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  1. My suby was stolen from behind 122 Riccarton road, the folk turned up in a grey nissan skyline with the number plate JND777, we have footage of everything which kinda makes it worse. I dont like seeing people with my car. Has been reported to the police, it was stock except for a zigen muffler and an STI horn button which does not turn up on the stis until 1997. If anyone hears or sees anything i`d love to know.
  2. Hey Guys, So I've been working my way through an idle cold start issue for a few months now without actually solving the problem. So the issue is that when I start the car from cold overnight the idle occasionally drops low and subsequently idles rough. This only happens on the first run and generally only while the car has been sitting overnight, during winter it would be a little rough after sitting at work during the day but now the weather is warming up it only happens in the morning. Even if the idle is rough, i can shut the car off after it cleans up then turn it back on it runs fine. Rough idle only lasts for about 5 seconds then the revs go up to 2k and then settles back down. So this happens more when its cold than warm and is only a couple of times a week, the other symptom I have is even when it starts fine with no idle issue, in the 5-second range if I give the throttle a blip, there seems to be a small hesitation in there. If I rev it smooth then there's no issue. So other than this initial 5 seconds in the morning it runs really well, even straight after the idle issue, once I'm on the road everything's fine. So here's what I've done to try and resolve this. New spark plugs Cleaned IACV Cleaned MAF sensor New fuel filter Checked vacuum lines, it looked like my brake booster line had a crack in it, couldn`t tell if it was leaking but replaced anyway. Cleaned throttle body Previously it had an OBD code 24 which is an Idle Air Control Valve problem, the code got reset and it never came back. However looking at the codes again I do have a code 11 which is a Crank angle sensor fault so it looks like I need to replace that, but before I keep replacing parts I really want to stress test the symptoms with the community to double check replacing the sensor would be the best cause of action. Thanks
  3. Great, thanks for that i`ll work through those connections and see whats what. Otherwise i`ll look at getting a new starter motor, at the end of the day shes no good if she doesnt start.
  4. Hey Guys, A few months back i was having some starting issues with the car, there was lag when turning the key and the starter motor turning on. This was reasonably intermittent but when it did do it, it may take a couple of minutes of trying to get the starter motor to engage. So i look it to the mechanic who replaced the contacts and plunger, which did the trick for a couple of weeks, but since then the lag in the starter has been creeping back in, it started out at half a second to a second lag, now it can be up to 5 - 7 seconds delay, depending on the morning. This is also intermittent, once or twice a week. But now i need to start looking at this again before it gets worse. So my thoughts are perhaps its time for a new starter motor. But before i do that, i have a couple of questions: 1 - Should i look at anything else before i replace the starter motor? 2 - I took the car back to the mechanic and mentioned if i replace the starter motor to go with a newer type. Has anyone had any luck replacing starter motors with not exactly the same type for the year? If so are there any suggestions as to what starter motor i should look at? I`ve seen threads around rebuilding the starter motor, but the links are dead and im not sure if that advise is just around the contacts and the plunger or the brushes on the motor. Thanks
  5. Cheers guys, it's a nice example but I hear what you are saying and I'll steer clear. I think.im going to have to be patient on this.
  6. Thanks for that evo that's great, I'll keep that in mind. Would a v6 that's had 16 owners make you nervous?
  7. Hey Guys, I`m looking for a bit of advise on what to look for when checking out v3, 4,5 and 6 STIs, now i have a group of mates who have all owned these types of cars so i`ll bring them along to check any potential cars out, but seeing as this is the internet theres a much wider group of people with suggestions, ideas and advise to gather. I`m happy to fill my head up on things to look for before i go out looking. Which gets me to my current train of thought, i am looking at a V6 Sti, but checking out the car ownership history the car was owned by AA insurance 3 years ago and got a rego change around the same time. How much of a red flag is this? My feeling is maybe it was written off, sold, fixed up and put back on the road. Not too sure because the current owner does not have any knowledge of it being wrecked. Anyway any advise on either the V6 or just in general what to look out for would help me out immensely as I have no idea. Thanks
  8. Yeah evo thats my biggest concern is that its not that part that needs to be replaced coz id get shot if it wasnt. Im just not sure how to test it and be %100 sure. Everything ive read online says that the error code needs that part replaced, but want to be doubley sure.
  9. Thanks for that evo i got ur message ill give them a call as soon as i can convince the mrs to pull the trigger on this. The part number ive been quoted on is 22641AA391
  10. That sounds like a good idea, do you have any ideas as to how thats done? do i need to take it to an auto electrician or can i do that myself easily?
  11. Hi Guys Id just like to get some opinions on what to do here. I pulled the CEL code P0031 late last week after the check engine light came on. After looking around on the internets and found that the problem is "Front oxygen (A/F) sensor heater circuit low input" But since the light came on, its turned itself off for half a day then come back on, so ive looked at replacements, and the prices im getting back are between 340 and 495. Now either one of those are just a tad steep with a young family, so ive been looking for something better and ive found this http://www.japanparts.com/db/partslist.php?KEYWORD=&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&dealer=&car=&middlesmall=&maker=&VOLKEY=+107-079-002 It matches the part code ive been quoted by other stores, but it is just so much cheaper, the supplier has told me its a genuine subaru part and that it will work in my model legacy. So i dont really see the problem other than the fact that it is a great deal cheaper than everyone else. Ive always figured if its to good to be true then it usually is. Does anyone have any thoughts on this much cheaper part, or even with the problem being intermittent is it worth replacing just yet. Any thoughts on this would be great, because i dont really feel like spending $300 if i can help it. Thanks
  12. Hey Guys Im just after some opinions on what to do to my gt legacy to make it sound a bit more like a subaru, but the kicker is i dont want to spend a great deal of cash and i dont care about getting anymore power from it, i just want it to be all sweet on my insurance and sound the way a subaru should. any thoughts?