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  1. Put your head really close to the back seat when turning to lights, *should* hear fuel pump 'whine'.
  2. Version 8 STi I've just got my new O2 sensor so will need to clear code soon
  3. Hi all! Does anyone have a scanning tool to check my engine light and clear AND/OR suggest one to purchase that's not to OTT? many thanks
  4. Change the diff oil! Have had/still have same issue as you and changing the oil made a load of difference. Get round to greasing CVs eventually....
  5. V8 STi sedan that is currently blue but will probably change by that time.
  6. The kaiwharawhara has a really uneven track. Goes from concrete to wood to concrete.
  7. Does it move at all? Checked the in tank to make sure float hasn't disappered? Could try resoldering the join behind the cluster?
  8. Only reason I said Subaru special is because they would most likely find it easier than your average joe blogs mechanic who doesn't work on Subarus too often which could incur more labour.
  9. 1) You usually would have milky traces on the oil dipstick. Sure the radiator was burped properly? Jack it up and let it run while continually topping up fluids. 2) Cracked head? Engine out, replace head. Headgasket? Engine out, replace all gaskets and clutch if its old (peace of mind) 3) Where are you located? Best bet is to go to a Subaru specialist and ask. You would be looking at a minimum of $1500 for a headgasket. Don't use a second hand headgasket. 4) As above, headgasket minimum of $1500 but you want to keep it longterm and the cambelt/water pump/clutch etc hasn't been done in a good while you'd be looking more towards 3k. Replacement engine would be easy but then no guarantees on it.
  10. Do you mind me asking what you pay for your mechanical warranty and with whom?
  11. 03 STi I bought in Nov 2014 has done 4000kms since I got at 163.
  12. With dual catch cans, do you people recommend to have one on each side of bay? See some commercial options having them both mounted on drivers strut tower
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