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  2. Drilled into the WAIC? similar location to where everyone installs them in normal top mount?
  3. I have previously, I ran it just to the left of the throttle body outlet if I recall correctly. Not sure if I have any photos though sorry!
  4. Just checking if anyone here has an IAT sensor that is using a water to air top mount intercooler, if so where is it located?
  5. Last week
  6. So Went for Brembo oem pads the old ones that were in the car were the brand called Surehalt lol that just sounds nasty
  7. Mate has a Outlander PHEV with similar features. It helped him avoid a crash on an off ramp when there was sunstrike, and a car directly in front of him slowed down very very quickly. It's definitely a feature where if I had the choice, I'd definitely go for it.
  8. Anyone had any issues with air bubbles in their cooling systems? Replaced a heater hose and didn't bleed the system properly. Temperature started spiking a couple days later so I bled it twice with a home made coolant burping kit and had it checked by a subaru specialist. Everything was functioning correctly and a cooling system pressure test was performed, there were no leaks. No trouble for a few days and then randomly spiked again driving home normally after some boosting. No bubbles in the overflow. My engine is an Ej22 with v4 STI heads running 20psi.
  9. I don't keep up to date much on new cars anymore and was pretty confused coming into this thread like no s*** its important haha Drove a brand new camry in the states in 2017 which had the adaptive cruise control and lane assist and collision avoidance which sounds a lot like this subaru equivalent. Never got to test the collision avoidance thankfully but on the large highways the adaptive cruise control was pretty awesome. I found the lane steering assist a really odd sensation. It felt like when you have a big gust of wind push you to the side in a light car. I can see it being a very good way to avoid rear ending someone if you lose concentration in traffic or fall asleep on a long drive etc.
  10. I haven't used it but know someone with it in a 2018 Outback and they rate it pretty highly... easpecially things like adaptive cruise control. I hate cruise control personally, but any driver aid focussed on collision avoidance has to be good imo.
  11. I am looking at BR Legacy GTs, and Eyesight has a price premium. The specs of the imported cars are all over the place, and Eyesight can be optioned on seemingly any trim level. I had a brief drive in a friends' BP Outback XT with Eyesight and it was very novel. If you have Eyesight on your Subaru, what do you think of it? Does it work well? Is it annoying and you turn it off? Has it saved you from a collision?
  12. This rom is the closest I've ever gotten to having a editible TT rom 2002/03 JDM Subaru Legacy 2.0TT MT A4SHC00H Also as a disclaimer, i was re-readinig this thread and please dont do like i did above "editing defs and re-defining them" unless you really know what you are doiing haha.
  13. Hey I’m after a ecu pinout for my 2008 v11 sti 2.5 manual can anyone help me
  14. Ok update time... on the leaking cylinder (#2 i think/FL) there is a rough spot on the cylinder wall, the patch is on the bottom towards the head side of the bore. looks like something sitting there has corroded it slightly? anyone familiar with this? And I may have figured why it overheated in the first place - due to the tear in the intake pipe downstream from AFM where it was attached to the undersized turbo inlet causing it to run lean. would explain why it initially overheated on a longer drive. So knowing this... do I need cylinder bore honed to take out slight roughness? I will assume piston rings are well cooked... from what i can see it's pretty straight forward redoing the rings, Do i need any specific tools to do this? a list or link would be most helpful Now turbo questions The plan currently is to go cheap and stick with the 26/27 combo it's on. Will be slapping a 27 CHRA into the 26 housing i currently have with the buggered turbine, as from what I've read it spools it quicker being a BB and not thrust/sleeve, get that balanced and would like to think it'll be all goods. so obviously i will need the proper sized intake y pipe from a rev a-c. Can anyone confirm the pipe is identical besides the primary turbo inlet connection?
  15. Why what does it mean? oh, as above.
  16. searching AOS will probably get you on some form of watchilst too LOL
  17. OEM are much better for the road than any performance pad. longer lasting, quieter, cleaner, and best performance when stone cold.
  18. Try Hayden Paddon..He is advertising brake pads etc..
  19. That's what I'm thinking the guy I spoke to at NZAD said they were not dusty
  20. I think I still have Marky's ones at home, I'll have a look tonight. And on that note, does anyone have a tactrix cable they dont want?
  21. oem pads will be the least dusty surely?
  22. Im currently looking for new pads that aren't real dusty - anyone know what Brembo pads are like?
  23. ahh thats what I meant hah edit : stink thing about the forum is you cant search 3 character words like WRX or STI either
  24. AOS air oil separator as well.
  25. What @RaKid said. most are just a coil inside to make an electro magnet, since it is pulling a bit of metal and not another magnet the polarity won’t matter. some are but then the wires are coloured, marked in writing or unit will be marked. MAC ones are all black. the only ‘guide’ I’ve seen is to do with which side the switching is on. The ground lead should be switched which is what ECU’s and boost controllers do. Unless it’s USA v8 based stuff then some have switched positive and switched negative to choose from.
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