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  1. Hi guys, still trying to get access to my error codes on my 1998 WRX. I understand this is the change over year for the code system, tried all sorts of scanners including an older full on workshop scanner. No go.

    I downloaded the freessm program to try but need recommendations for cable, my car has the OBD2 plug but doesn't appear to use that code.

    So recommendations for cable to access the system?


    Cheers Dave

  2. Thanks Loren, sorry for missing the important bit.... Thought about adjusting the throttle but was thinking the idle would be too high before it goes into error. Need to find the fault... Once we're out of lockdown might get a dude out with the proper scanner to see if there are any other issues.

    Cheers for your thoughts.



  3. 2 hours ago, Loren said:

    Are you actually having idle control problems or have just found an error code relating to the ICV? 


    If you aren't having idle problems then maybe it's an old code... clear it and see if it comes back.

    Yea, idle problem. Most of the time it idles ok until the ecl comes on, then it really struggles to idle. Just on the verge of stalling. Stop and restart the engine and it idles sweet again till the ecl comes on and again won't idle. Will clear fault code and see what happens.



  4. On 22/08/2021 at 6:14 PM, Loren said:


    Have you tried it? 


    You can always just read the codes from the dash... rather than try and connect a device.

    Thanks, just did the and the code is 24. ICV, check it internally, nice and clean with no drag or anything, moves free and smooth. Checked icv coil resistance, both 9ohm so good. Check supply voltage the icv good as well. Also checked air lines for cracks or splits, nothing there either....


    What else should I be looking at?



  5. Hi guys, new member here and new to Subi's!!!


    Want to check the fault codes on my 1998 Impreza WRX, realise we can't use the OBDI2 scanner and plug so I tried connecting FreeSSM via my USB to serial adaptor to pins 12 and 13 of the OBDI2 plug. (Tried 12-13 and 13-12). 

    Can't get it to connect so thinking my USB to serial may only be 3.3v instead of the 5v that I've read is required.

    My questions are:

    Do I need to connect the 2 green plugs under the dash before trying to connect the scanner?

    If my adaptor is the problem what cable should I buy to get connected?

    And lastly......can't see a yellow plug under the dash that has been mentioned in a few posts I've read researching this.


    Appreciate your advise.


    Cheers Dave

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