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Found 2 results

  1. 07 legacy gt wagon EJ20X 140,xxx kms. Every few weeks or so when giving it some boot it smokes heavily *white* for afew seconds and the coolant level will also go down by about 1-2 inches. little bit of of pink dried up fluid around the radiator cap and cap for the expansion tank but no where near as much as it’s losing. The car isn’t overheating and it sits a tad under half on the temp gauge and drives normally coolant does smell abit sweet. Other than that the car is never driven hard it just takes me back and forth to work literally a 4 minute drive then to Wellington from marton once a week and back. Worth noting a P0731 code came up this morning. any help is appreciated.
  2. 2003 GT Spec-B Legacy (auto) has developed a slow coolant leak. First noticed after no hot air through the heater. Checked coolant, was very low (resivoir, rad and overflow bottle). Top up with some water and run the car, heater hot and all normal. Car has/is running fine no overheating at all.) Can't see any leaks in hoses/cap/connections, no water in the oil and vice-versa. The sponge on the top of the radiator is wet after a drive (30km) say, and dribbling down toward the passenger side. Looks like a leak in the top tank? Cost to get pressure tested vs just chucking a new rad in? A few on TradeMe, if so anything to watch for etc. Want to sell car in the next few months, so aren't really too fussed on upgrades as such. If so, know anyone in Wellington that could help? Cheers
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