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  2. Old GT30 chrome grille is out and the B4 grille is in. And yes, it's filthy... (damn Auckland water restrictions)
  3. Wear is from abuse or lack of maintenance. the wrong gear and low rpm would be far worse. If the factory ecu lets you do it then no problems, you can rev it to the redline if you like. Also if it caused excessive wear then the ecu would have been wired to the gearbox or clutch to stop it free revving.
  4. No, you need to replace your engine now, sorry to tell you. (How do you think launch control works?)
  5. Hey guysI don't usually rev my engine in neutral ever as it has done 200,000km and is a bugeye WRX. Had some friends around and they wanted to hear it and I revved it to 3k rpm in neutral maybe 4 or 5 times. No further than that and also car was warm as I had been driving in 10 mins before this happened.I read that is not necessarily good to do while engine is unloaded but I assume a few revs to 3k in neutral would cause minimal additional wear correct?I am just wondering since vehicle has high km and also going to get it tuned soon! Cheers
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  7. Nice. Ill buy slme stuff for my new subaru which I havnt mentioned here yet but picking up tomorrow. Ill make a thread later
  8. FYI Whiteline has 25% off everything for their Black Friday sales. Also you can use my referral code: WL2569 on their website to get an extra $20 off any purchase over $150. Get yourself an early Christmas present.
  9. Been a while since someone posted on this sooo i'll give it a wee bump even though car photography is not a strong point for me
  10. @Dairusire First time i’ve come across someone with the same awesome Wiha screwdriver, possibly my second favourite thing in my toolbag.
  11. That looks gorgeous! Really nice and tidy BH Also, shameless plug for anyone reading. Theres a one day sale for anything Link related. can do up to 30% off and taking pre-orders until Thursday. Sale day is Friday. Cash preferable. But I wanna hook up the clubbies and best as I can. Let me know if you want Link gear or ECUs. because, basically... the Storm G4x goes from $1950+gst to under $1350+gst.... Good deals to be had y'all. Over the weekend, I pulled the engine out of my Legacy.... Because blown headgasket. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay... It's sah dirteh That crap you see on the oil filter? Yeah, that filter has only been on there 6mo.... big yikes.
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  13. If your car has a down pipe or tune then it’s just the ecu tables that need tweaking. I guess just the wastegate control needs to be a little more aggressive.
  14. Nah, starts fine both at beginning and after stalling. Sorry, yes auto.
  15. Ah right. So is this any indication or a bad solenoid, or bad connection, maybe solenoid needs cleaning? Come to think about it, I was in fourth gear and just planted it.
  16. I see the one on trade-me has the tyre carrier and the wings on the back as well, must be a tight fit! So happy to have both the brush bar and the tyre carrier, just need to find the front spats and the side-skirts and it's done!
  17. now you can carry 2x spare wheels hah I dont mind mine with the STI wings on the back, front 'brush bar' (as some call it) is enough for me
  18. Finally test fitted the rear tyre carrier, pretty happy with it, and it definitely gives it the distinctive Gravel Express look. Just need to work out how the it mounts permanently, setting the height etc, and also build a catch for it, as it's the only main part I don't have. And of course attempt to remove the advertising on it.
  19. That code and going up hill in a high gear is usually over boosting. Ie the waste gate and solenoid range isn’t enough to keep the boost at target. maybe 57 is due to limp mode but 47 could be anything.
  20. Just finished a detail, couldn't not take some pics
  21. Long story short: driving home from a 3 hour drive, driving up hill on a motorway, wound up some boost and the car surged forward awkwardly, slowed up and went into limp mode (TC off light, check engine light, SI drive light flashing etc) cleared the lights with 5 stop starts. Car has been driving fine, but I quickly and luckily got my car scanned 5 mins later. These codes came up: Engine Control System: 1: P0244: Turbocharger waste gate solenoid a range/performance(High Input) DTC Brake control system 1: C0057 VDC control interruption because of engine instructions 2: C0047 Improper CAN communication Obviously I need to check and properly diagnose something to avoid P0244 again, but what exactly? im guessing the brake control system codes are the ECU’s reaction to the first code?
  22. One of the boys crew is an automotive groomer, gave the spec c a once over (even got out the clay) shiny and smooth
  23. Installed my blitz boost gauge today with a zero sports holder very pleased with how it looks! Plus car is doing 14psi which is perfect
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