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  1. Thanks guys. Can someone please point me in the direction of a good DIY to get started on this stuff? I've done similar on BMWs and VWs but not Subbies yet. I've got a couple or different types of VAG OBD2 cables and am pretty handy on the PC...if not so much on doing an effective search on the subject! Thanks
  2. Bugger. Really wasn't looking for another project. Is there a way to leave all that crap in place but fool the ECU into thinking it's all fine? I.e. make it ignore the P0410 error? Thanks.
  3. With that in mind, do you think delete is the way forward then? Cheers
  4. Guys, I've got a CEL and error code P0410 which points to the secondary air pump being faulty...it was making some funny noises under that part of the bonnet a while back so maybe it has finally packed it in. I probably can't be bothered with the delete on this car is I've got too many projects on the go and probably won't hang onto it for long. So, does anyone know of a spare floating around? Or any other suggestions? She's an 06 BP5 GT. Thanks.
  5. Best of luck with this. I invested too much of my life chasing error 66 before selling my 96 GT. Like you say, it's a pretty vague code and the possible causes are endless. I checked and replaced pretty much everything bar the turbos themselves, and no joy what so ever.
  6. Yeah I think you are right but mine's a bg5b 96 gtb with the ej20r and no secondary wastegate, which I think is where at least one of those extra lines would go on yours. I've looked inside a bg5a, bh5 and mine and they are each different, but the bh5 was closest to mine with just the 3 blocks in use and actually worked in my car.
  7. One thing that's a bit odd with my bbod is that the bottom left solenoid has these 3 connections... A short piece of tube coming out the top with a filter on it, the usual number 3 line out of the bottom to the #3 nipple, and then this other line coming out near the bottom which goes to the #15 nipple but no corresponding line on the outside of the box...I don't know why that is. Typically the bg5 gtb only uses the first 3 blocks, right? So why that line on the inside plugging into 15?
  8. Big ups to South Taranaki Subaru specialist, Blair Hook, for sorting me out with bbod parts to get me boosting again! Cheap as chips too!
  9. Cool, that's effectively what I'm doing with the vacuum pump, so it should be good then.
  10. Haha, well I only just discovered that term this week on here! I had a BH5 about 4 years ago which also had George, but never bothered to investigate what it was...thought it was a harmonic on a heat shield or something. It's not exactly the easiest thing to do a Google search on...
  11. Yeah, jeez it sucked driving a TT in non turbo mode! I've checked a fair bunch of stuff but not the boost solenoid in the guard yet, thanks for the tip. I actually replaced the secondary bypass valve (one of about a 100 names these things seem to go by) recently as the old one had glue holding together one of the nipples. I checked it with a vacuum pump to confirm that it was actually moving something inside...would that confirm the leak I need to look for? The one with glue seemed fine too. It sounds like George is lingering in the left hand part of the engine bay, when driving it, and it has gotten worse since yesterday's mucking around, probably the BH5 solenoid box fried it. Given the location that noise seems to be coming from, could that be the primary valve playing up? What would be the implications of that one leaking? I might see if I can check that with the vacuum pump too.
  12. Update - the solenoid was faulty. I must have killed it with the carb cleaner and compressed air. A fellow naki Subaru freak sorted me out with a BBOD from an auto BH5, which got me back boosting again on the primary, but exhibited some strange behaviour (general peakiness and George was much accentuated). I was still getting error 66 at about 6k too. This evening I replaced the faulty solenoid in my original box and put it back in the car. It's feeling good again but still error 66. I think I'll start a new thread for that one. Regarding the wiring of the solenoids, it does appear they are permanently wired. I had to pop the terminals out from the big master bbod plug.
  13. Yep, I've plugged that hose back in and if I pull the input hose from the "faulty" solenoid, I hear the sucking sound indicating the vacuum is there from the tank. And yes, the one way valve is back in the way it came out. Cheers.
  14. Guys, don't laugh... In pursuit of chasing down my error code 66 issues, I gave the BBOD hoses and solenoids a clean out with carb cleaner...after which I forgot to plug back in the big connector that provides power to all the little solenoids in the box before going for a drive...anyway, found that, sorted, cleared the codes and carried on. Well, she's got no boost on the primary. I am getting boost high up in the rev range. No error codes. I checked and quadruple checked the BBOD hoses and electrical connections and haven't spotted anything missing. Plugged the greens together to cycle the solenoids and I can see the one that hose number one plugs into doesn't appear to be working. Line one goes to the intercooler control valve (IACV), which, if I'm not mistaken, should always be under vacuum (and in the closed position) until the secondary kicks in, at which point it moves to atmospheric and opens. There is definitely vacuum (from the tank in the RH guard) sucking that solenoid, but at no point does the other side of the solenoid go into vacuum. If I remove hose one from the solenoid and give it a suck, the IACV closes, so no blockages along that path. I've yet to check to see if power is getting to that solenoid. Is that a removable plug on top of it, or is it permanently hard wired? Doesn't look like it wants to unplug. Do these solenoids die sometimes, or are they rock solid? In the interim, would it be safe to bypass that solenoid to get vacuum to the IACV, provided I keep it under 4000RPM sort of thing? I've got to do a big drive in the weekend and would rather have the pre VOD range available, if I can't get it properly fixed in time... Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions...apart from the "go single turbo" ones of course ;-)
  15. The "new" GTB TT got an oil change. Also started investigating the source of me error code 66 in the labyrinth of vacuum hoses ;-)