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  1. Yep still looking. Those have been on TM since I started looking lol. Maybe I could use that as bargaining... Actually started thinking about doing some late model STI wheels instead to keep things stock, but all the ones I like are 5x114.3
  2. Not quite the same, the D9rs have much more slender spokes. I prefer the look of the XD9s tbh.
  3. I'm aiming for a WRB version of the red one... How's yours coming along? Still got it?
  4. Yep, I'm going to print off a copy of the wording from the NZTA website to keep in the glove box.
  5. So currently, the light bar on my Forester is wired up with a Jaycar relay kit that connects to the battery with a simple switch in the cabin. I can turn the light bar on and off at any time (even when the car is off). To comply with the rules, I want to wire it up so that the switch is still there, but the light bar will only come on when the switch is on and the high beams are on. I've done a bit of investigation and probing with the multimeter and I know that the high beams are negatively switched. Can someone please tell me how to change the wiring on the switch so I get what I'm aiming for? Cheers
  6. Central Auckland
  7. Bought the bits for a 2-way Deutsch DT connector from MSEL so I can make my light bar removable... Awesome, quality product - highly recommend. Has anyone had experience with crimping the terminals without the special (expensive) crimping tool? I have a range of other crimping tools available.
  8. So I’ve been running BP 98 in my Forester since I bought it. With the recent Auckland fuel tax, I’d like to know a bit more about the difference between Mobil 98 and BP 98... Mobil seems to be cheaper on average, and they do the smiles card which gives 6c/L off plus 1.5 ‘smiles points’ for each litre (equivalent to about 3c/L) so about 9c/L off every day. BP does 6c/L off every day with smartfuel, but regularly does 10c/L off. What is the difference? Is it even worth thinking about?
  9. Hey have a look at page one of my build thread...
  10. @Individualities Yep could make you one up - just let me know. Obviously it wouldn't be quite the same fit and finish as a raceseng one - they use internal o-rings and grease galleries and have used trial and error to get the perfect slip fit. If you just want something nicer than stock though, I could make you one - it'll be stainless steel rather than aluminium as well. I'm not sure how much it is to get a raceseng one in NZ but I'd say it'd be more than one by me.
  12. Who's going?
  13. Yea certainly sounds like a bigger job than it is on something like a Nissan.