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  3. I'll have a look see in that thread thanks haha
  4. Cruise control Thread Might have answer : I've not read it all the way through though sorry >
  5. I'll have a look around for said diagrams and I'll update if I find anything. But thanks for the input guys
  6. There are diagrams around... you just need to search for them. It's very likely that Joker is correct though. Just a spare plug with some power going to it, so useful for some previous owners to hook into for whatever.
  7. Nope it does not Is there any like diagram showing the different plugs etc for this car? Like a wiring diagram
  8. "Might" be a Factory option not installed eg cruise control? ie all the Looms are the same : depends on the Buyers "Options list" for new cars
  9. It doesn't plugin into the back of one of those panels?
  10. I was searching around in my driver's side footwell looking for a 4 pin brake plug because some have it (mine didn't) and I came across this mystery 15 pin plug that has been a bit molested with those plastic splice things and lots of tape. I'm wondering what this plug is for and/or what was wired into it. This car was imported from Japan in 2018 and I only bought it a few months ago. It's a 2007 legacy GT, automatic https://imgur.com/a/atdy7eb (Never posted photos before hope this works lol) edit : Joker helps :
  11. @Technikhaus Did you ever have any luck, i'm at exactly the same point, hardware installed, verified conectivity back to ecu, free ssm says its setup, but still no CC
  12. Can't remember off the top of my head but it was probably something like that or more. I could clearly see it constantly moving around on the display which was what lead me down the track in the first place. Driveability was never an issue. The tuner didn't really care. I just did it for my peace of mind, easy to justify when you can see an actual difference in logs.
  13. Thanks. How big were the fluctuations, if you remember? I am seeing +/- 0.25 psi at idle. Were they a problem for the tuner, or you just judged them as warranting the dampers before it got to the tuner?
  14. Not really the situation you're talking but I originally didn't have any when I did aftermarket rails and lines along with deleting the factory ones. Found pressure fluctuations in logs was considerable so chucked some rail mounted ones in which smoothed things up heaps
  15. Who has installed one in a car that didn't have one originally (90s Subarus to my knowledge) when upgrading their fuel system?
  16. Put a OBD2 on it, no codes or past codes showing up. Don't have any access to any other ECU data. Can't put my original one back on as the threads are f***ed on that one now
  17. No CEL/codes then? I'd probably still want to put a code reader on it. Heinous fuel economy usually goes with a wonky O2 sensor. Ask your mate you loaned the sensor to to swap and see if it resolves it/breaks theirs.
  18. G'day boys, Lent the downpipe o2 sensor to a mate to get a cert done the other week, obviously the car ran rich during the week I was driving it with no o2 sensor + gating out the downpipe. After that put a fresh o2 sensor direct from Subaru into the downpipe. - About two weeks later the economy just dropped to apron 6.4km/L when sitting on cruise control on the motorway at 100kmh. Previously it would get 12-13km/L under the same scenario. - After that it also felt like it was not boosting as hard, put a Savage boost gauge in and its only boosting to 5psi which from searching around seems to be waste gate pressure when something is going wrong with the car. Since then I have tried, - Taking the downpipe o2 sensor out and re-installing it to make sure it was sealing correctly. - Taking Mid-Cat o2 sensor out and re-installing it to make sure it was sealing correctly. - Swapping GFB Hybrid BOV over to stock BPV. - Cleaning out MAF Sensor. - Brand new NGK 6b Spark Plugs - Reset the ECU multiple times in between screwing around with all this stuff. Car is practically stock apart from; - Mishimoto Intake - Savage Boost Gauge - GFB Hybrid BOV (Been replaced by stock BPV) - Mid-Cat, Resonator and Muffler Delete Anything else worth trying, moving away soon so going to be real annoying having to do heaps of long distance driving while getting ruined on gas. Cheers Lads and Lasses
  19. The biggest thing is to always rinse the underneath of the car with fresh water after every single time you go on the beach. Rinse through any underbody trays, and into any holes in the chassis where sand can get into. As far as tyres go, standard road tyres are fine in the sand, in fact they some times work better than A/T's and M/T's. The biggest thing is having a decent tyre that you can let the pressure down if you need to. Perhaps get some smaller wheels and then tyres with a bigger sidewall. Letting the tyres down in pressure makes a world of difference and reduces the load on the transmission. Always pays to carry a mobile compressor on board so you can inflate them again as soon as you get back onto the road. You will be surprised how well it will go on the sand. The Subaru AWD system is very good!!
  20. Cool, hope chassis is bent and they part it out.
  21. Too many kilowatts for the jandal 🤣
  22. Apparently modified as well, somewhere in the 400-500kw. 2.5L and looks like a twin-scroll EFR turbo?, 6-speed etc.
  23. An RA too by the looks. Makes it a bit sad.
  24. In the end after test driving a couple of Levorgs, I really, really wanted to like them, but the gearbox just completely ruined it. Heaps of go from the FA20 but just no sense of occasion, an old school auto would have been waaaay better. If I could’ve convinced the missus I would have just gotten another gen 4 wagon. Ended up with a mk7 Golf GTI instead.
  25. Impreza numbers reduced by one. Was it anyone here ? 🤣 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/auckland-boy-racers-crash-on-quay-st-crowd-blocks-road/O3GIPCYTIBFIBGJGMWLBF7MDZM/
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