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  1. Thanks for the suggestions and help, I just removed the hose between the 2 Ts and blocked both ends, went for a drive and it did not seem to change anything?, I already have a boost gauge installed and was hitting 11-12 psi as usual and about the same after vod. Maybe like someone else suggested, it has minimal to no effect on some rev-d setups?, is there anything I need to do with the hose 10 line as I see there is a T connected to that too?
  2. Thanks, I have uploaded some pics of my car and setup, I would still like to try this mod and see if I get any results. If you can see in the pics, I seem to have 2 "Ts" coming off the bov, don't know if this is normal or not?. I have found the number 10 hose connected to another "T" which connects to turbo, not sure if you can make it out in the pic.
  3. I have photos of it but I don't know how to upload them here?, how did you upload your pics?. Also yeah I am sure its a Rev-D as the indicator is the same as in the pics.
  4. Sorry, how do I tell if I have a rev-d or if it is gen 3?, I do see a "T" at the end of the hose coming off the bov though, I tried taking it off and blocking both sides, went for a drive and it did not seem to change anything at all?. Will take a pic and post it in the morning, maybe that may clear things up a bit.
  5. Sorry if this has already been answered before, I have a 2001 B4, TA-BE5 model, my setup in the car seems to be different than in the pictures. Can anyone post a pic or a link to the info I need to do the hose 10 mod on my car please?.