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  1. I've ordered the cam pulley tool from BNT. ARrives tomorrow $75 trade price. I found I can easily remove cam and crank seals using a couple bladed bicycle spokes. DT-Swiss make a very high quality stainless spoke that is bladed. You chop it in half and remove the ends, hammer the ends at 90deg using vice and viola. The stainless is so hard it won't bend and you can puncture the seal above the inner lip so it doesn't scratch the shaft. Pull using pliers and the seals pop out with relative ease. The spokes are aero style spokes off a high end road bicycle wheel.
  2. Thanks for reply but I cant believe all those people installing Cambelt kits (with seals) are using the tool. I'd rather not use the tool if others don't, but anyone know where to get the tool on the cheap and in a hurry? Cheers,
  3. Ive an STB forester (SF5) and cracked the ceramic cam pulley when loosening the bolt. Using the locking plier grip method, I admit I ran the belt over both cams on the same bank when loosening the bolt. I guess it is better to put the lock-grip pliers close as possible to just one cam pulley than two for better stress distribution. Is the clamping method Ok for removing cam bolts on phase 1 EJ20 Turbo motors?