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  2. Haha I ended up getting one off an old Impreza from pick a part works fine only difference is it’s orange 🍊 thanks for the help m8 can cross that one off the list now 👍
  3. Maybe. You check the parts numbers here: https://jp-carparts.com/subaru/carlist.php?maker=subaru
  4. Last week
  5. Choice. Gonna get it replaced regardless. Just one less broken thing on my car haha Do you think they are all interchangeable between models around 98-02? Looked at a forester one and they all seem to look similar bar the mounting bracket. It the hose ports are the same. I’d rather pull one from pick a part than pay the 170 bucks for a new one from the states! Like I’m certain there is no TURBO ONLY purge valve that’s model specific one or anything like that but hey this is Subaru we are talking about….
  6. Probably not. The evap valve should only open when the engine has vacuum and if the blocked line is going into the intake manifold... the evap valve opening won't do anything at all.
  7. Yup I didn’t think it was the boost solenoids as there is one under the drivers fender and another one inside the solenoid box. I wonder if the evap solenoid being half snapped like that has had anything to do with boost and or air fuel ratios cause ever since I’ve owned this car I’ve been chasing a persistent vacuum leak and I’m half wondering if this could be the culprit.
  8. Not in that position I don't think... the boost control stuff is usually on the right strut tower... though I'm not familiar with turbo Legacys... Subaru likes to keep everything similar across cars of the same era.
  9. It’s not the boost solenoid is it? Looks similar in shape and has two nipples for the hoses to go into. Would explain my erratic boost on my secondary https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32967331339.html Actually you might be right on the money mate https://www.ebay.com/itm/203288871455?_ul=CL what’s the purpose of this solenoid and can it have an impact on boost at all?
  10. Interesting. this is the only neighbouring sensor I can find and it seems it’s lower nipple has snapped off to where a hose nearby may slip onto it. A hose that’s been blanked off perhaps 🤔 Any ideas as to what this sensor may be?
  11. Could very well be if wherever the hose is meant to go isn’t plugged up. Seems like a pretty important line to be plugged too. It’s not very long either so seems like around that area would be a line it goes to will have to have a good look and check it out
  12. Well it could be the cause of your boost issues.
  13. As far as I can see everything looks like it should be where it should be it’s just this random hose which goes nowhere? It’s not AFAIK affecting anything major or it can’t be that bad for me to notice while driving but I just can’t let it hang like that it needs to be plugged in or my brain will just let it consume me 😂
  14. Is the EVAP canister still present and hooked up? Is it a turbo? Oh I see your other post... a twin turbo.
  15. Strangely it goes back up to the middle hose above the red alternator cover
  16. 2002 Legacy rev D noticed when I took the plastic alternator cover off this little hose had a screw in it. I don’t have a CEL or anything I just have no idea as to why I would be blanked off any ideas to what it is? Bit clearer
  17. Hi everyone I’m new to the forum I’ve been a long time lurker but only now have had to ask for some help. Recently came into purchasing a very nice 2002 GT-B Limited and I’ve owned a few wagons and B4’s in the past but never a revision D which I’m 💯 percent sure this is because the headlamps are different and the vin check on legacypic.com confirms it to be all correct. problem is the boost isn’t quite what I would consider correct… Ive installed a boost gauge and I get on WOT 14-15 psi primary then valley o death comes in at the usual changeover point but then I only get around 12psi to redline and it seems to taper off. the primary seems too high and the secondary seems too low almost like the levels needs to be switched around The usual suspects have been looked into. No vacuum leaks, MAF Sensor is newish as this was one of the things previous owner mentioned gave him grief in the past spark plugs are all iridium’s and done within the last month that brings me to the latest discovery this morning. I know the boost restrictor pills on these cars play a very important role and the plumbing of the vaccum lines for this car is different than my last rev A wagon and found a diagram on here which has helped me identify a few of the pills My car has three pills from what I can see one in the smaller line coming off the blue T shaped connector between the blow off valve and manifold It has a small pill in the black box of death on line 2 (this was missing from a previous car so I know to check this one first) and one more in the bottom vaccum line between the turbo inlet and white T piece and line 23 All diagrams I can find show me there is supposed to be four pills and the one I am missing looks like the hose closest to the manifold but this diagram looks more like a revision A B or C cause the rev D has a big metal pipe to connect the hose to the blue t and bov im really confused cause if the diagram is correct then I’m missing a 2.0mm pill but if not then I’m at a loss to what could be creating erratic boost behaviour. Does anyone have the ability to just take some pics of their rev D vaccum hoses and point out which pills go where? Everything I look up just has older models like Bg and rev a b or c sorry about the long winded post I would really appreciate the help as I don’t wanna push this thing too hard it’s a great car cheers!
  18. Earlier
  19. Bump : how good are the "old" DIY threads! even better when the images still work ❤️ and yeah Love the update to twin straps
  20. isnt the ECU "almost" plug & Play? and have you read the guides posted on these forums? ❤️ The Single Turbo Conversion Thread 2.0 -ReubenH Reubens Second Single Conversion thread -ReubenH Rosssub's Single Turbo Conversion -Rosssub found in the FAQ Mega thread here :
  21. You can probably do 95%+ of it yourself. Get the factory service manual for the car and the ECU pinout from the Link website for the appropriate plugin ECU. Then buy a big pack of those crimp+shrink connectors and a proper crimping tool and just match everything up.
  22. HP24 : https://www.facebook.com/events/848433156574794/?ref=newsfeed 20 JAN 2024 AT 10:00 – 22 JAN 2024 AT 17:00 #Hardpark2024 "Spread the word and tell everyone you know with a modified ride, doesn’t matter if it’s a hot rod, street machine, import, truck or bike."
  23. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=horimedianz&set=a.1030616467851837
  24. Hi all, im new here and I have just purchased a BG5 legacy with a 2000 Subaru forester single turbo motor. It still requires the V3/V4 3 plug single turbo ecu wired in. what I’m asking is if there’s anyone in Wellington that knows what they’re doing and would be able to help me complete the job. of course I’m happy to pay for your time. thanks, Fergus
  25. pics to come : got to @RAYDEO's bout 10am we did some prep & snuck down the wrong street to get in A propper pre-meet woulda worked better as we were a bit spread out but managed to park together kinda cool day hung over this morning from Homebrewski's hah skipped todays Burnouts & tonight's Cruise still worth it! Half a tank of Deez in the Hyundai towing down & pack
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