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  2. Flickr is my go to for photo hosting. It's yet to let me down and doesn't seem to get flagged and blocked by some browsers and workplace filters that a few alternatives do. The current forum also auto embeds photo’s so you just need to copy the URL on the host site to here and it does all the rest on it's own. Yeah you can sign up for a paid subscription that gives you ad free scrolling in the store.
  3. VF22 can run at about 22-23 psi and depending on engine health 270-300hp tops if your running 98 octane. Pretty sure thats accurate. Edit: I use Flickr for uploading photos, works well.
  4. If we pay money can i get rid of the adds on the forum ? Can anyone state at what hp/ boost a vf 22 runs out of inlet or exhaust flow ? Itll do 300 hp and almost 20 psi wont it Not a fan of back pressure Vf22 on a v3 and tdo5 on a legacy rs is my idea of appropriate turbo sizing Will buy a lightening flywheel and metallic clutch if someone has a brand name one lying around thats still got some life
  5. Just bought a v3 sti . Yea the white one that was on fb in chch Had a v3 ra a few years ago . Was 197kw on 11 psi . Electric windows and central locking seem handy now im over 30 ha ha This thing runs ok . Vf 22 . Only on 10 psi so must have retard controller plumbing or its in linp mode . Will figure it out eventually. Desperately needs a new 02 sensor Will panel and paint it at some point and generally just make it as good as it can be . Ive still got an adjustment afm and a wide band so ill turn this thing up till it ru
  6. Installed a CTEK battery sense bluetooth module and MXS 5.0 charger. The module is a nice little item for those of us with only occasionally used vehicles that aren't properly garaged to allow for long term use of the battery maintainer setup but still at close range for it to ping a phone occasionally. Straight off the bat it was sitting at 30% as expected from the difficulty starting the last few times so hopefully the chargers recond feature should be able to bring this most of the way back.
  7. Last week
  8. Bilstein shocks can be rebuilt somewhere in Auckland (I forget where right now, I've only had one coffee). 'Std.' shocks https://youtu.be/Y47PDT4coNE replace with whatever suits your budget, second hand STi struts are a handy/budgetish upgrade for a std. WRX If you can lay hands on a spring compressor it's not rocket science, plenty of how to video's on Youtube, keep in mind you'll need a wheel alignment after any suspension replacements
  9. Be aware that RPG carbon are a Taiwanese company pretending to be in the U.S and they charge U.S. prices. The quality is ok though... not mind blowing, but not terrible.
  10. It will still do the beep for about 6 beeps then should stop. Make sure you put the belt in all the way and dont go to fast. Seems most fail cos they do it too fast for the computer to think its latched
  11. Yes the strut, shock and spring are one unit. You need to buy a new strut and swap over the spring and top hat... and if the new strut doesn't come with bump stops, then put those on too. I have no idea what spec shocks you have in your car. You don't really need an special tools for this work apart from spring compressors... I don't think you should attempt it though. I suggest that you ask them for a breakdown of costs, then you know what you are pay for parts and labour... I'd say it's only 3 to 4 hours work, but the dealers tend to charge for more labour
  12. I only go to the deaership here because they serviced the car before I got it and have good records of everything so far. Also havn't found a new mechanic to go to as of yet but I understand dealers are expensive usually. Good to know that that cost doesn't sound too bad. In terms of the Shocks, i know there is a difference between struts and shocks but was hoping you or someone else could help me with understanding these. WHat exactly do Bugeyes have? They have Struts right? Not separate Shocks Is this a repair you can do yourself if you have th
  13. RPG Carbon does one similar too in either carbon fibre or FRP. I am guessing that Genuine OEM V7 ones are different shape/ different mounting points to fit the gc8 bonnet.
  14. Why do people go to the dealership? I don't understand. Though 1200 to 1500 doesn't sound all the bad. The shocks you use will have a big influence on the cost I'd say.
  15. Kind of more in the style of a v7 STi scoop but designed to fit the gc8 bonnet. Yeah the big v8 scoop on a gc8 looks rough, my car had one when I bought it and changing it back was the first thing I did to the car. I haven’t personally seen his products in person but the Americans rave about them and the stuff he posts on Facebook looks high quality.
  16. Hey guys Just failed wof on the following: Front suspesnsion Top hats Split Vehicle has no rear bump stops Rear shocks need replacing Steering rack bushes need replacing. What is a reasonable cost including parts and labour to do this? I was quoted between $1,200 - $1,500 for this work at a subaru dealership.
  17. Awesome. Unfortunately Sundays rarely work for me but with some luck I'll be able to join in briefly.
  18. Cheers for that I hadn't seen those ones. They looked quite good! Definitely suit the lines of the car more than the V8 style scoops.
  19. Plya5

    Wellington meet

    Hey team, it's that time again for another meet. We'll try the same deal as last time, meet at the riverbank in Lower Hutt at 1030 then cruise up to Paraparaumu and grab a feed for those who want to join. Hopefully we get better weather then last time, but probably not as it's still Wellington Also here's the link for those on FB https://fb.me/e/H6T2ISeP Hope to see some of you there
  20. Hey team, it's that time again for another meet. We'll try the same deal as last time, meet at the riverbank in Lower Hutt at 1030 then cruise up to Paraparaumu and grab a feed for those who want to join. Hopefully we get better weather then last time, but probably not as it's still Wellington Sorry Sunday was the only day my schedule allowed. Also here's the link for those on FB https://fb.me/e/H6T2ISeP Hope to see some of you there
  21. Have you seen the one Bakemono sells? He makes a larger scoop for the gc8 bonnet that retains the style of the original scoop. I think he makes them in carbon or fibreglass. I really want one of the carbon ones but there are other more important things my cars need right now haha. Have a look… https://www.bakemono.net/home
  22. Hi guys I got 2 H6 leggies with me and one have an issue similar to this. Good running one got 200k + naughty one closing towards 170k Both 5EAT auto 2004 H6 I tried with running on 100 octane, which is available around the corner from my place down here in Christchurch it has no effect so don't waste your money pumping overpriced 98 in Auckland. Changed all the sensors and even swapped the throttle bodies between cars. Before this I did all the text book stuff and poured a ton of cash. Done list Fuel pump, filte
  23. Hey guys Has anyone fitted an OEM V7 STI bonnet scoop to a GC8? Is it possible or are the mounting points totally different. Thinking of putting something bigger on there but I don't like the look of the big V8-9 style aftermarket ones Cheers
  24. Only difference I can think of might be ABS vs none-ABS. You can use hubs with ABS rings on a none ABS car... but not vice versa.
  25. Are v7 wrx hubs, wheel bearings etc identical to the v7 Sti ones?
  26. Hey guys, apologies for dredging up an old thread but seems relevant to me. I'm about to do my first oil change on my BR9 2.5gt Legacy. I've come across the turbo banjo bolt filter in the oil feed line that according to some online sources should be either flushed or removed completely. Anyone have any feedback on this? Classic Youtube clip where the guy just punched a pick right through it... guess that pushed him down the remove it route! On another note also having a hard time getting the seatbelt chime to shut up. Done the IGN on and 20 times buckle/unbuckle, more than 20
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