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  1. it's nice to have that back the Google Version crashes though (another bag of worms? Link from Pic second link from the "Learn more" I doubt that will ever get used so not stressed : just saying what I am seeing
  2. Steve L on here is an importer if you want to bug him : I forget his user name
  3. Snowballs .gif! Brakes : 6 Speed : body kit : interior and Paint @BLAZD
  4. that was hard to watch & bet the bier is glad he shelled out for the airbag suit (minor injuries)
  5. If reading NZPC and CS has taught me anything a Link will always be on you watchlist & I reckon (because its not my money yet) just got for that, removes most worry & doubt from the equation either way I see a Dyno in your future to make sure everything is working as it should also F for Follow with my Gravel Express also
  6. depends where you're locating them, the illumination ring around the Key or Ciggy Lighter is a good spot or 'lights' or if you run with headlights on all day (Like i do) maybe put them on a separate circuit like the demister? (ie only comes on when you want to see them & wont do harm running demister if you have to) just an idea : not something I've done personally, or install a switch dedicated to illumination from the same source
  7. choice result! couldnt care to share & perhaps make it easier to find the info should someone come across this in future?
  8. Testing tapa talk Sent from my SM-A505GN using Tapatalk Take 2 with try to post pic Sent from my SM-A505GN using Tapatalk lol least it merged those posts & hang on attaching an image worked! (on mobile via Tapatalk can anyone else do that? [this part added from PC]
  9. fixed also : she's come a long way Baby! (paste your IG link & this new forums software displays the post)
  10. thanks to those that Pre-ordered & the 1st Batch are in the post today! (don't thank me : not my Department here)
  11. depends on service history : i'd say 18psi Max on stock gear
  12. yeah I'd say chip reader circuit is bung