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  1. Hi guys I'm currently looking for a front lip for my legacy 2004 legacy 3.0r which have a different bumper from regular legacies Can anyone point me in the right direction? Google has failed me so far Cheers, Sam
  2. Recently purchased a 2004 manual H6 Legacy. Not long after buying it, it has developed a small crunch sound when changing into 6th gear. It's not a full on gear grinding sound and it's not hard to engage the gear or anything. I had a mechanic have a quick drive of it, he thinks it could be something to do with selectors, can't be sure though without actually putting it up on the hoist to have a look. Just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with a similar problem. I purchased it from a dealer and was given a 'free' mechanical warranty so I will likely follow up the problem through them, would like to know what sort of problem I'm facing though.
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