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Found 2 results

  1. Long story short this is how to get the fault codes from the abs on my jdm v3 sti gc8 Theres a heap of info on the net but none of it was the same as mine Step 1 . Find the 2 earth prongs hidden inside tape in the same tape around where the wires for the green n black diagnostic plugs comes from They are black. And sheathed individually about 3mm round . They are folded back over on them shelves and taped up from factory. Mine had blue tape. Step 2 find this black 2 pin plug that is smaller than the green n black plugs . Jam an earth pin in the blue n white wire . (Nothing happened when i tried the other wire ) Turn key on . Abs light will give you the 10s n 1s for a code . It can only store 3 codes even if you have more Jamming the earth pin in and out at least 3 times clears codes . My only re occurring code was 52 Under the motor on the abs pump where the cam actually drives the 2 plungers was bit rusty / crud . Wd40 n a dung out and some grease on the faces it was good as again The top cover and magnets come off the whole thing with no fuss . The 2x torx 25 you can see . The rotor n brushed n next plate didnt want to come out but that's only because its sealed/glued into the alloy housing . A small tire lever against the rotor broke that glue Codes: Abnormal ABS sensor, open circuit or voltage too high 21 – front right ABS sensor 23 – front left ABS sensor 25 – rear right ABS sensor 27 – rear left ABS sensor Abnormal ABS sensor, abnormal ABS sensor signal 22 – front right ABS sensor 24 – front left ABS sensor 26 – rear right ABS sensor 28 – rear left ABS sensor 29 – any one of four Abnormal solenoid valve circuits in ABS control module and hydraulic unit 31 – Front right inlet valve 32 – Front right outlet valve 33 – Front left inlet valve 34 – Front left outlet valve 35 – Rear right inlet valve 36 – Rear right outlet valve 37 – Rear left inlet valve 38 – Rear left outlet valve 41 – Abnormal ABS control module 42 – Source voltage is abnormal 44 – A combination of AT control abnormal 51 – Abnormal valve relay 52 – Abnormal motor and/or motor relay 54 – Abnormal stop light switch 56 – Abnormal G sensor output voltage Well there was going to be a bonus pic of my car also . Now noone gets any pictures because I cbf making them less than 200kb right now. Where are you lot hosting pictures now ?
  2. via the facebook group : Classic Subaru Network on this link : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603473039901513/files/?hc_location=ufi you'll find "we" also have these which we are not to sure what to do with right now https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1237267029619450.1073741850.218210684858428&type=1&l=1b5631220d (click thru to our FB Page to see more)
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