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  1. I figured I would start a thread on this since I am interested to hear what everyone's opinion on rising fuel price and disparity between regions. It seems to be a bit of a hot topic on all the 'news' websites at the moment as they love a bit of fearmongering. Also i'm sick of hearing people complain about this on facebook with wild claims and no supporting evidence for anything, I hold the members on here to a higher standard. Let's try not to play the political blame game in this thread "labour this, national that" the government as a whole plays a part in this but I can't be bothered reading why you think it is the fault of a specific party. For simplicity, everyone should use 91 as the baseline if mentioning fuel price as it gets confusing if some people are talking 95/98 and some 91. Also 98 isn't widely available in the South so it is harder to draw a direct comparison. As with many of you, i love driving my car and the rising cost of fuel just makes it a little harder to enjoy doing this. I'll be damned if ever let it stop me though! I'm sure everyone is aware that this also affects us on a much greater scale than just initial cost at the pump, fuel/transport cost is a component of everything we purchase on a daily basis. Rising fuel prices directly relates to rising 'cost of living,' which is another hot topic of the moment. To start here is the fuel price in my town (Wanaka) as of 22/05/18, the Caltex in town is priced identically. It is quite comical really. 244.9c Interestingly around a year ago there was an article in our local paper interviewing one of the smaller self service fuel stations in town, in which he stated that it cost him approximately 3c per litre of fuel to transport it to Wanaka from the North island. From what I can tell on Gaspy the approximate price in Wellington today is 226.9-229.9c; you don't need to be a maths wizz to realise that there is a whole lot more than 3c being added on to the fuel price after it leaves Wellington heading South. Food for thought. This is an interesting link from a while ago that lets you try and guess the distributing of cost in the price of fuel at the pump. I challenge you to try it before reading the next link. Here is a link that states that the fuel excise tax which is 66.484c then GST is taxed on top of this and the rest of the fuel price. Who doesn't love tax on tax. I'm not sure if this outdated or if things have changed if anyone has updated information I would love to see it. Another thing that i'm sure will annoy a few of you. I'm pretty tired of hearing Aucklanders complain about the new fuel tax being imposed on them. The money is to be put towards improving public transport in and around the city which is something that everyone living there has the chance to benefit from. If you have ever been overseas (especially to Europe) you will have probably had the privilege of using a well set up public transport system, they have the potential to be very convenient and save the passengers significant amounts of time and money! So sure it is a small extra cost on you now but it will (if spent well) lead to great improvements to your city's infrastructure. Also your roads may be congested but they are so good in comparison to the South island! I did a lot of driving around Auckland, the Coromandel and Tauranga earlier in the year and those roads are so smooth and well kept in comparison to what I am used to. To top that off, even with the extra fuel taxes, you will still be paying significantly less than those in the south. So quit grumbling about it. So post up your opinion/rant on the whole situation or tell me why i'm a d*ck for telling you to quit grumbling, i'm interested to hear anyone's thoughts. I didn't really proof read this... sorry if it doesn't make sense