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  2. Ahh cool thanks, I'll take a look at lunch and see what it says!
  3. Only reason I used FreeSSM when installing cruise was to check my ECU supported cruise control, for Legacy/Outback only certain trim levels include support for cruise. If you connect RomRaider logger and look at the Switches tab are the state of any of the cruise buttons shown ? This could be a clue that the ECU knows about CC.
  4. UPDATE 2020 we can now host on the forums! use the "choose files" button to upload your LOW RES images this will limit bandwidth and associated costs of hosting
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  6. I've never used the others very much, only to disable the air pump. I believe FreeSSM has a menu about cruise control that's all.
  7. I get the feeling the later ones won't really work with FreeSSM as they use the CAN connection to read from the ECU rather than serial as you've said. Can't imagine FreeSSM will show you anything the others won't be able to see?
  8. I've got a Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 Rev H, and a few random bluetooth adaptors. FreeSSM doesn't pick up a Serial port when I connect the Tactrix, but RomRaider will connect to the ECU.
  9. Yup light blue and red, that's on the column side of the plug, not the body loom side. You can confirm it's the same with yours by checking for continuity between the two pins and the resistance should change as you press the buttons.
  10. Excellent. So blue and red are the ones you used on the connector on the column just past the roll connector? Can't remember which one tried so might have to pull it all apart again to try.
  11. What cable are you using? I found mine wasn't on the standard list for OpenECU and RomRaider so needed to download separate def files to get the connection working properly.
  12. Similar issue to @GregNZ here, I have just installed the switches in the STI, and checked and it already has the 4 pole brake/stop switch: Trying to connect my laptop to the ECU with FreeSSM, but so far no luck in connecting, but I suspect that will tell me why it's not working. For rerence this is a Manual 2011 STI with push button start.
  13. Well after an hour or so with a super crappy multi-meter, I found the wires, cut up an old 3.5-RCA lead and guessed the wiring for the head uni 3.5mm remote in. And success! I feel so dirty doing it this way, but all my tools are at my workshop and I can't get there with the lock-down. so for now it's twisted and taped. Crappy video:
  14. Most people won't be changing out the manufacturers plate with applied model code on. Look at that first.
  15. Sti use a different turbo from wrx, check engine number, check vin/frame no. There's a big thread on here titled 'is my wrx an sti?' it should help if you get the vin and compare it to the list. Anyone can add stickers/badges for the +10bhp
  16. Hey guys just thought I'd start this thread here as I found some uber cool fog lamps with 'sti' covers I've never seen before. Would probably suit an old bc5 or alcyone/Leone etc as they are old school!
  17. When my seat belts were squeaking, I cut those ribs out. Didn't see any wax coating on them. Good work!
  18. I believe so. I don't know how this is a terribly big issue... the length thing is solved in about 6 minutes with a welder, and maybe a short length of stainless steel pipe.
  19. I'm sure some (a lot) of you have experienced this, but I did a search on here and came up empty. Now, my search of the internet for a solution to the squeaky seatbelt found endless solutions involving destruction!! The seatbelt rubs on one of the ribs of the cover trim on the B pillar. The generally accepted solution on you tube and other sources is to take the trim off and cut away the offending rib. The first rib down from the top opening. Now, after 35 years of working on cars, that solution screamed out "Bandaid" to me. If you have to cut something to fix something, 90% of the time you are missing the point. So, after viewing half a dozen Youtube videos all giving the same solution, I noticed on one that there was a bead of "stuff" on the bottom of this offending rib. Ah Ha!! I see it. This bead of "stuff" would appear to be some sort of wax type substance (factory applied? Dunno). I can do that... After removing my cover trim, should have taken pics of this for you, but too late now, I took it to my work bench and stood it upside down, with the ribs facing out. Offending rib will now be first up from the bottom. Off to the kitchen to fetch a candle. Light the candle, drip a thick bead of wax onto the offending rib, which will in essence be the underside of the rib. Fill it up till the wax starts to build over the edge of the rib, run all the way across the rib. That's it. Job done, reassemble, squeak gone. No butchery. If you have enough wax over the edge of the rib, by the time you are back down to the plastic, there will be enough wax on the belt that it will keep itself lubricated. At least it should. Cheers, KB.
  20. Cool. That was what I did at the steering column but for all I know I could have been using the wrong wires.
  21. @Andy_Mac Will let you know if we find the cable and get it hooked up. I found a video on Youtube of an aussie guy doing on a legacy/outback and he just went to the steering column and cut the wires where it comes out of there and ran them across to the head unit. So I'll probably look at the same if the plug doesn't have it there
  22. Yea see them from your image but not the originals. Lame iOS issue I assume. Edit: Scratch that, working now. Think it was cause I was on a hospital WiFi so they block some sharing sites. @Technikhaus Interested to see how you go. Tried to add the audio ones to mine the other day but It didn't quite go as planned. From my understanding the HU should have been able to work it out without a separate interpreter module but it didn't so still not sure if it was the wires I got wrong or whether it really did need the module. The remote wires came out of the roll connector but didn't make it as far as the HU as those slots are empty on the main audio connectors.
  23. Worked for me can you see it now? Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  24. @Technikhaus Not sure if it's just me but those pics don't seem to work?
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