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A subscription is a great way to give back to ClubSUB and get something out of the deal for your self at the same time.
ClubSUB is a group of like-minded people coming together over a common interest, but keeping a knowledge base like this online comes at a cost.

By purchasing a subscription, you are securing the financial future of ClubSUB. 

What do I get for my money?

Well Sonia from Martinborough, I'm glad you asked.

We will continue to offer our sexy little membership cards, and a ClubSUB sticker upon registration,
as well as:

  • Less advertising on the site
  • the ability to add larger images and more text to your signature
  • more space in the PM inbox
  • can post more often on the forums
  • and can edit/delete their own content
  • By pass posting Flood control (45 seconds between posts)
  • unlimited likes/+1 perday
  • Unlimited edits of old posts (users own posts)




If you sign up for the 12 month subscription we will send you:

  • A free ClubSUB sticker
  • A Welcome letter and membership card
  • A discount code for store items.

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