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  1. Hi guys, I have build a serial port cable that plugs into the yellow diagnostic plug (early - mid 90s models). All you need is a laptop with a serial port. I tried it on a 6S and 1S ECU, and I can get and log the following: TPS position, AFM voltage, ignition timing, revs, load, MAP, O2 voltage, coolant temp, boost solenoid duty ... I used some free software (can't remember the name, JECscan I think it was). havn't tried it with Evoscan, cause I don't have it. If anyone wants to borrow it to get your car sorted, PM me. I am in Dunedin. Dan P.S. I can't build you one, cause I'm using a TTL to RS232 unit from work (I'm lazy). Also, you need your own laptop with serial port, I don't have one (borrowed one from work).