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  2. As far as I know it's a stock motor with a tdO5h, basic "big bore", chip and about 13psi. Looks likely the thermostat seized while someone else was driving it and it's venting to the coolant now. just wanting to put car back to as stock appearance so you wouldn't know. Plan would be have both motors on stands and then just switch over. Ideally I'd use a stock bc5 motor but if I can't find a good one I will just hide a better sti block in there with the bc5 set up running it. Is this a fair plan? More info would be great , really appreciate it. Cheers Tim
  3. Yea all bolts up. You can't swap the rocker covers but I think you can run v1-2 coils and they fit? Or with wiring mods it's easy to run later model coils or wasted spark setup. I've done it if you need more info. What spec is your current setup? Exhaust, intercooler, boost control, ecu, fuel pump ?
  4. I had to Google verboten
  5. The applied model code for GF8-015083 is GF8C58D (build date 21/09/95) which comes up with this So yea, seems to be legit. It has the correct seats and door cards, and the centre boss with with STI embossing is uncommon. I'd check the engine numbers to see if they match as who knows whats in it as it looks like its been modded a bit given it running the wrong expansion bottle and they've removed the A/C. Otherwise, looks pretty good
  6. Hi guys, I have a cooked ej20g in my 89 RS. I also have a v3 STI motor lying around. Can I strip the EJ20k back to a long block and switch all auxiliaries, sensors, turbo and loom over from the ej20g and throw the motor straight in as a replacement? I suspect the rocker covers need changing to accommodate the coil packs? A link or some instructions would be fantastic online. Appreciated. Tim
  7. I checked stickers in your other topic. says STI on guards from factory.
  8. Partsouq says it came with STI stickers for front fenders. under GF8-015083 outer accessories 919-01: LETTER MARK its missing the large WRX from the boot though. But with respray I wouldn’t put it back.
  9. Eyeing up this WRX STI for my brother. Have been and inspected it and test driven etc. For peace of mind, we just want to know if it’s a legitimate STI or not. We couldn’t figure out by Chassis codes or VIN and it doesn’t help that carjam registered it just as Subaru Impreza. Any help? Cheers
  10. Another question if someone can answer: How can we tell that it is a legitimate STI?
  11. Possibly shielding wire, but most shielding I've seen is around the sensor wire. CAS is something that would need shielding. Unsure if factory or not, but those crimps are used in factory looms. Being unused could make sense for a shield (grounded at the ecu).
  12. Those guys charge like wounded bulls on crack.
  13. Thank you all for the help. Sorted now so i do uust have to change the disc into 326mm size.😅
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  15. Hey guys, i own a 97 legacy rs bd5 Sedan model. Was after a Rear Strut Brace for my leggy. Anyone know where to get one? Or which ones from other models will fit? Thanks
  16. double barrelled fail; 1. seat covers for a porsche is verboten, 2. car is photos is definitely not a macan or anything from stuttgart. 😝
  17. Hi I have a 5th Gen Legacy GT and have been trying to get Cruise Control to work. i have fitted the new buttons and four post break switch, wired into the ECU. But still no luck. Could it be that my ECU is not enabled to do this? I have brought one of the cheap ecu contention cables to run FreeSSM, would this be able to tell me? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
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  19. You can actually get a good deal on riced out 20yr old sh*tters, they're usually so ugly your average buyer won't go near them for that reason. Matte spraycan home paint jobs, ugly wheels, done up interiors, cosmetic dents, bad taste mods can get you a cheap daily that would otherwise be 500-1000 dollars extra unmodified and have more buyers interested.
  20. Fitted a Cusco Brake Master brace today, again overkill for an outback, but I had to tutu with the at least a little bit over the long weekend Also got the WRX cleaned and WOF'd. Its been months since I drove it last, i'm just glad I remember how to drive a manual!
  21. Hi guys! Appreciate all your comments. so i went to have a look on trade me and some sells smaller diameter than 330 and states “fits” brembos. So wasnt sure about that but yeah was thinking will be bigger rotors will solve this issue? this is a photo of what i meant of the brembos Being thick.
  22. Not sure if right subforum, defs wrong forum but i don't want to join a Nissan forum just yet. Car in question is a Nissan Serena c23 with an sr20de. I'm fixing it and when I was going to replace the crank angle sensor I found a few dodgy wires going to it. Big one is this wire that has no insulation, can't be factory but someone has extended it a little then wrapped it round the rest and taped up.. Not sure what it does but CAS connector is 4 pin and the connector it goes to is 5 (unused therefore). As the connector is the same for various other sr2des, some rbs, I've looked at wiring diagrams for said cars (bugger all for Serenas online) and still nothing. I'm guessing it could be for troubleshooting? But the cut and tape job surely can't be factory. And I'm gonna fit wires of the same gauge to the CAS replacing the thin ones currently connected to it
  23. I recommend GFB parts. Made in Aus, good gear.
  24. Call MSNZ tech team. They are easy to deal with. Also they are the only opinion that matters. They will also know the changes to requirements over that time. It’s easy to redraw the diagrams and measure the outside but you’ll need the specs of the steel like cold drawn seamless and the wall thickness and sizes. hard bit is the bends minimum thickness and photos of the welds.
  25. Hi guys I need some advice on my cage in my club car. I have a WRX with a 6pt cage built by Possum Borne Motorsport 5 years ago. However a number of things occurred at the time, the shop changed owners and the cage never got ticked off by MSNZ. PBMS doesn’t have the paperwork anymore, all I have is a receipt for the cage work. Does anyone have any advise on how I go about getting the cage signed off? Cheers
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