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    More superfluous mods for an Outback. Managed to find a Prova Eifel carbon intake duct (http://www.prova.co.jp/products/intake/ksg9b60000000hze.html) Dunno if it gives any more power, but it looks flash as fk XD
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    So this was made to go over lockdown : smoked like a biatch! injectors gummed up.... motor's came out & rescued another GF8
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    New windscreen in the Leone today, just in time for the rain! lol Trims re-installed. Done: Rust in boot Rust under windscreen Power steering New Windscreen. To do: Weld up holes in exhaust (just end of the muffler tbh) Glue rear Hi-stop light to rear screen glue rubber trims I made to sides of windscreen Put a little air in tyres. WOF Rego Then: Get my licence back test drive it from Blenheim to Auckland.