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  1. For anyone searching later, all problems were solved by replacing cracked coil pack and all plugs. Codes must have been spurious!
  2. Thanks for the reply; I'm in Wellington. Swapped between the silver STi slanty and WRX slanty and replaced vacuum lines with no change. Will check coil packs and fuel but given the issues with multiple codes strongly suspecting ECU issues. Am sourcing another ECU to test. Cheers for the help! Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks, yes very odd. I've swapped intercoolers and checked all the vacuum lines with no obvious leaks but will be replacing all vac lines this weekend. No obviously loose wires on the ECU harness. Nothing else was changed on the car whatsoever. Yes, totally appreciate I was tempting fate by testing the chipped 6K. It was maxing out at 15psi when ~5 degrees out, otherwise ran about 14 psi. I suppose it's possible my MAP sensor was damaged and the replacement was also a dud. I put the 6K back in today as the 3B was causing the car to be undrivable with what felt like intermittent signal from the starter switch; it seems to run better, though still won't boost smoothly. I'll check/replace lines and ensure plugs fitted correctly over the weekend.
  4. Thanks OP, have been in touch with Chris recently re. Link G4+. Has been very responsive and helpful so far. Cheers for the feedback.
  5. I'll try another ECU reset tonight. Could be Link time I guess...
  6. Yes, twice, via both green & black cables connected & going for a drive. 1st reset: new code 12 (starter switch) + jerking/clicking behind dash at low revs (like ECU losing power) 2nd reset: new code 32 (O2 sensor) These seem like obviously bogus codes; clearly I've damaged the ECU in the swap somehow
  7. Hi Guys, I've got a nearly-stock 01/96 GF8 (4-plug ECU type) with 145k's on it. Car was previously running well without issue. In preparation for switching to TD05 and 6K ECU I (apparently foolishly) decided to test the 6K ECU in the car to check that it worked. The 6K also had a chip from re-map.co.nz (now out of business). The car ran fine with the 6K but would occasionally hit what felt like fuel cut at night in cold weather, boosting ~15psi. I then swapped back to my 3B GF8 ECU after a few days and the car immediately developed a boost issue: -The car won't boost over 6 psi without hitting fuel cut; has thrown error code 45 and I have replaced MAP sensor and brown pressure control solenoid with no difference. -Bypassing the boost control solenoid with a manual boost tap doesn't get around the issue Could my replacement MAP sensor also be defective? Or have I damaged something e.g. ECU, CAT by running higher boost for a bit. Any thoughts much appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi, can I run Legacy BG/BD Bilstein struts in a WRX Gf8 V2? If so I'd use Gf8 king springs, would the car sit at level height? Thanks