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  1. Sorry if this thread is obligatorily redundant. I've searched and read the oil thread in the FAQ, but still quite curious about several points and would like to share some interesting findings. I am using Total Quartz 9000 5W30 oil in my 2007 Legacy 2.0GT since the recent service, following the owner's manual service data: In other posts I found that people would prefer W40, W50 or higher oil to prevent oil burning or to protect the engine (don't know if all for tracks). In my understanding it's better to use higher viscosity oil for harsh driving conditions like track use and stop-start short trip, just like when using the car as a daily grocery-getter. So here's my question: is it advisable to use higher viscosity oil even if no track use intended, or just better off keep to the service data? I am using Total oil only because my friend's workshop is Total authorised so I can have discount. It came to my notice that Subaru genuine oil may be a rebadged Total (some hearsay told me some may be rebadged Idemitsu though). Subaru obviously doesn't produce engine oil itself, nor does it explicitly disclose the manufacturer or data of the "SUBARU Genuine Motor Oil" stated in the service data. On the Japanese official website we could notice at lease one SLX 5W40 is produced by Castrol ( Its top of the line oil on the other hand are indeed produced by Elf (or Total depending on how you see it): SUBARU LES PLÉIADES ZÉRO 0W-30 and SUBARU LES PLÉIADES 10W-50 (an option listed in service data) ( So I guess by some stretch using a Total quality oil may not be a bad idea, since Total may know how their products work in a Subaru. What is your choice on oil brand and viscosity for non-track use? Thank you.
  2. Thanks. I'm thinking about maybe buying a front set of standard B6. Happen to find an interesting info from one of the B6 reviewers on Amazon. Damping Values: Model Compression Rebound (measured @0.52m/s) 35-118305 1090 2460 <- Front Left 35-118312 1090 2460 <- Front Right (this model) 20310AG411 750 1280 <- Front Left (OEM Spec B strut) 20310AG401 750 1280 <- Front Right (OEM Spec B strut)' 20310AG401 is the correct part number on my shock. Looks like a bit differences in damping force but I guess won't matter too much when changing both front. Also interesting piece of info I found on Japanese parts site (translated.): Legacy 03/5~09/5 BP5/BL5 (B4 2.0R/2.0GT) B6 Front Left)VE3-3066LJ; Right)VE3-3066RJ It appears JDM Subaru Bilsteins are indeed a B6 variant, and they are given unique codes/no. Thanks. I guess either way we have to import from EU/NA since Japan has export law that forbid freighting compressed air components like shocks or it is what I get the idea.
  3. Hi, My 2007 JDM import Legacy 2.0GT got a factory option Bilstein shocks on them and the RhF one is wearing out. Brought it to Alignment Specialists had a rebuild. I noticed the shocks have SUBARU engravings (and parts number etc, forgot to record them) on them, and the guy did the job told me they are tailor-made for subaru so you are not likely to buy an original aftermarket from Bilstein. They are similar to B4/B6/B8 or whatever it is but not exactly the specific model. Just wondering if these shocks go out & I want to buy an identical replacement, where should I ask? Maybe Winger? Thanks