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  2. I dont know why but my last one had no issues what so ever. its almost like they used anti corrosive spray on the under carriage. I always use an under carriage washer with some saltaway. But many SUV/4wds get on the sand, Outbacks were designed just for Tarmac. If I was going for a nice drive on road only, Id go a B4 legacy/Liberty. Nice firm ride in those.
  3. Hey guys thanks, sorry for really late reply, forgot about thread. This last one looks real good, even can do a reverse camera. I wonder if there is a new model with android 11 yet or if this one is updateable?
  4. The thought of all that salt/sand makes my soul weep but I'm sure many folk do
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  6. I use to take my old outback along the sand in NSW and I see there is a club for Brumbies etc up Stockton Beach (above Newcastle) Does anybody take their AWD Subarus up NZ beaches? I mainly want to for fishing along Muriwai and 90 mile beach. Will buy some beach retrieval gear of course as everybody gets stuck once in their lives. I also wonder if there is a set of tyres that would be suited for the sand and for the road? Currently on Potenza's but I imagine next January they will need replacing, already done 55kkm on them.
  7. i've done about 50 launches on my v11. many of them very poor form and above 6000rpms lol. Didnt break anything until i money shifted at the track. You'll be fine.
  8. 4000 rpm, done that many times before especially from hillstars on the old v7 which was extremely free revving with lightened flywheel and unecessarily large throttle body.. it's not much of a problem unless you uphill with bunch of crap in the car and carrying heaps of heavy passengars. how did you manage to measure power at the flywheel after tuning? removed and put it on the engine dyno? normaly tuner gives power from dyno measurement which is at the wheels.
  9. Last week
  10. Oh I read funkytown, but couldn't see him in the photo. He's in Hamilton I think.
  11. Tauranga afaik : nah Matt F is / was funkyMonkey I thought? also "Name that band"
  12. Lol I have the opposite problem. Down pipe and titanium cat back with massive quad tips.
  13. Second this, the Genome is quite a big muffler and the AdrenalinR's sound bloody good. Or if your car still has a mid cat, get that removed.
  14. @Odie @[email protected] [keltk] @[email protected] @RAYDEO oh and Myself Just to name a few (that's not in order either) "faces to the names" from last weekends 'nuptials feat. Regan and the 'other Ben'
  15. Wanting to know if anyone has gone about doing a DBW conversion. I currently have a 20h intake manifold that I've made a bp/bl throttle body fit, albeit it ain't pretty.. Have a pedal from the same car and a link dbw module that will talk to my g4+. If anyone has done it and made the throttle body fit to an older intake, I would love to know how it looks.
  16. Low mount is on a lot of builds, even moved to factory low mount as it’s more efficient. Look at some of the beatle ej conversions they have done it a few times. Skid factory builds as well. It’s pretty basic just minimising losses in the exhaust before the turbo. mine is built for 850whp but that’s only as a new stock crank was used. I’m going for fast spool and quick response so mine will be around 500hp. Have you modelled any of the turbos, though all should be better than your current one. the EFR has some nice feature which aren’t popular with so
  17. I was hoping for some feedback on these as I know nothing about them they are more expensive aren't they? Block was built to handle 1000hp. I'm in no rush and sounds great txs. My car has sat in the shed on stands for 18 months another few wont hurt. Only concern is u have 2.5 L mine is basically 2.1. Who is building yours and running it. Are u worried about getting e85 now? How did u establish it's the best turbo for spool up? Going to stick twisted setup for now too much work relocating to fog light cover area is what I think your basically saying.
  18. For those who are reluctant to Google, here's the complete write-up: https://www.perrin.com/blog/post/efr6758-stock-sti-turbo-killer
  19. Ok thanks. Ill hopefully get this done this weekend.
  20. On the intake mani, directly under the throttle. So there is the crankcase breather port... it has a plastic T section... one side goes to the intake pipe, the other goes to the pcv. Some newer blocks have two crankcase breathers... I just blocked the second one up when I had one of those... I don't know how it is plumbed into the OEM system at all.
  21. Ok very helpful. Thanks. So where ecactly is the pcv for the crankcase? Is it on the block or intake manifold?
  22. The air going into the catch can is not metered air... it can be vented to the atmosphere. The biggest thing to be worried about it is not restricting the flow from the heads and crankcase with small ports on your breather. I use a 4 port can... one port for each breather appropriately sized... and one large breather port on top which I vent under the car. Block the paths back into the intake pipe and remove the pcv and block that port too... though some people would prefer to keep it.
  23. I'm not a lawyer, and in fact was escorted from my law faculty for gross moral ineptitude (and poor personal hygiene), but I'm going to say that your chart does not meet the standard of proof required to backup your claims
  24. I want to sort my pvc setup before getting my retune for my V7 Sti and have a few questions. Would running a three port catch can with one port for both head breathers, second port for crankcase vent and the 'clean air' port (third port) to just run underneath the car instead of back into intake be okay? Are there any issues letting 'metered air' escape? Id rather let the air go to atmosphere as I bet there is still somehow still oil or other crap in the 'clean' air. Its also easier in my case to just vent it carefully underneath the engine. Also is it fine to combine the
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