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  1. I've seen the thrust bearings pop off the pressure plate before
  2. Um so u need to figure out if its bent or folded over..looks folded from pics if its folded then it's restricting air flow and could also be leaking. Cable tie is not best thing either better to use clamp. map sensor should always be directly connected to manifold it's manifold absolute pressure After all.. never tee anything in to it.
  3. Yeah a vf22 is sooo reliable at 20 psi don't forget to add a sooper cooler to your mouth to cool all that hot air
  4. Yeah most likely.. and it wouldn't be unreasonable to think a 20 year old turbo would be stuffed.. god knows why people think they are the bees knees lol
  5. Running a vf22 at 20 psi is just asking for trouble I wouldn't Wana take it any more passed 18 the compressor blades are weak. Also running a external wastegate with anything vf is total wanker factor it's most likely your issue ie to much exhaust gasses air bypassing the turbo.. the gate is probably opening and shutting opening and shutting tryin to hit the rediculous target boost pressure which would explain the surging or pulsing...
  6. You need to put the belt back on first if you have removed it
  7. With leverage on the Allen key bolt hit the bar/Allen key with hammer.. try hitting the bolt head with hammer to break the locktite but not yo hard as you can damage the head
  8. Re read my post if that directed at mine! I never said ryco wasn't China made I said Repco use to use ryco filter but switched to a ''CHEAPER Chinese brand'' please correct me if I'm wrong lol
  9. I run ryco i like the fact it's rubber seal is pre oiled straight out the box and not dry . I think most go wrong with oil changes when they don't prime the engine afterwards. You Should never start the engine after simply disconnect the injectors and crank it over until the oil light goes away. I must say i have notice through the years of working on subarus that most that run beb have either a frame or Repco branded oil filter.. not saying that it's the cause but it's enough for me to pick ryco over those 2 anyway. Repco use to use ryco years ago but switched to cheaper China brand and l
  10. Might have a v4 blower fan unit aswell.. like 20slides for it will do. I'm sure I do have one but might pay to pm me the part number so I can double check.. if it's toasted then it will die on idle and won't run on once you disconnect the bat terminal can't see how it would effect the ecu either
  11. Flick me a pm if it does I should have a good alt there
  12. Hi mate when you start it does it still run when you remove the positive battery post?
  13. Classic! should be Quote of the year;) Fwiw you can use the early Centre diff housing etc from a box that has cut outs for reverse gear lock out thingy think it's 96 onwards the earlier 5 spds don't have the cut out in the inside of the housing for it so you will never get the housing on
  14. What rev is it? Here's a d https://touch.trademe.co.nz/motors/listing/view/1063852531
  15. Just repairing the head gasket alone is asking for trouble especially with those kms it's most likely going to run a beb soon anyway. If I was you I would slap a running long block in there or sell it and buy another car
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