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  1. what does your boost gauge say?
  2. 215/45/17"s you can get away with 205 - 245's but would not go under 45 % profile (for comfort) or you'll also bust beads fairly easy too could go hungus 50% Balloons
  3. could be anything but as above Ratio's are King doubt it will be anything tricky like different wiring or fitment (all EJ's share bolt pattern)
  4. & PS : there is a NA > Turbo build going here
  5. what! No one listens to you either?!?!? LOL / Not LOL
  6. "could" take them to the same place & ask them to ship too? & share some beersies for the experience? (just an idea) though I dont think they will appreciate being 'used' as a shipping depot, depends how you work it (word it)
  7. also well done @AVS Car Security for responding & keeping up the customer relations!
  8. hah I'm sure that was the first thing he asked most sellers are useless OR have no clue or access to the gear to pack & wrap & couldnt wrap a Xmas gifty
  9. worth asking the question though! one thing you could do is a catch can (or oil air seperator) though in a Subaru you need a 4 port catch can (not something off the shelf) that I have seen
  10. yeah reasoably 'normal' it appears
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