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  2. NaH BUT thanks! will look into it : they are either AKL or South Island it seems, chur
  3. I've just finished a 2 day print & reliase I need some Nuts & stuff to assemble who would I go to for random small screws like this etc? or : just get those etc?
  4. anyone else interested in joining the 'help team' or learning?
  5. FYI it's now 2021 if anyone feels like collating an "un-official" CS calendar Please go ahead! (or take over our IG & post them once a month etc
  6. awesome : Have put it to the 'ADMIN' team to confirm but I don't see any objections as yet sorry to hear that!
  7. Our regular guy is busy (life happens) is anyoine capable or confident of helping to srt this out : or knows someone that does This is what your 'subs & donations' go towards last resort is to pay someone to do this again suggestions or recommendations please
  8. I'm not an expert but depends how good your superglue is mine is 300x300 (footprint) so not an issue (and 400 high build space)
  9. hahaha wait till you find the uncensored group on FB or the naughties section on cub3d Bout $5 an hour to cover costs eh, and these things are not fast I'd estimate probably 15-20 hours in that aye depending on scale etc thus not impossible but not cheap! I might just do one of those one day for fun (and actually see)
  10. search notawhitegtb on here : there's been a few & sorry for your Loss bloody cars eh, just when you get them going right huh
  11. (here's the Partsouq thread : member here have known and used them since at least 2014 etc
  12. The argument persists : even with evidence in front of them people will still say they dont! hehe (couldnt reply because deleted) Hi Eli : no harm done, learned somethin today eh
  13. Legacy Boi from Way back get a WRX (like an Older GC8 went through the shopping experience recently & found myself in a Santa Fe' : I s*** you not (family Wagon
  14. welcome to the forums! Too new for me sorry but glad you signed in now Jared