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  1. After driving about 40km my car throws this engine code P1559 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep: Cruise Control Power Management Mode Seat, Audi, VW: Idle Speed Contr.Throttle Pos. Adapation Malfunction I have manual swapped it and have tried both manual and automatic ecu. It does the same thing. I have wired the speed sensor driectly to speedometer. The ecu isnt getting a signal and so the engine light comes on. Could that be contributing to the p1559 code? Any help would be much appreciated. The video is what it does at a stand still. If moving its like its gonna stall and bunnyhops until I let off throttle
  2. Should the throwout bearing have constant contact with the pressure plate? if not how should it be adjusted? I have a NA 03 Impreza Wagon. Just clutch cable Thanks in advance
  3. I didnt see any wiring going there? I cant have a look till friday though I work out of town.
  4. Theres nothing there. I put the clutch in The manual ecu had 3 connnectors plugged in and the auto had 4. Thats why Im thinking its built into ecu but I cant find anything online?!?
  5. Its the body control module
  6. It is not located there! I just did a manual swap. Ive put in a manual ecu but I want to disconnect the tcu
  7. Thats where I checked first. Ive removed the dash and still cant see it
  8. I am trying to locate the tcu in my 2003 Subaru Impreza Wagon. Ive removed the dash and still cant see it. My ecu has a model number on it that starts with PCM so is intergrated into the ecu?!?