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How to decipher model/chassis codes (JDM vehicles)

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All chassis numbers begin with B.

Gen 1 = B10 = BC sedan or BF wagon = MY89 - MY93

Gen 2 = B11 = BD sedan or BG wagon = MY94 - MY98

Gen 3 = B12 = BE sedan or BH wagon = MY99 - MY03

Gen 4 = B13 = BL sedan or BP wagon = MY04 - MY09

Gen 5 = B14 = BM sedan or BR wagon = MY10 -

2 = 1800cc FWD

3 = 1800cc 4WD

4 = 2000cc FWD

5 = 2000cc 4WD

6 = 2200cc FWD

7 = 2200cc 4WD

9 = 2500cc 4WD

A = 2000cc 4WD with air suspension

C = 2200cc 4WD with air suspension

D = 2000cc 4WD diesel

E = 3000cc 4WD

F = 3600cc 4WD


All chassis numbers begin with G

Gen 1 = G10 = GC sedan or GF wagon = MY93 - MY00

Gen 2 = G11 = GD sedan or GG wagon = MY01 - MY07

Gen 3 = G12 = GE sedan or GH hatch or GR STi hatch = MY08 -

For G10 -

1 = 1500cc FWD

2 = 1500cc 4WD

3 = 1600cc FWD

4 = 1600cc 4WD

5 = 1800cc FWD

6 = 1800cc 4WD

7 = 2000cc FWD

8 = 2000cc 4WD

For G11 -

9 = 2000cc 4WD

A = 2000cc 4WD WRX

B = 2000cc 4WD WRX STi

G = 2500cc 4WD

For G12 -

7 = 2000cc 4WD

B = 2000cc 4WD WRX STi

F = 2500cc 4WD WRX STi


All chassis numbers begin with S

Gen 1 = S10 = SF wagon (no Forester sedan) = MY96 - MY02

Gen 2 = S11 = SG = MY02 - MY08

Gen 3 = S12 = SH = MY09 -

MY = Model Year. A vehicle may be an Oct 98 registered vehicle, but is actually a MY99. Production years run from ~Sept to Aug.

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Gen 6 = BN sedan BS wagon. 


Note: As of Gen 6, Subaru no longer manufactures Legacy wagons, Gen 6 wagons are Outbacks.


M = 2500cc 4WD exclusive to Gen 5 Legacy - refers to FB25 in MY12+



All chassis numbers begin with V.






VM4: Levorg, FB16.

VMG: Levorg, FA20.



ZC6: Subaru BRZ

ZN6: Toyota 86

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I'm chasing this code: BP5DK9S. Any ideas? It's a NZ new 07 Legacy 2.0R apparently, but that's all I got... Be good to get more specs.

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What sort of specs are you looking for? Japanese are nothing like some euros where you can decode a VIN and get a full spec sheet  with all the standard and optional equipment. 

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Kia ora Soba. I guess I just want some good info. I know it's a bit of a stock standard wee suby, but I know little about the engine, hp, fuel consumption, and all that jazz. When I do a search around the traps I get TA-BP5 or CBA-BP5, but nothing like the model code I have. I figure the D is for 4th year, ie 2007, but what about the K9S? I bought it thinking it was the 160hp 2.0R, but it could be something different...

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