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    Saturday, Well, engine came back out! Fixed the misaligned clutch. Put the oil drain on, with heat shielding. Deleted the GDB clutch bleed setup in favour of single braided line. Got that around the wrong way. Fixed that. Engine in, wastegates off to check spring pressures. Now both have 7psi springs. Flumbled around trying to figure out how to get it all to fit in there. Turns out, turbo on first, then engine in, then downpipe, then wastegate dump pipe on wastegate, then wastegates in place. She's a little tooooight Also fiddled with fuel lines. Plumbed the -8 AN lines to the stock body for the time being. Then today! Get under the car to install exhaust manifold on engine. Promptly get it half on, drop it on my face, break my nose. Mint. Hospital check because recently had surgery on my nose and would rather sort that now lol. Reattempt getting manifold on without breaking nose again, am successful. Yuss. Replace the fittings in the wastegates, because old and cruddy. Cut heat shielding to size for boost lines. Run vac lines for wastegates. #goodenuff Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Cleaned the GC8 and got it all ready for the Flatnats track day tomorrow!
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    You'd be hard pressed to find an Outback with an 'honest' owner using 95 :( I'd just try find one that is tidy, good service history and go from there
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    He’s been having a rough time on FB trying to sell it aye. I really don't get why he thinks it is worth that much more than every other 3rd gen out there.
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    Since you own a modern(ish) model it almost certainly has a very capable factory immobiliser. No key, no start the engine, end of conversation. Would be worth confirming that if it's a japanese import, though. Only way you're pinching a modern one is either with the keys or with a towtruck.
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    Entered ruapuna track attack, lots of fun but was the only subaru there out of 40 odd cars!
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    I got mine tuned for 95 and it could\'ve picked up a lot more power with 98. 91 is a shit spec fuel and has been discontinued in most countries. NZ should do the same. Replace all the 91 pumps with 95 and all the 95 pumps with 98....then fancy servos can start selling us 100 like in Europe.