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  1. :-[ Damn Just talked to the missus about it and she reminded me that our wedding is 3 days later so I have obligations...... hmmmmmm
  2. Cheers for the heads up man! Could be a fun night
  3. Had the radiator pulled out. Rodded and flushed the sh*t out of it to get the 2 to 3 inches of gunk that had accumulated in the bottom of it over the 3 years of the previous owners neglect of the poor car. Refilled with the good green stuff and now runs so much better
  4. Hahahahaha. It has a "west gate" and a "blower valve". Gold Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Post in the wanted to buy section or your local section. Someone will have one for sure and usually cheap
  6. Just a quick update. Have had some 03 Impreza WRX struts installed with the Tien springs that were already in there. It is so much better now. Turns out that it had standard struts in there and the boy who owned it just chucked the Tien lowering springs in and drove it into the ground as three of the struts had collapsed and the other was close to going as well. Plus there was alot of play in the right front hub so that got changed at the same time. Quite shocking the neglect of this car but oh well it will be well looked after now! Thanks for all the help guys. Your information and help was invaluable
  7. This. Sorry forgot about the wanted to buy section or even just throwing up a post in the Wellington section. Alot of members around and most will have parts lying around
  8. They have a good range and if they dont have what you want they have a used and new parts network to search through a few different companies I believe
  9. SubEuro in Elsdon, Porirua
  10. Stopped by SubEuro in Elsdon today to check out the prices and the guys were really good and the prices were really reasonable. Picked up a gear knob off a GTB E Tune for $15. Was really happy with that
  11. Cheers man
  12. The shape this Forester is in he would have a feild day. lol Thanks for the info though and price seems really reasonable
  13. Cheers man. I have decided to go with WRX struts and springs as they seem like the best bet I took a look at the link last night and they had some Forester STI struts and springs but really like the thought of the Impreza ones. Really good site though so I will be keeping an eye on it for sure
  14. Fair enough. Thanks for the heads up. Will have to start keeping an eye out for some sti struts. The info is much appricated guys. Thanks for all the replys
  15. That looks perfect thanks man. Looks like the exact height I want Edit: LOL Saggy Butt syndrome