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  1. Got the cert plate mounted on my GC8 today and a fresh clean sheet WOF. Finally road legal again!
  2. Took my car in for its lvta cert inspection today. The certifier was happy with everything and it passed, just need to do some paper work and wait for the plate to turn up. I’m so happy after 5 months of trying to get it looked at!
  3. That’s only true if the contact patch of the tyre is completely flat on the road. Toe exaggerates the wear pattern from the camber. If you have 3 degrees of negative camber on a straight flat road doesn’t matter toe in or toe out you will have inside edge wear. In an overly simplified explanation the camber decides where the wear will occur, the toe decides how fast/significant the wear will be. The exact specifics of wheel alignments are a lot more complicated with toe curves, vehicle loading and tyre rollover. Everything about wear changes once you start pushing the car around corners. Like @boon said even with a perfect alignment with a Subaru you will probably end up with some inside edge wear on the fronts. They are a bit front heavy and you need to run some static negative in the front for the car to drive well in the bends so it compromises the wear a little. Can you post up the wheel alignment sheet?
  4. Firstly check the park light switch on top of the steering column is switched off. It’s is very easy to accidentally turn this switch on and is by far the most common cause of a battery drain in a Subaru. Definitely take it to an auto sparky, it is a 5 min check with a multimeter to work out if the draw is within a normal range and the alternator is charging properly. The battery will need to be fully charged first. If it does have a draw it can be slightly more time consuming to find the cause but luckily for you it is a subaru not a euro so more than likely the draw would be related to an aftermarket accessory rather than factory wiring which makes it much easier to find. Hope that helps, I deal with this kind of thing a lot at work.
  5. Looks like I still have one thin washer and you can see the slight bend in the k brace. This is at ride height and you can see there is heaps of clearance. At full droop there is less clearance but I made sure there is still some. The marks on the control arm are not from contact they are from when I used the pry bar.
  6. I have both an Anti Lift Kit and a Cusco K brace on my GC8. I initially used a washer to space down the rear mount enough to clear. I later revisited the issue, bolted it down without the washer and just bent the K brace a small amount with a pry bar so it had clearance. The issue only occurs at full suspension droop so there really doesn't need to be much clearance as this only happens when the wheels are off the ground. Here is a photo of my initial solution but I think bending the K brace slightly is a tidier result. I don't have a photo post bend but I can get under the car and take one if you still aren't sure.
  7. I took advantage of all this extra time at home and gave the daily wagon a really good deep clean inside and out. Also cleaned the engine bay. The paint on this poor car is in such a sorry state with all the clear coat failure and rock chips I'm not really sure if it is worth trying to repaint part/all of the car or just leave it.
  8. @itsmitchlowe I’m interested in all 4 axles if you are happy to ship them to the South Island.
  9. Yeah I read that but then I saw the picture and it looked like it was actually connected. Just be careful to measure up and get one that will fill the gap nicely, it will save you a bunch of headache when fitting it.
  10. That is a very interesting exhaust setup. I would imagine the missing muffler on one side is causing a large amount of the noise since it is just a straight pipe from the turbo. Adding a resonator in the middle would be a good start but you will definitely need to have proper muffling at the rear if you want to really reduce the volume.
  11. Can you post a couple pictures of under the car so we can see how it has been done. I am a big fan of the results I’ve had from adrenalinR products. I have used them on two cars and both times they made a solid reduction in volume. They definitely change the tone making the note a fair bit deeper which you may like but it does also strip some of the spool noises from the exhaust. Obviously the longer the resonator the greater the reduction in volume. You will probably be able to fit a 400 or maybe 450mm one into the section in front of the rear diff but it really depends on how it has been done. Also you can purchase their products directly from their website. http://www.adrenalinr.com/productdetail.php?productID=530
  12. Talk to Race Shock Specialists in Auckland, they are the NZ distributor so you won’t have to deal with customs.
  13. https://mcasuspension.com/products MCA have redone their website to reflect the new products and complete lineup. Worth checking out since they have their new Voston Mach1/Mach2 which I guess is designed to compete with cheaper alternatives. It also explains the 'elite' products and how they differ from the standard.
  14. Yeah after weighing the options I decided the street performance 7/5k would be best for the weekend/street driving the car does. I talked to Anthony at RSS in Auckland, paid for and ordered a set, then got an email back from Anthony saying MCA didn't want to supply them to NZ. They offered me the Ultimates with the spring rates I wanted for a very small amount more so I went with that. I'm also keen to try them out on the somewhat bumpy roads around the south. If you say yours is only a little stiffer than stock with the dampening turned down I guess my setup should be close to stock albeit with less travel. I'll write up my thoughts in my garage thread once i've run them through their paces. I don't have a huge amount of experience with other aftermarket 'coilovers' other than a small amound of driving in a GGB with BC golds and the tein/hks that were in my wagon when i bought it.