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  1. Kind of more in the style of a v7 STi scoop but designed to fit the gc8 bonnet. Yeah the big v8 scoop on a gc8 looks rough, my car had one when I bought it and changing it back was the first thing I did to the car. I haven’t personally seen his products in person but the Americans rave about them and the stuff he posts on Facebook looks high quality.
  2. Have you seen the one Bakemono sells? He makes a larger scoop for the gc8 bonnet that retains the style of the original scoop. I think he makes them in carbon or fibreglass. I really want one of the carbon ones but there are other more important things my cars need right now haha. Have a look… https://www.bakemono.net/home
  3. Would help to know what car we are talking about here but to me that looks like one of those ridiculous pedestrian airbag things that some newer cars have.
  4. The special part is that they are de-tuned to be slower than the manual STi and that they have an especially boring auto transmission with crappy diffs. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @nihell I know you are really into this idea mate but just sell it and buy the manual STi hatch. I went through the same problem with my old wrx wagon, I really wanted a 6 speed but after a bunch of looking and thinking I just sold my wrx wagon to buy an STi wagon. I swapped all my suspension parts into the new car and I’ve never looked back.
  5. That little metal tab is a brake pad wear indicator, the only function it serves is to make a squealing noise when the pads are getting low. They are not necessary for the function of the pads. Some brands/models have the indicator on 1,2 or all 4 of the pads in a set but it doesn't really matter. The pad with the clip tends to go on the inner brake pad on a sliding caliper since it usually wears marginally faster. Provided the calipers are performing correctly all 4 pads will wear at the same rate and it won't matter that only 1 pad has the indicator.
  6. Nice one! Mine had one dry joint but I re-flowed the solder for all the joins on that little pcb just to be sure. Haven’t had an issue since.
  7. Yeah the box is mounted on the bracket behind the gauges. Just take the two screws off the front and the cover lifts off. Mine was intermittently flicking the oil light on and off so not quite the same symptom but it is something to check before getting a new sensor.
  8. Do you have the original little black box with your oil pressure sensor that retains the oil light in the dash? My Lamco oil pressure had some issues a while ago and it was a bad solder joint in the little black box. Could be worth a look anyway.
  9. Garden sprinkler heads might be an option to consider.
  10. Yes it will do unless someone has already removed it, I had a 20k with a cat in the uppipe. I have also seen a 2001 jdm wrx sedan that also had a cat in the up pipe. The easiest way to tell is that there will be a third plug on the drivers strut tower. Big light grey plug is intake manifold wiring. 4 wire (dark?) grey one is for A/F sensor. 2 wire plug (I think it is black) will be for exhaust temp sensor. This plug will only be there if you have a cat in the uppipe. Hope that helps.
  11. Ok, I might do that with my next order then. So they actually did have the items in stock in your case?
  12. Have they shipped your order out yet? I’ve ordered so many parts from partsouq in the past. Unfortunately they have been really bad at accepting my latest orders showing 30+ of each item in stock, then sending out the order with only half of the items and refunding me for the rest. Then I will get an email a few days later saying all the parts are back in stock. Very frustrating. Those intake manifold gaskets were one of the ones I recently had this happen with so I’m interested to see if you receive them.
  13. Cleaned the GC8 and got it all ready for the Flatnats track day tomorrow!
  14. Quick video with a couple good tips for anyone doing an engine rebuild. I feel like there are a lot of people on here who could learn something from the sealant demonstration!
  15. Maybe look at if the noise is coming from the clutch pedal or the gear linkage. It’s pretty hard for me to speculate without hearing it. If the shift is still smooth I probably wouldn’t worry about it. I would say 3-6hours depending on how quick they are and if there are any rusted fasteners on the turbo or downpipe. 6th gear in my v7 STi is almost the exact same overall ratio as 5th in a 4.444 5-speed. It is definitely usable on the street within the speed limit. Not really on topic though as the question was about the 5-speed.
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