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  1. Thanks guys. It's not the undertray as that is currently already removed. The arb bushes and links appear to be original. I gave the front and rear arb a pull by hand and there was no movement. Is there any way to tell/test if the bushes are worn before forking out for new ones? Cheers
  2. Thanks Loner. To speed up finding what is causing the noise does anyone know of common parts that fail/wear on the bugeye model that I could investigate first? Cheers.
  3. Hi all, I've recently purchased a 2002 Impreza RS. 138k km. At around 60km/h or slower while driving along there is a slight suspension tapping noise when going over light bumps in the road. It's not really a knocking sound like metal to metal, more softer. Sometimes it sounds like it's coming from the front and other times rear. Any ideas what could be causing this? I've regreased the struts on my BG5 as that was sticking but this sounds like a different problem. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  4. Hey guys, car is all going again now. Found another turbo and replaced. Also removed the partially clogged up mesh filter in the oil supply to turbo. I now however have the old VF38 turbo which is surplus to requirements. Looks like the bearings failed which caused the impellers to spin around and hit the housing which also caused the shaft to snap. The housing should be all good to re-use. I found a CHRA replacement from Ebay for $350 shipped to NZ which someone could do to get it going again. I'm not sure what it's worth but if anyone is keen make an offer. Would rather it go to a good home. Cheers
  5. Hi fbssub1 thanks heaps for the reply. Thanks for the offer but have already arranged to be picked up and get the car transported back home where I can pull it apart. Would an after market twin scroll turbo be any better than a standard replacement stock twin scroll turbo? What part of the vf38 is prone to failure? Bearings due to oil starvtion etc? Cheers
  6. Hi evowrx thanks for the reply. That was my concern - it metal chunks end up in engine. Is fbssub1 in taupo? Do you have contact details? Cheers
  7. Hi all I'm hoping someone can please help. Car is a 2004 legacy gt. It started making a whistle under slight load like a leaking BOV. Power was fine. Then driving along 100kmh the boost was a bit surgey when I put my foot down. Slightly later there is a loud metal rattle coming from the turbo area. We were nearly in taupo so kept going with the car driving fine apart from no boost. The rattle has now subsided but can still faintly hear it.. Guessing now turbo has seized?? No smoke or aything out the exhaust. Now the question is do we drive back home (Wellington)? From the earlier sounds it was making I assume the turbo is stuffed anyway and the lack of boost backs this up however will this cause any damage to the engine if we keep driving so we can repair at home? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys just letting you know I found another second hand muffler and put it on. Also smashed out the cat. Car runs fine now. Thanks to everyone who helped!
  9. Thanks for the info Rosssub. I\'ll have a play with clearing out the whole exhaust system and let you guys know how I get on. Cheers
  10. If I shake the mid pipe or slam a door shut it sounds like a bolt rocking back and forward somewhere in there. In the next day or so I\'ll take the midsection out and smash the guts of the cat out with a rod. Any other suggestions? Is it normal for a cat to block up?
  11. Yes only changed rear muffler to one that doesn\'t do much muffling. Yes to those boost numbers above. Interesting how much difference there is with that small change.
  12. Yes I think there is a cat in the mid section. If it\'s not a cat then it is some sort of muffler? Flat square ish shape?
  13. Disconnected hose 23 from primary wastegate actuator then went for a drive. Boost gauge reacted same as if hose 23 was connected. Was getting about 9psi on primary at roughly 4000rpm. Next took off rear muffler (section from diff backwards) and swapped for one that is bloody loud as all the baffling has been blown out so just a straight pipe really. With loud muffler on and hose 23 reconnected car boosted about 10psi primary and 10-12ish secondary. So after all the fluffing around it appears the issue is exhaust related. Could the rear muffler be partially blocked? How can you check without cutting it in half? Or could the mid section of the exhaust or cat etc be blocked and the free flow from hollow rear muffler overcome a partially blocked mid section? Can you check?
  14. Ah ok that makes sense. I\'ll let you know how I get on. Thanks for all the help so far! I\'d be lost without this forum.
  15. Hi Rosssub thanks for the reply but I don\'t quite follow. In twin mode the IACV under the intercooler opens, and the exhaust control valve under the secondary turbo opens. There is no wastegate on the secondary turbo. So you are saying it is possible for the primary side wastegate could be causing boost issues when in twin mode? Also if I disconnect hose 23 isn\'t that just checking the primary turbo can make boost? The secondary exhaust control valve won\'t be open at 2000rpm so the secondary wouldn\'t be spinning...