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  1. Works one minute : then not the next : just now test
  2. Admin team trying to sort right now, we've 'upped' security so even logging in as admin is a trick LOL
  3. its doing it again : got me worried! (at home Sunday night) Chrome + Windoze 10 etc
  4. Slim Jim? though I've been warned for 'inserting anything' into anything newer than 1990 aye (knocks things around & can make thins worse) though might be your only hope to pull the mech (or push) the latch aye
  5. I know you probably saw the Admin Chat so this is for others Switching between themes seems to 'fix' it Scroll right to the bottom of any page on the forum to set night mode (or Dark theme) and back
  6. Windows 10 + Chrome %7BfileStore.core_Attachment%7Dmonthly_2021_09/image.png.354f0d44ffed9b85bfe098666e3d404f.png ffs and if anyone can increase the file limit to maybe? (make the forum more user friendly eh)
  7. is it auto? beeping like the Key is still in the ign when off?
  8. 98 : is it a V4 or V5? (changeover year) and yeah Green plugs appears to be the basic way and count the flashes
  9. as long as there are TT's people will join CS to search this info that's what old threads are for!
  10. Thank you! Someone get that man a treat
  11. until
    https://www.facebook.com/ChromeNZ/ https://www.facebook.com/ChromeNZ/photos/a.749214328457119/4436050269773488
  12. am I the only one who thinks : pfft that's not old it still gets 12month WOF's! then oh that's 20 years OLD!
  13. is there a manual in your glove box? I'd start there eg RTFM or is there a UFO chasing you? though sorry I cant help & its not on https://www.mynrma.com.au/cars-and-driving/car-servicing/resources/what-do-my-dashboard-warning-lights-mean what car?
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