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  2. Well, I got it running after about 4 weeks of faffing round with getting some Radium fuel rails that weren't stuffed out of the box. Side note, Patrick at pbms was really helpful. With that sorted, it's also fixed the fuel leak I was experiencing. Boy this thing absolutely rips. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. I just bought a vf22 thats in pretty good condition. The factory intercooler needs the top fin in every location ripped off or straightend . Chuck me a message with your email and we can talk more . Im in chch
  4. Im yet to jack the car up and play with the wheel for sloppyness as I do not have anything around the house to put under the car incase the wheel jack fails etc. Not sure if some tiles and wood would be enough etc. Anyway, it grinds when I move the wheel left a little when back to centre or right it stops. Started about 1000km ago and just got worse, still driveable but needs attention. Who would be the best Mech in North Auckland (pref Albany to Silverdale etc) to repair it without over charging me etc? ie making out its a complete suspension failure or some absurdity. Most mechs I find trustworthy but you hear the occasional not so good.
  5. Congrats! I sold my Starlet for a MK6 GTi a few months ago.. still getting used to the DSG quirks, otherwise pretty fun car.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Finally got my RS back from the mechanic/dyno/cert etc. Will possibly do a build thread if i can ever commit myself to understanding how to post photos. Jumped on the "fACtoRy LoCAtiOn turbo" hype train and picked up 205kW atw on a top mount. Anyway car is fully legal now and has a brand new steering rack and fresh shifter bushes to boot so feels (almost) new so now to actually drive it (within the various covid boundaries of course...).
  8. @lachlan I'll take you up on the intercooler, VF23 and ECU(s) depending on price. @ginganinja is selling a HKS hi-power catback and I can vouch for these exhausts. Really, really nice. You may have trouble finding a downpipe as most of the ones available suit a GD chassiss. (They are single scroll and mount to the gear box, but they are slightly longer in overall length and make it a pain to fit to a GC catback). NZKW do the black silicon intakes. Don't know about the turbos - I sourced a brand new VF for $1,000. If you have the money, you should be able to pick up a VF between 1-2k or an aftermarket one that will fit the factory location in the same price range.
  9. @Serchn I sourced mine from RHD Japan. I got nailed with freight and import duty, but it was still about half the price compared to Subaru NZ and a fraction of the wait time as it was air freighted compared to sea freighted. I purchased genuine STI kit
  10. Last week
  11. Legend! Thankyou Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  12. Remove all restrictor pills with a 3-port. Right hand port to atmo, middle to comp cover and left one to the wastegate
  13. Hi all, anyone know which hose goes where on a Mac 3 port boost controller? And does the restrictor pill need to stay in? All the info I'm finding online seems to contradict itself. Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  14. Haven't done much to it for a while but just got it back from fab, now has a front mount intercooler. This one is quite different from all the other BH/BE's I've had, I've ST swapped it using a vf30, 6 speed swap from a BL, brembos going on one day, eifel prova adjustable suspension, genuine work wheels and a blitzen bumper. Paint to come one day but new engine first. Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  15. When you replace a part, and *hit still doesn't work properly Lower arm rest tray in the GRB, broke the catch trying to get it to stay closed, ordered another catch, fitted it, still doesn't stay closed 😬
  16. The UPS 12v connectors can do that ther are big and not splash proof though. I was thinking of doing the same as I know I’ll drive off with a charger connected.
  17. What I really want is a magnetic disconnect hidden in the front bumper so I don't rip the CTEK off the wall when I forget about it and reverse out of the garage, and I don't have to open the bonnet each time.
  18. Anyone know where to get a front mount kit for 97 rs legacy?
  19. Maybe with a TT... single turbo wrx will spike from my experience... it's not by much and it's down low when the boost is just coming on, so plenty of excess fuel in the mixture.
  20. bit of an old Wives tale eh 20 years of TT's modders & not much over spooling going on with other builds
  21. I had a decatted (2-2.5"?) zerosport dp on my legacy for a bit - didn't notice any boost spikes, in fact, didn't really notice much difference other than a bit more noise and carbon/soot/tar build up on the bumper above the exhaust. I've sure if it was tuned you could get more out of it Also if i recall correctly, the cat is only on the secondary turbo - the primary dp doesnt have one
  22. Surely it will spike a bit? These aren't closed loop are they?
  23. I was looking at the panel mount kit one with the lights. I just get all overkill stuff so I never have to buy twice. same reason I have the 1/2” Milwaukee impact driver. Though it is a fun toy on suspension bolts.
  24. Wont the turbos overboost if you cut the cat out of primary downpipe?
  25. I’ve got the 5.0 version It seems to be more than fast enough for how often I use it. I also got it with the rubber bumper case and the battery sense module which helps a bunch by notifying me when it's starting to get low.
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