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  1. searching AOS will probably get you on some form of watchilst too LOL
  2. ahh thats what I meant hah edit : stink thing about the forum is you cant search 3 character words like WRX or STI either
  3. "Same" a WRX and been done a few times : there's a few old threads ; also called OAS or oil air seperator if its hard to search
  4. FB seems to have overtaken forums but try the Waikato Modified page ( @QRAF on here)
  5. that's what @Loren said in less words no one listens to him either LOL / no lol
  6. @200k Id be weary of throwing any more at it and there's no such thing as "Stage 2"
  7. ah one of them "answered your own question" questions eh (proof I didn't read correctly in the first place) and ah yeah, if it's eating gaskets : there could be your problem eh
  8. yeah sorry I would'nt have any clue what is 'acceptable' either but if you find out let us know!
  9. no reason why not! start a thread (or use this one) and I can share it on the "socials" too if you like (just been wary about 1000's turning up hah : can be nice cosy too eg 10-20 people /cars
  10. set a date / place & just do it : cruise to Otaki for F&C's?
  11. soooo do something for spring or Daylight savings
  12. And Airbags are for pussies Kit includes Resistor for the pesky light
  13. how about that eh