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  1. I sorted it by putting another multimedia player in. However a 3.5 headphone cord came from somewhere and connected to the head unit. I suspect that is where the voice notifications came from. It was separate from the wiring loom. Checking it out and see if yours is the same. It was bloody awesome to drive in peace .
  2. Yup I can see where one was there too. It is gone with a rubber base glued in. Bugger. But thanks for the suggestions....very tempting lol
  3. Oops card reader gone from glovebox after yard auto electrician's work...obviously didn't work...🤣
  4. There are USB connectors in the glove box and a card reader that looks integrated and original. I took a card out but the notices stayed. And it does talk when I first get in and start but it's random. Sometimes it does and others not.
  5. I've just bought a 2011 legacy and, despite two trips to the dealers auto electrician I have a Japanese notification randomly vacalising. Has anyone solved or experienced this in their jap import.