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  1. I got my tints done at a place in Lower Hutt (Kelson) 0800 WE DO IT. Did a damn good job.
  2. You're correct, it is the OEM plastic tanked one. I checked the hoses and they seem ok, checked top while running and couldn't see any obvious leak under pressure. I ended up getting a brand new off Trademe, just a plastic one still for like $160 shipped so will see if that solves the issue. Although, a friend told me his did this and it was the hard line across the top of the rad to the overflow was blocked and was forcing it back out and leaking. Need to check that too. Early BL, 2003 sedan, Spec-B, think it's a PFL, but top spec PFL... Or FL of the earlier gen.
  3. 2003 GT Spec-B Legacy (auto) has developed a slow coolant leak. First noticed after no hot air through the heater. Checked coolant, was very low (resivoir, rad and overflow bottle). Top up with some water and run the car, heater hot and all normal. Car has/is running fine no overheating at all.) Can't see any leaks in hoses/cap/connections, no water in the oil and vice-versa. The sponge on the top of the radiator is wet after a drive (30km) say, and dribbling down toward the passenger side. Looks like a leak in the top tank? Cost to get pressure tested vs just chucking a new rad in? A few on TradeMe, if so anything to watch for etc. Want to sell car in the next few months, so aren't really too fussed on upgrades as such. If so, know anyone in Wellington that could help? Cheers
  4. Has anyone seen Mighty Car Mods on YouTube. They manual convert a BP5 (Gramps). I'm sure there's much that they left out, and as per usual they make things look easier than they are.
  5. It's not a common size these days. Shame since it's the OEM size on these cars. I had one Bridgestone in Thorndon tell me they can't order that size at all and tried to talk me into 225 40 18, as it's much more common. But due to my height, I can't go any lower/wider on sizes. I went to another Bridgestone, and they ordered me in 215 45 18, no questions asked, and were actually the same price/cheaper!
  6. I just got a set of 4 RE003's (215 45 18's) fitted and balanced for $900 yesterday at Bridgestone Railway Ave (Lower Hutt). By 3 get the 4th free deal.
  7. Same here. Not too fussed on a day/time/place. Should be able to make it most evenings.
  8. Just an update for you all. Got my front side windows tinted with 35% film at $120. Did in 25minutes while I waited. Happy with the job, and will defintely go back. They're out at Kelson, which is a pain, but it's right next to SH2 so easy enough to get to on and off to motorway.
  9. Sims Brothers are good with subies. I used to take mine there when I used to live there. Think I got quoted around $1100 for a genuine cambelt job (crank, cam seals, tensioners, idlers, waterpump, cambelt etc).
  10. [mention]Apprehension[/mention]I know this was a couple of months back, but I'm looking to get some tints done and wondered how you got on here.
  11. No probs. might need to put the new rears in if I can make them fit and it's at least a two man job trying to get the travel down enough on the multi link rear
  12. Ok great. They were from a BL I was told. Other end mint, so is the front. Just that one lower bottom bolt on each rear that doesn't fit.
  13. Thanks heaps to [mention]chulozumo[/mention] and [mention]calebwrx[/mention] for coming along to lend a hand. Unfortunately we ran into an issue with the rear struts not fitting. Have put up a thread about it here for anyone interested.
  14. Fitted my Tein adjustables today to replace the OEM Bilsteins. Got the fronts in no worries with OEM top hats. The rears unfortunately have a smaller diameter hole than the OEM Bilsteins do. It's about 2-3mm too small. I'm not sure if you could drill the hole out being tapered, and there's not much material left to drill. Also the shock itself the bush mount area is quite small, so I don't know if I could even try and get a new bush to fit in. Any ideas? Or anyone ran into this before? They are second hand and were "out of this model of car".
  15. No worries. I'll pm you my details in case you want to swing by etc.
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