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  1. got to the sub and took it off. Thank you, everyone, for your help! ❤️
  2. yeah, I guess ill have to find my ways of getting the stuff out. looked all over the back seats for any types of screws or nuts and there is none. guess I'll have to pull something apart to get to the nuts The photos are actually a bit helpful, ill look into it more when i get the time to, thanks
  3. this is the sub in the parcel tray at the very back of the car, its near where the seatbelts come out of
  4. I recently brought a Subaru legacy 3.0r, I found out that the back speaker is blown and needs to be replaced. I need help to remove the back cover to get to the screws to unscrew the speaker that is already on there and replace it with a new one. I am very new to Subaru's and I have been searching on the internet for ages and been trying to find ways myself. apparently, I might have to fold my seats down but I also don't know where those screws are either!. Any help would be appreciated