing this job myself, videos around the internet make it look pretty easy, but just after realistic advice. 2004 JDM imported Legacy GT B spec (supposed to be a b spec, idk how to confirm?) Manual wagon..... I believe this engine is the EJ20Y. The thing that scares me the most is what I believe is the left hand intake camshaft which is under tension when you remove the belt? Just after more information about this, hear stories of people undoing the belt and this tensioned cam causing major damage....just wanting more information about this? What to look out for? Cheers! Can anyone recommend me a decent quality timing kit? New here, sorry if I landed myself in the wrong forum! Also, off different topic, vehicle has a stumble/stutter at idle. I wouldn't call it a rough idle. It's a "stumble" which can sometimes be quite violent shaking the car. Every 5-10 seconds it shudders, occasionally much worse than usual. Have replaced plugs and cleaned MAF sensor. Any opinions muchly appreciated thanks 🙂.
  18. Took the sister's nugget in for 5 new tyres and an alignment... Tyres were 2007 factory fitted Dunlops!
  19. I paid more invoices does that count? have to drain the old fuel out to a reasonable level as well.
  20. Keep it covered in must and go for most dirty car.. if there is an award
  21. Cover it in mud perhaps? haha Or clean it, one of the two. Ahhh quite possibly, but my memory is shocking haha
  22. AWesome! Got anything to do prior? Wash it? I think we may have met once.. but I can't remember to be honest.
  23. Eternal Head Gaskets here, and that weekend is Daughters Birthday etc Trip to Wgtn Zoo is about as far as we're going this yeah ❤️
  24. Anyone making the journey down/up to CHCH for Flat Nats? Or just down the road? I'll be there in my wagon Just got an oil and coolant change then a wash and I'll be good to go.
  25. Has the factory pink injectors, have talked to Tony in the last couple days and he said to send him a set of pinks and he will get then decapped and flow checked. So while that's happening I'll try get a cert Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  26. that td04 would need a tune and maybe bent/new oil and coolant lines but other than that it’s a direct swap in. You might be better off finding a used vf45, they usually go for more like 5-600 so way more reasonable. The key is to find out why the original failed before chucking a different one on, so many people just change the turbo with these cars then complain the new one died after a few hundred/thousand km’s as they never fixed the original problem
  27. Cheers sorry for long reply I sorta about posting here, the turbo is now off and it's a vf45. So hard to find information about it, the net says it was on legacys not imprezas so it confuses me haha. I've got a quote for a new vf45 for $2300 which just seems steep but if that's the only option I guess I'll have to do it. And cheers for that fb post, if I can find out that td04 will bolt straight on ill be pretty keen on it
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