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  1. When I get around to having it looked into again ill make sure a new genuine O ring is put in and a new pump. The original pump was refurbished with no improvement, they apparently they put in a second pump which was again refurbished.
  2. Second mechanic (Subtech in Penrose) has checked everything over and found no issue. Hes saying there is no aeration of the steering fluid/pump. Only option is to put a new pump in...already had 2x refurbished pumps put in. From getting a standard service now to this absolute nightmare.
  3. So the issue with handling is resolved however the whinging noise is still present. I specially mentioned the o rings when bringing it up with the mechanic and got a response that the pump that’s in there now is a different pump and it’s all been changed twice (refurbished) ... I don’t think that addresses my suggestion of the o rings but ok. Called a Subaru Specialist just now, he immediately said that’s an issue with the steering system aerating. He mentioned a series of possible causes including the o rings, pump and hose. Booked in for Friday so it should be fixed then.
  4. Hey guys, expecting a call back from the mechanic this morning. Will mention the o ring and cap if he hasn’t fixed the issue. Much appreciated!
  5. No worries, thanks again!
  6. Hey Richard, thanks for the info. I’ll get them to take it back and go over what you’ve suggested. Random question, is it not a bit odd to refurbish a high pressure hose instead of replacing it? Does the service station saying “there is air in it, drive it for a few days and it will come right” make sense? From what I understand the steering should be a closed system, air shouldn’t be getting in or out. The service station saying the air will bleed itself suggests to me that there would have to be a leak for it to get out, which means there would be a point for it to get in..
  7. Hey all, Was hoping if anyone can shed some light on this issue I’m having. I recently took my 2006 B4 3.0R for a 70k service. It’s a fresh import, only had it for 9 months. The service station does the service, comes back and says a bushing needs to be replaced as does 2x cv boots as they are tearing, no dramas there. They also mention there is a leak in the high pressure power steering hose that needs to be fixed. I get them to go ahead with the repairs, instead of replacing the leaking hose they send it away to be refurbished, this seemed odd to me. I get the car back and on the drive home notice the steering is jolting away from me around corners and often shuddering. I also note a loud whinging noise coming from the engine any time I turn the steering wheel. These were not issues the car had prior to the repairs. I immediately took the car back to the station and told the mechanic to look into it again. A week goes by, they say the power steering pump has gone faulty due to the leak, apparently it must have gone dry and caused the pump to fail. Again, this seems odd to me. They send the pump away for refurbishment. I get the car back today and I’m having exactly the same issues. Steering shuddering, very heavy steering wheel when the car is not in motion, nearly like the car doesn’t have power steering and loud whinging noise when the wheel is turned. See the attached video of this: The service station is saying this is simply air in the steering system and that it will stop over the next few days, I believe this is nonsense as they could have bled the air out of it. This is driving me a little nuts, the car doesn’t feel overly safe to drive currently. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!