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  1. Hey all, I was doing an oil change the other week and noticed that my crank pulley is a bit wobbly. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to lend me a pulley tool so I can try tighten down the bolt. I'm a bit weary of jamming a screwdriver in the flywheel in case I damage it, and there are people saying that the folded over belt method will likely damage the other pulleys. I am located in Sandringham, but is more than happy to come to you to borrow the tool if anyone's willing to help. Many thanks!
  2. Just had my Impreza fixed up by hijacka, he was very friendly, did a superb job, and saved me a whole bunch of money compared to going to a big named garage. He\'s all the way across the other side of town from me, but I\'d definitely go back to him if I needed anything done. Would definitely recommend!
  3. Just got a message from hijacka back though, and seems like he\'ll do it for a bit less. Hopefully I\'ll be giving him a thumbs up on the forums soon enough Cheers everyone
  4. Merry Christmas everyone, new member to Club Sub, so please let me know if I\'m doing anything wrong. So I just bought a \'96 Impreza HX-20s, the brakes were squeaking a bit, so I took it down to Magoo and got a free brake check done. I was told that the front pads, front discs, and rear shoes all needed replacing, as well as machining on the rear drums. I was quoted for $789 (the guy said he\'d charge me 3 hours labour although it\'d probably take longer) for the whole thing. This is my first car so I have no idea how much these things cost, but does this sound reasonable? Would I be able to get it done cheaper anywhere else? Cheers
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