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    • You can actually get a good deal on riced out 20yr old sh*tters, they're usually so ugly your average buyer won't go near them for that reason. Matte spraycan home paint jobs, ugly wheels, done up interiors, cosmetic dents, bad taste mods can get you a cheap daily that would otherwise be 500-1000 dollars extra unmodified and have more buyers interested. 
    • I think the startup sweep is from the link. You could be right about the rpm going up so fast when in boost or jumping past the point so it does not trigger. 
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    • Fitted a Cusco Brake Master brace today, again overkill for an outback, but I had to tutu with the at least a little bit over the long weekend     Also got the WRX cleaned and WOF'd. Its been months since I drove it last, i'm just glad I remember how to drive a manual!
    • Hi guys! Appreciate all your comments.   so i went to have a look on trade me and  some sells smaller diameter than 330 and states “fits” brembos. So wasnt sure about that but yeah was thinking will be bigger rotors will solve this issue?    this is a photo of what i meant of the brembos Being thick.