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  1. Its the last of the twin turbo
  2. Hi yall, back again, wondering a good full exhaust system, for a 2003 legacy gt? cant seem to find one anywhere. Looking for equal length headers as I'm not a huge fan of the rumble. Also wondering what size BOV I shoyld get? as in 32 or 38mm etc -cheers!
  3. Its always run on 95, should i switch to 98?
  4. yeah its bone stock, so no boost gauge, standard psi setting and no aftermarket downpipe or exhaust. cheers for the reply's
  5. So i just purchased a 2003 legacy gt, twin turbo and all that good stuff. It runs well, good car, about 196K kms on the clock. I have found that if in fifth gear and I put my foot down, as it gets to about 2800RPM the car will judder for a second, as if it is misfiring, but there is no bang or accompanying noise. Is this a regular thing because I'm pulling in such a high gear from such a low RPM? or is it a problem i need to look further into? Cheers