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  1. The car would need a repair cert to verify all the work done on the car is legit but in some cases car cant get repair cert if too much damaged its jst to structurally fukd lol .if yr serious about it get a repair certifier to go over it n see wat they think n also get the compliance papers to see wat other repairs it need while going through the compliance process
  2. hey im sorry if i come off as tryna be dodgey n a vigilante i jst really wana help the police out cause theirs really nothing they can do unless we see the car right in front off us .i jst want these guys to get caught cause i dont wana see anyone elses pride n joy get stolen .im really sorry for asking this dumb question hea i think we\'ll jst stick to talking about subarus on this forum lol
  3. jst went to post office but they dont give out details anymore .we already informed the police but they aint doing nothing .does any one know a way to get the details for plates plz we jst cant sit around waitin for the police to do something cause their not .we jst dont wana leave anything to chance you never know this car theif could be a dumb ass n drivin a stolen car with his own plates
  4. hey guys been tryna get some details for a car .my mates car got stolen n wen he car on thursday nite it had plates that are registered to a 1998 silver impreza .i remeber you could get the details form the post office before but i dnt know about nw .so does any one know how to get someones info frm their plate numbers? thanks
  5. wat part of the recipe do u still need lol
  6. jst did this conversion on my bc .so theirs 3 wires of the v3/4 coilpack the middle wire is the power and the wires on the left and right r the signal .cut the wires of old coils the yellow is signal n red is power .connect the signal from cylinder 1 and 2 then conect the signals from cylinder 3 and 4 .then connect the signal wire to the coil pack .i think thats how it went lol