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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I need help urgently. I have a 99 sti and for seven years not a single problem. This week I list the car on trademe, and typical, have a problem with the car. I degreased the engine and hosed it off a couple of days ago. Now when I start up, drive down the road and use my indicators, all the needles on my dash bounce around for half a second. My check engine light came on with a code 85, which is "charger system circuit malfunction". What's the problem, have I just got water somewhere or do I need to go to a mechanic? Thank you very much
  2. Hey guys, I have been looking for a tidy type R for some time now but with no luck, so I thought I would check this forum to see if anyone had one or knew of one for sale around NZ? Thanks! Chris
  3. Hi there everybody, am thinking of importing an impreza however only have enough money for either a first gen STI or a 2nd gen 2004 or 2005 WRX. could possibly get an STI bugeye if i stretch the budget. which one should i go for? Thanks in advance
  4. New to the forum and unsure if there's a 'Spotted' thread, tried to search, but saw this motor on Tory St a couple of months ago and thought it looked hell mean. The owner is probably on here somewhere Subaru Impreza STI Wagon by AlexDenvorB, on Flickr
  5. Hi, Im looking at putting my v3 ra dccd gearbox and running gear into a bc5. How hard is it to connect the dccd into original car loom of the bc5 or am I better off going to dccdpro? pro and cons if I was to do this?
  6. Hi everyone! Ok so im looking into getting a set of equal length headers for my 2001 v7 WRX STI, really want perrin. The issue with pretty much all equal lenght headers is, i dont have the clearance with my OEM 2.0L oil pan. According to perrin i need to replace mine with a OEM 2.5L oil pan and oil pick..... So my question is......... Will a OEM 2.5L oil pan and pick up just bolt straight on? I would be looking at getting a 2nd hand one to try and keep prices down, as the headers alone are dear as hell!!!! If anyone has done this sort of thing or can lend some handy advice would be greatly apprectiated. Car mods as of today (for reference if it helps) - 3" TBE - DW200 fuel pump - Open source tuned on 19psi by a chch guru end goal if to get max power out of the factory engine... so future mods are - headers - up pipe with EWG - EBC - Might look into getting steve murch to do a few mods to my turbo - might replace injectors.... - more tuning, tuning tuning... would love to have 350 whp... currently sitting on 280 whp Cheers!
  7. Hi all I have a V3 WRX RA I've heard from various places that these JDM wrx's often came with STI motors, but then I've heard others who say they do not. Does anyone have any more information? My car has an 1S ECU, like the motors i have heard that this is a WRX ECU, and elsewhere that it is an STI ECU. Im currently running 1Bar of boost but i want to run more so want to know if its possible my car may have an STI engine. Also does anyone know if swapping to the V3 STI 6S ECU will yield any benefit to my car? thanks for any info in advance Cheers
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