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  2. A full carbon fibre 22B that costs 5 million pounds... for the fans.
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  4. Restomod GC8 ? https://www.evo.co.uk/subaru/204839/prodrive-p25-teased-continuation-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-on-its-way 😄
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  7. Still a WIP but hoping to pick this up this week
  8. Mike / @Hotspurz tribute is : there will be those among you that would have liked to pay your respects to Debbie, in lieu of this you may consider making a donation to Motor Neurone Disease New Zealand, this link will take you to the donation page where you can make a General Donation https://in-loving-memory-mnd-nz.raisely.com/donate
  9. I seem to recall, at least for the wagon, the main difference between a standard gtb and the "s line" was that the later had full black interior trim and headliner
  10. google takes me here : https://legacypic.uk/car/specs.php?id=286 / not a lot of differences listed there other than later model compared to a plain jane RSK
  11. applied model code is BE5D4RT Option Code 56C i believe that due to the option code, this makes it a 2002 Legacy B4 RSK Revision D S-Edition. Just curious as to what the S-edition means in this case is all but it seems relatively unknown
  12. too new for my but what year? / revision? any chance of the Applied Model code? (not your VIN # eg will be E-BE51234567 E-BE5 = Sedan that meets Emissions protocol (the E came in around 93-94) B - boxer E - Sedan Chassis (Wagon is H) 5 - Doors (inc boot) 1 - is your revision code (A- B - C or D) 234567 option codes
  13. Can't seem to find anywhere online what the exact details are that differentiate the S-edition B4 from the regular model. Any knowledge at all regarding this model would be greatly appreciated, cheers
  14. stock seats from a v9 wrx are black, well the wagons are so I assume the sedans are ive got fixed back brides in my wrx, not ideal for daily driving but its only a weekend car for me
  15. It is with great Sadness and regret to announce the passing of Debbie today alot of us will have memories of the antics in and around the 04 and recently the 03 RIP CS Mum
  16. Had to remove the air filter to hear it to adjust😂. I’m surprised how much better it feels between gear changes when on it. Even the electronic boost gauge seems to move faster on the down. Was a bit hesitant on the up to 30% claim for the price. Glad I adjusted it as there’s definitely a difference between out of the box and wound up lol.
  17. Running on 100 now, reset the ECU and done a few short drives to get the IAM to move. Heres hoping it stays this way, time will tell
  18. Shot, thanks man! Will follow the RomRaider route since it's known to work. Only thought it was the older LV program as it looks super similar Cheers for confirming that Andy, glad to know I'm not missing a step here. I'll need to get my RomRaider functioning this weekend and give this another go
  19. If you can get hold of recaro rails compatible with your chassis then the GR/GV Recaro’s are very supportive for a factory option seat. Deep enough for decent support without being too uncomfortable or hard to get out of
  20. I think something went wrong with a windows driver that destroyed compatibility with the standalone LV program a few years ago as it seems to no longer work for almost everyone. The one in the top menu’s of romraider logger is the next best way
  21. ADM and JDM reading should be the same process. I use a cheap VAGCOM Ftdi cable which is just a cheap version of tactrix, but for logging only. I also used tactrix cable in the past and it works fine. Use rom raider software, make sure you download both ECU definition files, and also Logger definition files, and specify them in Romraider. Open the logger section, and then select learning view, after 5 or so seconds should pop up a new window with all the data. No need to bridge any pins, straight plug in and read data via romraider
  22. Are you just reading these with a Tactrix and Learning View software? I could pull my tune today but was unable to view my Learning View which was annoying. Learning View apparently wouldn't find my Tactrix cable to use to read, yet ECUFlash worked fine to read the tune. I assume you don't need to bridge any pins anywhere for a diagnostic mode before you can read anything aye? I've got a 2008 JDM GT, unsure if it's diff to the ADM 3.0R that you have for reading things, I'd think not but I could be wrong.
  23. You were correct, I did find a small split in the air duct prior to the throttle body. Used some glue and filler to get it air tight back up. Somewhat of an improvement in the air flow figures, thats after an ECU reset and 1 hour of mixed driving and idling. Still baffles me with the IAM,
  24. Finally got around to putting in the bpv 😂, got to wait till Friday to adjust and test it tho 🙈
  25. All zero’s in those two tables means the tune and health of things is bang on but usually isn't attainable for a stock tune so a little bit of variation isn't terrible. The corrections in the top table can be controlled by the ecu as high as 15% so they're half way to being uncontrollable variations. Most of your bottom ones are positive which isn't super normal but isn't bad like negatives are which indicate there has been knock in that range consistent enough for the ecu to make a semi permanent reduction to the timing.
  26. What are "good" figures? Might pull mine soon just as a health check
  27. Through leak check is the way to go if it still has the factory MAF box and not a pod filter one. Those figures are reasonably bad so it could be the infamous split in the intake plenum just before the throttle body
  28. Romraider, looking at 'learning view'. Yeah I agree. It runs absolutey fines, no issue what so ever, was more just somewhat alarmed to see the dropped IAM value. My old man was running 91 in an older outback EZ30, somehow that is still surviving upto the high 200,000 kms and still going. My one on the other hand will be getting far nicer treatment...
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