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  1. Hi all We have just updated the forum software and are in the process of moving our domain hosting so you may experience some issues connecting over the next 24hrs. Please post any issues you are having below and we will work on them and update this list: Mobile notifications and profile missing Last updated: 21-JAN-21 See post below for update notes Cheers!
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  2. If you want to enable the alarm horn on a JDM BL5: 1. Make sure all passenger doors and the boot are closed. 2. Hop into the driver's seat and close the door. 3. Put the key into the ignition and change it from 'Accessory' to 'On' three times within ten seconds (Acc>On>Acc>On>Acc>On). Leave it on On. 4. Immediately open the driver's door then close it. 5. The status of the security system is shown on the trip meter. Security alarm: ON or Security alarm: OFF (handily this is one of the few configuration items that's all in English). To turn it on (if it's off) push the drive
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  3. 08 GT SpecB here. I never use "I" drive myself. I will use it if someone that isn't me is driving the car though, especially if they're not used to more powerful cars (ie my gf/family). For anyone curious here are the requested torque maps for the three SI drive modes:
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