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  1. https://downtimenz.com/clubfest/ https://www.facebook.com/events/hampton-downs/2021-clubfest/347480519680043/
  2. SUNDAY, 25 JULY 2021 FROM 09:30 UTC+12-16:00 UTC+12 www.facebook.com/events/449771566043799
  3. Pick a date : Make it happen? bear in mid the JDM day is coming up @ Tui Brewery July 25th www.facebook.com/events/449771566043799 SUN, 25 JUL Mangatainoka Motors Japanese Day Tui – Tui https://www.facebook.com/SUBSQD/photos/were-out-here-at-the-tui-brewery-jdm-car-day/1510668732372215/
  4. bump for 2021 (July 25th) www.facebook.com/events/449771566043799
  5. until
  6. Nice & just out of curiosity where'd ya get the CS logo from? this is definitely the kind of enthusiasm I am trying to encourage around here! ps I updated the Calendar event with your banner pic too btw Jared
  7. Joker

    Update photo

    YES like a magician I can see it now too
  8. Joker

    Update photo

    thats what I thought hah : users used to be able to manage that stuff fairly was : musta been an update in last patch or whatever Cover photo : easy Avatar? nope not even on my own profile can I find the section or switch, front of back end (might be sneaky hidden because I use night mode : some stuff has become trickey to see)
  9. Joker

    Update photo

    its got me fuzzed cant see the spot to swap Display images! maybe theres a setting somewhere behind the boards
  10. Joker

    Update photo

    Just trying to figure out how to do it 'normally' LOL and / looking into it for ya hah Jared
  11. until
    North Shore Events Centre THIS SUNDAY AT 10:00 UTC+12 Automania Automotive Festival 2021 Automania - Automotive Festival – Eventfinda Stadium https://www.facebook.com/Automaniafestival/events/?ref=page_internal
  12. so you've gone from a 26/27 pair to a 27/27 pair? other than that sorry no useful imput from me oil pressure could / should be the same yeah?
  13. pass : bit new for me it is accumulated vapour over the years eh could hope its part of the same accumulation etc
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