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  1. Thanks. I'm thinking about maybe buying a front set of standard B6. Happen to find an interesting info from one of the B6 reviewers on Amazon. Damping Values: Model Compression Rebound (measured @0.52m/s) 35-118305 1090 2460 <- Front Left 35-118312 1090 2460 <- Front Right (this model) 20310AG411 750 1280 <- Front Left (OEM Spec B strut) 20310AG401 750 1280 <- Front Right (OEM Spec B strut)' 20310AG401 is the correct part number on my shock. Looks like a bit differences in damping force but I guess won't matter too much when changing both front. Also interesting piece of info I found on Japanese parts site (translated.): Legacy 03/5~09/5 BP5/BL5 (B4 2.0R/2.0GT) B6 Front Left)VE3-3066LJ; Right)VE3-3066RJ It appears JDM Subaru Bilsteins are indeed a B6 variant, and they are given unique codes/no. Thanks. I guess either way we have to import from EU/NA since Japan has export law that forbid freighting compressed air components like shocks or it is what I get the idea.
  2. Hi, My 2007 JDM import Legacy 2.0GT got a factory option Bilstein shocks on them and the RhF one is wearing out. Brought it to Alignment Specialists had a rebuild. I noticed the shocks have SUBARU engravings (and parts number etc, forgot to record them) on them, and the guy did the job told me they are tailor-made for subaru so you are not likely to buy an original aftermarket from Bilstein. They are similar to B4/B6/B8 or whatever it is but not exactly the specific model. Just wondering if these shocks go out & I want to buy an identical replacement, where should I ask? Maybe Winger? Thanks